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Money For Junk Cars – How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

Money For Junk Cars – How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

There’s no pleasure in seeing a junk car sitting in your driveway, as you walk outside. There’s no joy in walking to your backyard, to water grass-only to climb over that old, rusted clunker to get your water hose. This is where we come in. We are Cash Cars Buyer and we pay fair market value for each junk car we purchase! You can obtain a FREE online offer 24/7 and then call us to arrange a day and time to come and get that car, FAST! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Does Anyone Buy Junk Cars?

We do! We are people who buy junk cars! With over a decade of junk car experience, we have our junk car buying process down to a science! Forget the hassle, price-haggling and stress that comes with selling a junk car. Check out how easy it is to sell your car to us! 

First, just tell us about your car 

Spend a little time telling us all about your junk car. Be sure to add as much information as you can. The more information you provide, the better your offer! Once done, you can view your FREE online quote and move forward! 

Call us and accept the offer 

When you have your FREE online offer, you can call us. One of our friendly agents will be on the other line, to ask you some additional questions about your car. This is our way of ensuring that we provide you with the best guaranteed offer possible. Love what you just heard? Great! It’s time to get that car removed and cash in your hand! 

Get paid right then and there 

When we come to your location or home to inspect your car, we’ll waste no time doing so! We’ll handle all of the paperwork, processing and towing too! You take care of nothing and you leave it to us the junk car buying experts- Cash Cars Buyer! 

Who Buys Cars That Don’t Run?

Getting of a car that doesn’t run, can be a huge undertaking. Just about everyone wants a great looking and sounding car that starts when you turn the key. But we here at Cash Cars Buyer, take the ugly cars that don’t run. You can confidently sell your car to us, regardless of it running or not. You can also obtain a FREE online offer on that non running car too! Just click here to get started and be well on your way to cash in your pocket! 

Who Gives the Best Price For Junk Cars?

When you have a junk car to sell, you want the most for it. And you want fair as well as fast service. So, you may opt to visit a local junkyard in your quest to get the best price for your junk car. But what you may not realize is that many junkyards run scams and games all of the time. Some junkyards use the old “bait and switch” which is a game that is as old as time. The “Bait and switch” scam is when someone makes you an offer, they guarantee that offer. Then days or moments later they will lower that offer by hundreds. Additionally, many junkyards may say that they offer free services. But as you learn more about their methods and practices, you find that you have to pay “small fees” for towing, processing and even paperwork. There’s nothing “free” when you have to pay any amount of money. 

Junk a car with us! 

Selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer could not be easier even if we tried to make it so! And to add to your experience with us, you never have to pay us anything to junk your car! There is never a fee for processing, paperwork or even towing! Ready to get your FREE online offer? Just click here! 

Can I Junk My Car Without Title?

Are you hesitant to sell that car because you can’t find the title or it has been lost or destroyed? You can find comfort in the fact that we buy cars with no title- and we just may buy yours! in most instances, not having the title will no prevent you from selling that old clunker. Just have your picture ID as well as your car registration. And to make the sale of your junk car go smoothly, you can click here and include your car’s lack of title, as you enter your car’s information. From there, you will have a title-less FREE online offer ready for you in a matter of minutes! 

How Can I Get Money for A Car That Doesn't Run?

If you are looking to cash in for a car that doesn’t run, then you may choose to sell your car on your own. This may prove to be a viable option, but there is some work you have to put in.  

Honesty with sellers 

First, if you are going to sell a car that doesn’t run, you have to be honest with the perspective buyers. Your car not running is the first thing that you want to mention about your car. 


Secondly, for that non running car, you want to make sure that you have photographs of your car, so that perspective buyers can see your car. Sure, your car may not run, but you may have stellar car parts. Those parts can be worth some big bucks. 


As we stated earlier, for the non running car you are looking to sell, you have to mention that first. Then, be sure to describe your car in perfect detail. If your non running car has new or newer parts, be sure to list those! 


Finally, with any private sale of a car that doesn’t run, comes much-needed patience. You have to wait for that perfect buyer. 

Or you can sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

You can bypass all of the hassles, stress and work that comes with selling a car privately. Whether you are using “word of mouth” to get the word out about your car, or you are posting an ad online, there is so much work that needs to be done. But when you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, all we need you to do, is to just click here and tell us all about your car! We make selling your old car quick, fast and easy! 

How Can I Get the Most Money for My Junk Car?

We get it. You have a junk car and are looking to see a quick payday. We understand that so much, that we make selling your old car fast! As a licensed, bonded and insured junk car buying company, you can count on us to provide you with the best offer possible. There will never be any games, hassles or price-haggling. 

500 For Junk Cars 

Many times, we get customers who want $500 for their junk car. You wanting $500 for your car is not unreasonable, but you have to remember that you have a junk car that is older. So, with this in mind, the following are some of the factors we look at, when buying a junk car:

  1. Year, make and model 
  2. Status of title- do you have the title to your car? 
  3. The level, amount and location of the damage on your car
  4. The physical location of the vehicle, as well as much more. 

So, for that old car that you are sick of looking at, get a FREE online quote here, and then call Cash Cars Buyer, for a guaranteed cash offer! That old clunker will be distant memory in a matter of days! 

How Can I Sell My Car with A Bad Engine?

When you have a car that has a broken engine, it may be broken due to an array of circumstances. Generally, the damage is due to a failure in the cooling system. Or the engine may be blown due to deficiencies within the lubrication of the car. Although it’s possible to repair or replace an engine that’s blown, it may not be financially feasible. This is where we come in. Feel confident in the fact that you can sell that car with blown engine to us. And we will never charge you anything to sell it! We buy many cars and vehicles with blown engines and we just may buy yours! Click here and tell us all about your car, for the best FREE online offer possible! 

What Is the Best Site To Sell A Car? & FAQs

When I junk my car to Cash Cars Buyer, what fees do I have to pay? 

When you sell your car to us, you never have to pay anything!  We are a “FEE-FREE” service! This means, we take care of the processing of your sale, the paperwork, towing and more! Just click here and get your FREE offer! 

What is the best site to sell a car? 

When you go online, there are so many sites that offer you great visibility for selling your car. Many of these sites require you pay fees. With the online car market so big it should be easy to sell your car, right? But with Cash Cars Buyer, it’s not a matter of posting an ad. It’s a matter of getting a FREE online offer, and having the buyer, right there waiting on you! Think of us as the company with the “junk car buyer, built right in”! We will never ask you for your credit card to process a payment. You never have to pay us to sell your rusted van, dented SUV or dinged hatchback! 

Are transactions safe and secure? 

They sure are! You can confidently sell your car to us, knowing that all transactions are safe and secure, from beginning to end! 

When it comes to money for junk cars, there is only one choice, Cash Cars Buyer! We turn old clunkers into cool cash FAST! Get your FREE online offer, NOW!