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Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: What You Need to Know!

Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems

Experiencing Mercedes Benz ignition key problems can be really frustrating if it happens to you when you least expect it and you’re already running late for an important appointment. Apparently, Mercedes Benz drivers experience more ignition key troubles compared to other drivers. It must be because of its complex electrical systems and more advanced safety features that protects your vehicle from thieves. Some of the Mercedes Benz ignition key problems are caused by a defective key, a dead or dying battery, failed Electronic Ignition Switch or EIS, faulty shifter module, or a bad steering wheel module. Mercedes Benz ignition key problems may include key not turning in on ignition, car not starting, and issues in inserting and removing keys.

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Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: Why won’t my key turn in on ignition?


One of the most common Mercedes Benz ignition key problems that its drivers experience is a key that won’t turn in on ignition. This Mercedes Benz ignition key problem can be caused by the three main reasons – problems with the vehicle’s key itself, problems with other related components, and issues with the ignition lock cylinder

  • Issues with the key.


Issues with the key can result in Mercedes Benz ignition key problems. There are three possible reasons why your key does not turn in on ignition, one of which is a bent key. Keys do get bent at times and a bent key inserted in the ignition cylinder will not line up as it should that allows the car to start. 


Check your keys for bents and correct them. Make sure that you use a hammer or something that is not made of metal to flatten up the key. Using a metal hammer can damage the key so it is best that you use a wood or a rubber one. If possible, put the key on a wood when you try to flatten it up to soften the blow. Make sure that you tap very carefully using litte force until it is straight. If you are sure that the bents have been fixed, try to insert it again in the ignition and start your car.


Make sure that you inspect your keys for damages other than bents. Check for signs for any signs of excessive wear, rounding, chips, or broken teeth. Worn out and damaged keys will not enable the pins inside of the cylinder to drop correctly and start your car. Get your spare key if you have it with you and try it to get your engine running.    


If you don’t have a spare key, you can get one by writing down the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. You can usually find Mercedes Benz VIN behind the windshield on the driver’s side of the dashboard, on the driver’s side door jamb, or printed on the engine or on other more expensive parts of the car. Once you have your VIN, you can contact your dealership to get to request for a new key. For keys that have key codes, you can give the codes to the dealership instead of the VIN. 

  • Related components issues.


There are many components of a vehicle that are related to the ignition system. These components work with the ignition system to ensure that your vehicle can start and can operate properly. Some of these components can be the reason why you can’t turn in your key on your ignition. One of the reasons for it is your steering wheel. 


There are instances where the steering wheel gets locked. It can happen accidentally and there is no need to be alarmed. This is because when you remove your keys from the ignition, it will lock the steering wheel from turning and from time to time, it gets stuck. A locked steering wheel can be the reason why your key won’t turn in on ignition since it can apply pressure to the ignition switch. To correct this problem, you can do these simple steps. 


  1. Pull the steering wheel down in the similar direction that you did when it is originally locked. If you are not sure which direction it was, just try both. You will know that it is the right direction when you feel that the steering wheel moves a bit as you pull it. 
  2. Put your key in the ignition and start your engine while holding your steering wheel in the right direction. 
  3. If it does not work and the steering wheel remains locked, do the process again but this time, pull or turn the wheel in the other direction. Keep in mind that when you do this process, do not use full force but just enough strength to turn the steering wheel since you might damage its parts.  


The gear selector can also be the culprit why your key won’t turn in on ignition. For safety reasons, there are some vehicles that do not allow you to turn unless the gear selector is in Park or Neutral. Automatic transmissions are built this way to make sure that you can only start your vehicle when it does not have any gear engaged. If you have forgotten to put it in Park the last time you drove it, your transmission will not allow your key to turn on the ignition and start your vehicle. 


To correct this issue, make sure that you move the transmission lever to Park or Neutral. If it is already in Park but the key will still not turn, try moving the lever in case it is not fully seated in the appropriate gear.   


A dead or dying battery can also cause Mercedes Benz ignition key problems. There are higher-end vehicles that have advanced electronic ignition systems and without the needed power flowing through its system, the key will not turn. If this happens, you need to check if your vehicle has power to know that a dead or dying battery is the one that is causing the problem. 


