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Help! I Locked My Keys In My Car! What Are Some Ways I Can Prevent Car Lockout Situations? 

Help! I Locked My Keys In My Car! What Are Some Ways I Can Prevent Car Lockout Situations? 

There is never a convenient time to have your keys locked in your car. So, what do you do? Can you unlock your car without a key? We have the information and assistance you need now! Locking yourself out of your own vehicle, with the car keys inside, is a common issue. If there is no emergency, then maybe in the past, you have been able to locate and use your spare car keys.  Or, maybe you have been able to call your roadside assistance service, or even a tow truck to let you back in your car. But what if you need those car keys out and it IS an emergency? What do you do then? 

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Can I Unlock My Car Without A Key? 

You sure can. Check out some ways you can unlock your car without a key. 

Using a Wedge 

You can certainly use lots of simple wedges to free your keys from your car. Wedges made of metal, plastic or even vinyl can get the job done. Just use the wedge to pull the door and create just enough space to place a thin, long rod into the door, so you can active the door pin or unlock door button.  A metal clothes hanger can also be used as a hook to grab the locking button and pin and pull it or push it. Just be sure that in your effort to free your keys, you don’t damage the car door’s weather stripping. It’s easy to poke holes in it and damage it. In the event you do, you want to get it fixed. Just imagine having freed your car keys, only to have snow and rain enter into your car door, as you drive- due to damaged weather car door strip. 


Unlocking Your Car With An Automatic Lock 

When you have to unlock your car in an emergency, you can unlock your car without the car key, if you have an automatic lock. Just take your wedge tool and once again create space between the car door and the body of your vehicle. Is your auto lock located on armrest of the driver’s side? Then all you have to do is activate it by pressing it with a thin metal tool or rod.  Is your auto lock located in the console of your vehicle? Then attach a hook to the end of the tool. You can also use a metal clothes hanger to reach the lock.  


Go Though the Trunk Of Your Vehicle 

Another way you can unlock your car, is to go through the trunk of your car. Do you have a vehicle that has a manual lock? Then chances are, the trunk is open, even though the car doors are locked.  If your vehicle is manned with a manual lock, you may be able to go through your open truck. Just open up your truck and push the back seats forward. Or you just may need to climb though the opening between the two of them. You may even have to climb over the seats too. There may be some clothes ruined, or you may feel a bit sore with this “Mission Impossible” maneuver, but at least you can get into your car. 


The Slim Jim 

A Slim Jim tool is great for unlocking your car, with the keys inside. If you are at home in your driveway and you can get to your garage, it may be beneficial to have a Slim Jim in there so you can utilize it for a situation such as this one. All you have to do, is to take the tool and then insert it into the passenger-side door. You want to go through the passenger side, because you have more wires on the driver’s side of the car. Then push your Slim Jim tool though the weather stripping and use the hook-like part on the end, to unlock the door.  When the hook is able to grip the lock, pull it up so the lock can be disengaged. 

Will Local Police Unlock My Car?

Generally, if the situation is an emergency, situation, the police will help you unlock your car. For example, if your baby or toddler is in the car, you can call the police. All local police departments have general rules about unlocking cars. So, ask and explain to your police officer the situation. 

Does AAA Help With Keys Locked In Car?

Yes, they do. If you have AAA, then you can certainly call them to get your keys out of your car. The American Automobile Association, also known as AAA, can help you get into your car, should you be locked out. Contact them and ask about membership packages. 


Apps and Automaker Assistance Can Help You Unlock Your Car 

Lots of automakers offer apps for your mobile devices and smartphones that you can use, to access your car should you be locked out.  The popular OnStar service is a subscription service that comes with General Motors vehicles. You can call OnStar customer service, provide the agent with your information, and then your car will be unlocked.


Do you have a new or a certified vehicle? Then you may have an app that you can use to unlock your car remotely. Your vehicle’s automaker may even offer a roadside assistance program that comes with your car.  Lots of times, your roadside service provides lockout assistance. 


What Are Some Ways I Can Prevent Car Lockout Situations? 

Life can be hectic sometimes. We all have “to do lists” that span several pages. We are also working to make our lives suitable, and workable for us. So, at times, we can multitask, and then unknowingly get caught in a car lockout situation. We have all been there and have been stressed because of it.  But what are some ways you can prevent a lockout situation in the first place? Let’s examine some ways you can prevent car lockout situations. 

Get a Spare! 

For very lock you have – home locks included- you need a spare key. It may prove beneficial for you to hide a lockbox in an outdoor plant holder and store the key in there. You may even bury that lockbox in the back of your home. Just remember where you hide or bury it so you can remember where the spare key is. Do you have a family member that lives nearby and never really leaves home? Keep that spare with him or her. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue or Uncle John may be the perfect person to house your spare.  A magnetic box may also prove to be ideal too. Just keep the spare somewhere you can easily access it and use it when you need it. 


Use The Technology That is Out There 

These days, technology can be quite beneficial when it comes to preventing car lockouts. Apps are great for these situations. So, you may want to take the time to invest in them and download them.  

Keep your Phone With You At All Times 

Many of these tips will not work, unless you have your smartphone or your phone in your hands. So, make it a habit of keeping your phone on you at all times. You can call your brother, aunt or uncle or even your roadside assistance to get the help you need. There are great body cross purses or pouches you can attach to your body. Keep your phone on you at all times! 

Plan Your Day 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “haste makes waste”? Moms and Grandmas are notorious for using this. When we do things in haste, we end up wasting our day. So, plan your day, and work with a calm head and mind. Many times, we get so caught up in working to hurriedly make things happen. Think about it. When you are agitated, aggressive or going though your day at a fast pace, then you increase your chances of getting locked out of your car. Try to work with a calm head, and plan your day and the activities out methodically. 

Have A Trusted Locksmith’s Number Handy 

In these days and times, locksmiths use technology to come to the rescue of clients who have locked their keys in their cars. So, have that trusted locksmith’s number handy. Lots of them will accept payment through CashApp, PayPal and other electronic payment services. So, don’t worry about having cash on hand. Call and find out if your favorite locksmith accepts electronic payments. Keep that trusted locksmith’s number on your phone and call should you need their services. 

Preventing Lockout Situations in the Winter 

Who wants to be in the dead of winter, locked out of his or her car? Exactly… no one ever!  Check out some tips on how to prevent lockout situations in winter. 

Don’t Leave Keys in the Car

Unless you have a trustworthy teen or adult in the vehicle, NEVER leave your keys in your car, after you start it and warm it up. Even if you have a key fob… just don’t leave it in there. When you leave your keys in your car as it runs, it is so tempting to leave, walk away, go back inside and sit. Or you may do something else as your car runs.  BUT, if you have to leave the keys in the car, roll down a window, so you can have access to your car, as it runs. 


Keep Locks Lubricated 

The brutal cold can cause door locks to freeze. Once this happens, you might not be able to put your key in any hole. You may not even be able to do much else, because it’s so cold. So, prevent your door locks from freezing by getting a spray lubricate and spray your locks. 


There is no great time to lock your keys in your car. Just combine a patient mindset with some backup plans, and you are sure to never encounter a car lockout situation- at least for a considerable amount of time. 


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