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A Comprehensive Guide to Lyft Car Requirements – What You Should Know

A Comprehensive Guide to Lyft Car Requirements – What You Should Know

Lyft is a taxi service company that operates through an app. Basically, the drivers are also the owners of the vehicles. With a few ticks in the app, the passengers can hop on a ride and get dropped off to their destination. Transactions are made through the app so paying in cash after the ride is not necessary. Also, driving for the platform is very flexible but there are also some requirements that a potential driver must meet. Here are Lyft car requirements and other requirements you should know about:


Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

  • The Lyft car requirements differ per region. 4-door vehicles are a must. The vehicle should also have 5 or more seat belts. There are also restrictions as to what types of vehicles are allowed or qualified to be used if you want to be a Lyft driver. Full-sized vans (12 or 15-passenger vans) are restricted. Also on the restriction list are taxis and other commercially owned vehicles. Certain subcompact models of vehicles are not allowed. 
  • You will need your driver’s license of course.
  • A friendly reminder: there is an age requirement to meet for every region before you can get to drive for this platform. Other cities hire 21-year olds while some may hire 25. You may want to check out the age requirement in their website since each region has varying age requirements. 
  • The company does a background check on their drivers but they also need your go sign or consent to do it. They will be conducting a criminal background check and they will also evaluate your driving history. 
  • Another requirement is the documents for your insurance. Also, they will require you to send them a copy of the documents for your car insurance and registration if you own the vehicle you are about to use to drive for the company.


Carpooling is not a new scene for drivers and this service company is aware of that need so they are offering different features such as these in order to cater to larger groups of passengers. Here are the requirements if you would like to drive for a larger group.


Lyft XL Vehicle Requirements 


-Minivans And SUVs 

-Lyft XL caters to 5 or more riders in a group. 

-The fare for this feature is higher than the regular Lyft ride so there is better income.

-The same vehicle age requirements apply to these models.

-In the app, drivers for these types can also receive regular ride requests. They can’t just choole the higher-paying rides, which are the XL rides.


Lyft Car Requirements for Lux Vehicles


The Lux feature speaks for itself. Vehicles in this category are high-end, luxury level cars and so the ride costs higher than the earlier mentioned features on the app. This category is offered to those passengers who would like to ride on fancier vehicles and are willing to pay more. Lux requirements are the following:


-Can accommodate 4 seats

-2014 models or newer  (may change for a different city or region)

-Luxury vehicle/Luxury Brands namely but are not confined to the following :

Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac, Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar and Land Rover,


Lyft Car requirements for Lux Black and Lux Black XL 


If you think that the Lux Feature is too much, the Lux Black category of the app will surely get the point across on how big this company is on customer service. Lux Black is the highest-paying among all the categories in the platform. It is not only the vehicle that is outstanding but the driver must also reach a certain point or rating before he/she is eligible to drive for this feature. 


-Car model must be 2016 or newer

-Black exterior (Lux Black speaks for itself too)

-Driver must keep an average rating of 4.7 or higher.

-The interior of the car such as the seats should be in leather.


What is the best car for Lyft?


There are so many different cars to choose from but the best would have to be fuel-efficient and reliable. Fuel-efficient indicates that the vehicle should be able to go on for long distances without consuming so much of the fuel. Reliable means that the best car to drive for ride sharing should be trust-worthy or does not worry you that it might break down anytime as you are using it. Also, it would be deemed reliable if it doesn’t need any more repairs other than the usual car maintenance. 


Of course the vehicle should pass the automobile inspection required by the company. Some specific brands that work best for ridesharing are the following (there are still so many out there so you could expand your horizons in choosing the car for you to drive; always taking into consideration the qualities mentioned above and the requirements to pass the vehicle inspection): Ford Fusion Hybrid, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 2019 Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey. 


Comfort is another quality you must give much thought into since the Lyft company seriously values the comfort and experience the customer is having while they are the service provider. Honda is well-known for it being comfortable. You may choose a car where passengers and you, as the driver, can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride as you roam around the streets towards the destination. Always keep in mind that these Lyft car requirements are there to make sure you can provide the best experience for your passengers.


What is the oldest year car for Lyft?


There is a requirement on the age of the vehicle you would be using if you are to drive for this platform. Your car can’t be older than the 2002 model meaning if you own a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Accord for more than 18 years, you might reconsider driving for Lyft. This company is firm in their policies on what vehicles they would accept so it makes no exceptions even if your old car is good enough to drive and is in flawless condition. The Lyft car requirement for vehicle age is strict. 


Cars not Eligible for Lyft

There is a restriction for subcompact cars in this company. Subcompact cars are vehicles that are almost touching the supermini classification. These have been restricted for Lyft because the company deems these types of cars as too small for customers to be given the best experience. Although drivers who have been registered in the business before this policy was given could keep their spot on driving their subcompact cars, new drivers do not have the same experience.