If your battery is old or if you reside in a place where you experience extreme temperatures, you might want to have your battery replaced or checked. If that is not the case, you might need to have your electrical charging system checked by a professional as there might be a more serious explanation why your battery died such as worn wirings, worn belt, or a bad alternator.


  • Ignition lock cylinder  issues.   


The ignition lock cylinder can be the one causing your key to not turn. It can happen when the inside of the ignition lock mechanism becomes dirty from debris build ups that are stopping it from turning your key when inserted. Dirty keys can cause it. Your key might have dirt or muck on it and it gets transferred into the lock. This can result in the ignition lock pins to not line up correctly. 


You can try to look inside the lock by using a flashlight and check if there are any foreign materials in there. Blow it out with a can of compressed air with an attached straw if you see any. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, just use several short bursts. You can also spray a cleaner such as a WD-40 into the lock cylinder, insert the key in the ignition and try to turn it gently. 


If you are not at home or if you don’t have these items readily available, try sliding the key in and out of the ignition lock a few times hoping to move the dirt out of the way so you can start your car and get it running.


Aside from dirty ignition locks, a faulty lock cylinder can also cause your key to not turn. This is because the inside of the ignition lock is built with rows of spring-loaded pins that match up with your key to turn and start your vehicle. These rows of pins can get stuck, the springs can stick, and over time, they can get weakened that can cause your key to not turn. 


To correct it, you need to tap the ignition lock cylinder very gently with a small hammer. This can help loosen up or reset the pins. If it does not work, don’t try to use force while hammering. Visit a service shop and have it checked by a professional.      

Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: Why won't my Mercedes key start my car?


Another common Mercedes Benz ignition key problem is that the key might turn in ignition but the car won’t start. This problem can be caused by a faulty ignition lock cylinder. Ignition lock cylinders can develop wear and tear too and if it does, it might not function correctly when you try to start your vehicle. 


A defective ignition switch can also cause your car to not start. This is because the ignition switch is the one that provides power to the starter motor, the ignition system, and the engine controls. If the ignition switch is faulty, these systems don’t get the power they need and it could result in an engine that won’t start. Experts recommend that you have your faulty ignition switch replaced as soon as possible. Driving with a faulty ignition switch can compromise your safety since you could get stranded somewhere and your vehicle can suddenly stall. Your car might not start or it might not turn off even after removing your key from the ignition. 


A bad battery can also cause your Mercedes Benz ignition key problems. There are vehicles that rely on the battery’s power to operate their advanced electronic ignition systems. 


Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: Why is my key stuck in the ignition?


When you have issues with inserting or removing your key from the ignition, it can be caused by a faulty ignition lock cylinder. A worn ignition lock cylinder can jam the key when you insert it or remove it. A worn ignition switch and a worn key can also cause your key to be stuck in the ignition as well as a locked steering wheel. This problem can become worse if it is not fixed immediately. You might need to replace your ignition switch to fix it. 


When you replace your ignition switch, make sure that you don’t replace it with a cheap generic one. You need to buy the ignition switch that fits your vehicle to ensure that you won’t experience other malfunctions. 


Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: What do I do if my Mercedes key doesn't work?


It can be alarming when you realize that your key doesn’t work! If you have a key fob and it doesn’t work, you need to check if its battery is still good or if it needs replacements. It may not be a part of the Mercedes Benz ignition key problems but you won’t be able to start your car if you can’t unlock or open its doors. 


If you already changed the battery but it is still not working, you can check for the key fob’s infrared light. You can’t see it with your eyes so you will have to use your phone’s camera. Using your camera, check if you can see a light when you push the remote’s buttons one by one. If you don’t see the infrared light, it means that your key fob is defective. 


A bad antenna module fuse, a worn key fob, or your key fob needs to be reprogrammed are some of the other reasons why your Mercedes Benz key does not work.


Mercedes Benz Ignition Key Problems: Final Word


Mercedes Benz ignition key problems can be very frustrating but they are not that hard to repair and they are not that uncommon either. Many Mercedes Benz drivers have probably experienced ignition key problems at some point. Always remember that no matter how minor or major the problem is, you still need to have it fixed as soon as possible because every part of the vehicle has important roles and it can greatly affect its overall condition and performance. 

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