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Modded Toyota Camry: A Detailed Guidance

Modded Toyota Camry

If you're interested in a modded Toyota Camry, you can enjoy one of the following upgrades:

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  1. Upgrading the air intake system
  2. Enhancing the floor mats and liners
  3. Improving the dash covers
  4. Upgrading the factory stereo system
  5. Setting up the suspension system
  6. Removing the factory radio
  7. Upgrading the coil over
  8. Including a steering wheel cover
  9. Removing the dash corner speakers
  10. Removing the front door speakers
  11. Upgrading the exhaust mufflers
  12. Enhancing the brake kits
  13. Adjusting the wheels and rims
  14. Upgrading the windshield shades

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular vehicles people buy yearly. It provides many great features and is a nice-looking vehicle for many customers. Toyota Camry was the best-selling vehicle between the years 1997 and 2016.

Although the vehicle comes with lots of great features and upgrades, there is still a chance for upgrading your Toyota Camry furthermore. The idea of a modded Toyota Camry has been spreading worldwide, considering the great features people can achieve from Upgrading their Toyota Camry.

This article provides you with all you need to know to help you get an idea about the modded Toyota Camry. It will provide you with some details about what upgrades you can achieve from these modifications and whether it's worth it or not.

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What does a Modded vehicle mean?

Before we dive into the details about the multitude of Camry, we would like to give a general overview of the meaning of a modded vehicle to those who don't know it or are unfamiliar with the term.

When you hear the term modded vehicle, it reflects that this vehicle has undergone some modifications that changed it from the original design. These modifications are typically upgrades to improve performance and horsepower or add additional values that customers want.

There are limits to how much you can modify a vehicle; only some companies will allow you to gain and enjoy these modifications.

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Modded Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry has been known for the great additions you can enjoy by upgrading your vehicle and performing some modifications.

Our team conducted an in-depth review of all available upgrades and provided a list of the most common ones you might want to consider for your current Toyota Camry.

Let's take a closer look at some of these upgrades:

1.    Upgrading the air intake system

The first and most important upgrade you can perform to your Toyota Camry includes upgrading the air intake system.

The current factory air intake system in the Toyota Camry is good enough to provide adequate air. However, you can still enjoy more air to improve the engine performance.

The good news is that upgrading the air intake system is not very complicated, and experts indicated that it's one of the simplest upgrades enjoy a molded to accommodate.

2.    Enhancing the floor mats and liners

Many customers complained that the current floor mats and liners are not top-quality at your original Toyota Camry. Therefore, one of the automotive experts recommended considering higher-quality floor mats that can withstand different weather conditions.

This upgrade is important, especially if you live in an area with much dirt or probably snow outside that gets into the vehicle continuously. Also, consider purchasing a floor mat that you can wash, especially if you have kids or pets driving.

Most experts recommend going with the universal liners so you can't adjust and customize them yourself without getting stuck with limited options.

3.    Improving the dash covers

Another common complaint about the Toyota Camry is that the dashboard might reflect some sunlight which makes your drivability a little bit stressful, especially if the weather is very sunny outside.

Therefore, one of the things to consider in your modded to the Camry is to upgrade your vehicle by installing some simple dashboard covers. These can be from different qualities and might be relatively inexpensive. They can provide you with many benefits, including preventing this reflection that impacts your drivability and, therefore, your safety.

4.    Upgrading the factory Stereo system

If you're considering a modded Toyota Camry, look out for the factory stereo system. However, this stereo system might not be the best for connecting to your apple car play or Android Auto TM.

Therefore, if you're planning to use your stereo system that often, it might be worth removing the factory system and installing a new one with more features and is willing to get connected to your phone.

5.    Setting up the suspension system

Another thing you can consider in upgrading your Toyota is to adjust the suspension system. The suspension system is great, and this Toyota, but it still can be better.

The upgrade should be something other than installing a whole new system. Still, it might be visiting the suspension system balance and confirming that you did not screw this balance while driving or cause any issues to the different components.

6.    Removing the factory radio

In addition to the stereo system, some customers indicated it's better to remove the factory radio and consider a higher-quality one. This recommendation could be great for those who rely on the radio that often, but if you're not a radio person, there might be better options for you.