The following are some subcompact models in the restricted list: Ford Fiesta, Chevy Aveo and Hyundai Accent.


What will disqualify you from LYFT?


What will disqualify you to be a lyft driver? Lyft is strict in its background checks. Which is justifiable since more and more independent taxi service-companies are getting bad feedback and bad reputation because of some drivers’ violations of the rules and laws. The most common disqualifications may include not meeting the requirements for entry as a driver. Disqualification because of the background check is another thing to consider. 

Background Check At A Glance


Aside from meeting Lyft car requirements, the driver should also pass the background check. The background check is an important aspect of becoming a driver for this company. The background screening is for your safety as a potential driver and for the passengers who will be requesting for your service. This ensures that all the drivers meet the safety conditions of the company. 


Through the application process, the company will ask you to agree to the terms of a background check which will be conducted by an intermediary company called Checkr. The duration of the check is around 2-10 days to complete and after that, the company will inform you if you are eligible to be a driver for them. In order for the company to initiate the inspection, you must provide your Social Security Number. The checker or the screening company looks back on your history a minimum of 7 years (this amount of time also varies)


The Lyft Background Check Looks specifically for these issues:


-Sexual Crimes

-Violent Crimes


-Drug-related offenses

-Theft and property damage


If these offenses appear in your seven-year history, you may not be accepted to the platform. The background check also conducts a lifetime screen against individuals registered on the National Sex Offender Registry Database. The screening may vary from place to place but these offenses impact the application dramatically. Lyft does not stop there. After the background screening for the applicants, the driving history of those who were accepted will be monitored now and then.


If in any case you were rejected by the company, you will be able to reapply after 3-6 months. The probability of being accepted after initially being rejected is uncommon but it is not impossible so you may try your lot again after some time.


How nice does your car have to be for Lyft?

Vehicle Inspection


How well does your car have to look like? It’s not only you who is to be checked but also your car or the vehicle you would be using to drive for the platform. Preparatory into being a driver and receiving ride requests, your vehicle will be tested on a state-certified or a trusted facility. The condition of your car will be inspected beginning from the exterior to the interior parts (may be the other way around too but the sure thing is they will be checked thoroughly) including, but not confined to the following: brakes, tires, lights, mirrors, windows, safety belts. These are checked primarily for your safety and for your future passengers’ safety. If you follow the standard recommended maintenance for your vehicle, you have nothing to worry about in passing the inspection.


The vehicle inspection also does not overlook your car’s overall appearance. Your car does not necessarily have to be pristine or all-out perfect but it should be well-kept, without any major dents or bothering damages in its exterior or any missing parts. The exterior appearance also matters among Lyft car requirements.

Other Important Things to Know When Applying for LYFT


Insurance Requirements and Rideshare Insurance

Although the company does not fully insure the driver for any accidents or injuries that may occur while you work, there are still insurances that you can benefit from if you apply for a ridesharing platform. Why is knowing this important? It is because, unlike other taxi companies, Lyft has a slightly different line of insurance coverage. Remember: if you are to drive for this company, you are not an employee. So your ridesharing insurance has its limits. In the likelihood of an accident, these are points that the company looks into before their  liability and contingent comprehensive and collision insurance policies can take into effect.

-Your app is launched and you are awaiting a ride request.
-You received a ride request and have been matched with a passenger, then you are to go to the pick-up location.
-The passenger is in the car

If an accident occurs after the passenger leaves the car, the company is not liable for any damage or is not responsible to cover for any injuries. This is why a prerequisite in joining their team is to get a ridesharing insurance. This requires your name to be in the insurance policy. Getting this type of indemnity varies for every state. This program’s website provides a list of states (but not all) and their requirements for getting the ridesharing insurance. 

Other Lyft Car Requirements


Registration and valid plates for your vehicle are required and must be up-to-date. Although the company also accepts temporary registration documents, submitting the initially required documents can save you from a lot of worries in the future because some markets may not accept temporary documents. Another reminder: the company does not accept salvaged or rebuilt vehicles even if you have a title for them mostly because they are difficult to insure.  


Final Words


Overall, Lyft is undeniably a very thorough company in regards to safety and in protecting the great experience for the passengers. They truly value customer service which explains these requirements for drivers and the vehicles they will be using. These LYFT car requirements may seem overwhelming to some drivers out there, but considering the great effort this company takes to ensure that the passengers will have the best feedback on their service gives potential drivers a clue on what they are entering into. 


Lyft has been around for fewer years than the other bigger independent taxi service companies like Uber, but it does not in any way diminish the professionalism of the said platform. It has been quite careful in its transactions which contributes to its reliability and amity to the common folk.


Lyft is still expanding its spheres so we may see some more features that could be beneficial for drivers and riders alike in the near future.