If you decide to pursue removing the factory radio, you could do it on your own by simply using a 10-millimeter socket and a ratchet to extract and remove it. The process does not need a professional because it's very straightforward. Still, it doesn't hurt to watch some YouTube videos and other training material to help remove the radio without causing problems to the surrounding components.

7.    Upgrade the coil over

If you want better vehicle handling, consider lowering the center of gravity and adjusting the height.

One way to do that is by using a coil-over which helps you achieve better handling and allows you to get but our vehicle performance. However, you got to spend some time reviewing the available coil overs and make sure that you're buying the ones that provide you with the best performance. In that case, you need to look at customers’ reviews and feedback to see which coil over is the best for you and which has the best deal.

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8.    Include a steering wheel cover

Another simple thing you can add to your Toyota Camry is its wheel cover. There are a ton of examples out there that you can enjoy. Some might be very colorful and attractive to those who like colorful covers, and many are designed for better performance and higher quality.

Some of these covers might even provide you with additional features like heated covers and other things to help you throughout the different harsh weather conditions. Therefore, to achieve the best modded Toyota Camry, look at the available steering wheel covers and select the one that works best for you!

9.    Remove the dash corner speakers

Many people might not love the dash corner speakers in their Toyota Camry, and that's why one of the very common modded Toyota Camrys is where people take out these speakers.

Removing the speakers is not very complicated, and it's again something that you can do on your own without needing to have a professional. Of course, you need to review all the available tutorials and YouTube videos to help understand how the process is done, so you don't damage this rounding component as you remove the speakers.

You can use simple tools like a panel tool, a 10-millimeter socket, and a wire striper to take out the speaker.

10.  Remove the front door speakers

In addition to the removal of the dash corner speaker, many people adjust their Toyota Camry by removing the front door speakers. Again, removing these speakers should be a simple job, but you have to be careful about how the process is done, so you don't cause problems to the door and prevent your vehicle from closing securely.

If you feel the process is challenging, you should check with a local mechanic and see how much it will cost to remove the speakers and a professional shop. It would be best if you evaluated to see whether this job is worth it or not.

11.  Upgrade the exhaust mufflers

Aside from the speaker’s upgrades and removals, many customers had a modded Toyota Camry where they upgraded the exhaust mufflers. The mufflers play and significant role in the vehicle, and if you don't have top-quality mufflers, you can easily deal with many problems in your Toyota Camry.

Many people indicated that they could improve their Toyota Camry horsepower by adjusting the exhaust mufflers and switching them to higher quality ones.

12.  Enhance the brake kits

The ranking system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle because it has to do with your safety. Another important upgrade you can consider in your modded to your Camry is adjusting and enhancing the brake kits.

There are a ton of kits that you can consider in the markets, but these vary significantly by price. Therefore, it is critical that you do a clear evaluation to see which kit is the best for you, considering your budget and the performance you're looking for.

13.  Adjust the wheels and rims

The current factory Toyota Camry wheels and rims are great. If you're interested in significantly improving your vehicle’s look, you might consider adding the BBS wheels, which provide a stylish and sporty look to your Toyota Camry.

Suppose you plan to perform any modifications related to the wheels and rims. In that case, you want to ensure that you're choosing the right size and making the right adjustments so you don't run into issues in your vehicle’s overall performance.

14.  Upgrade the windshield shades

Finally, one of the simple things that you can adjust in your Toyota Camry to achieve the best model Toyota Camry is upgrading the windshield shades. For example, some people complained about the current windshield screen, indicating that if the Toyota Camry is driven during the sunlight, the leather seats might impact the overall visibility and cause discomfort to many passengers.

Therefore, you might want to invest in really good windshield shades to protect your vehicle’s interior, make it last longer during hotter summers, and prevent any fading in your vehicle’s upholstery.

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Modded Toyota Camry: Final thoughts

Toyota Camry is a superb vehicle. It has many great features, but not everybody is happy with the current upgrades, and many people always look for modifications to improve the vehicle’s performance, look, and power.

There are a ton of available modded Toyota Camry vehicles out there. Some people upgraded the air intake, removed some speakers, changed the radio, and others.

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