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LKQ Pick Your Part: The Ultimate Guideline! 

LKQ Pick Your Part: The Ultimate Guideline! 

LKQ Pick Your Part is one of the largest companies that provide thousands of car parts replacements and is willing to purchase your old junk car.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

LKQ Pick Your Part provides amazing self-service for people to buy car parts at very low costs because they don't have to pay for a professional mechanic for removing the car parts. You can remove your car part! 

Dealing with a self-service salvage yard can be a little tricky, and without proper understanding beforehand, one could be confused about how the process goes. 

This article provides you with the ultimate guideline of understanding how the LKQ Pick Your Part process works and what to do if you want to sell your car or purchase a car part. 

LKQ Pick Your Part history 


Before we dive into the details about the LKQ Pick Your Part process and how it works, we would like to give you a quick overview of how this company started and group.

First, LKQ stands for Kind And Quality. This company was first created back in 1998. It quickly grew to be one of the top 500 largest corporations in the United States, as Fortune 500 magazine mentioned. 

The company's headquarters was first in Akron, OH, but then, the owners decided to move the Corporation to Nashville, TN, around 2017. The final transmission and opening of the Tennessee headquarter happened in December 2018.

LKQ is considered the largest car parts distributor in the United States. It has amazing service is not only in the United States but also in Europe and Taiwan. One of the most important and common services in this company is the LKQ Pick Your Part.

The idea behind LKQ Picks Your Part is that you can walk in a massive junkyard and shop for vehicle parts you were looking for. It's very simple and similar to shopping for a grocery store. You walk through rows and rows of multiple thousands of vehicles and trucks to find your part of interest.

Although the salvage yard is huge, LKQ Pick Your Part provides you with high-quality parts to purchase and add a standard warranty and extended warranty. 

What is LKQ Pick Your Part, and how does it work? 


LKQ Pick Your Part is a self-auto service. Think about it as an open buffet restaurant where you are walking in line can't pick your favorite food of choice.

In a very similar fashion, the LKQ Pick Your Part is a massive junkyard with thousands of vehicles sorted in rows, and you walk between these rows looking for your favorite part. 

If you are interested in visiting the nearest LKQ Pick Your Part, you can use their online system to search for your area zip code and find the closest LKQ Pick Your Part location to you.

They have tons of locations around almost many states in the United States. By going to their website, you can enter your zip code and allow the system to search for a certain distance around your area. The default system is set for searching for LKQ Pick Your Part store within 50 miles around your zip code. You can adjust this distance to find something closer to you. 

Can I sell my car to LKQ Pick Your Part? 


Selling your junk card to LKQ can be one of the top best decisions you could ever make. When you sell your junk car to this company, you have peace in mind that they will recycle the vehicle and use it properly, so they don't hurt the environment.

For example, when they take your car, the first thing they do is drain old toxic fluids and put them in proper containers to dispose them properly to the right landfills. They don't simply dump them in miscible landfills, which could hurt the environment and sometimes kill living features.

If you are interested in selling your car to LKQ Pick Your Part, you can follow these simple three steps: 

  • Contact LKQ Pick Your Part and describe your car 


To sell your car to LKQ, they will need to know your cars' make, model, and year. They would also need to know an overall description of your vehicle's condition.

There are two main approaches you can select from to get in touch with them, including calling them at the toll-free number Of 800-962-2277 or visiting their online website and clicking on chatting with a customer representative who could help you evaluate your car. 

  • Review and accept your instant offer 


Once LKQ Pick Your Part receives your vehicle's information, they evaluate it and provide you with an instant offer.

LKQ customers have more than decades of experience in purchasing cars. Thus, they will immediately know your vehicle's value once you provide him with its type and condition. 

Keep in mind that LKQ, you are usually interested in purchasing vehicles depending on their weight. In other words, the heavier your car, the more value you could get of it when selling it to LKQ. 

It's also important to be clear with them and let them know whether your vehicle has a title or not. Check with your local LKQ store and ask if they buy your car without a title.

Even if you don't have a title, you can always obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office, assuming that you are the vehicle's legal owner. To do so, you might need to pay a small fee and show some paperwork to prove ownership. 

Once you review the offer, you can accept it and move forward to schedule your pick up time and location 

  • Have LKQ Pick Your Part, remove your car and pay you 


At the right time and location, and LKQ Pick, Your Part representatives, will meet with you to perform a quick inspection and make sure that he is removing the right car before handing you your payment right on the spot.

He will also ask you to show some important paperwork, including your vehicle's title.

Once you sell your car to LKQ Pick Your Part, it's very important to make sure that you remove all your valuable items from the car, including your phones, laptops, clothes, etc.

It's also recommended that you immediately inform your local DMV office that you no longer own the vehicle and cancel the registration.

The last tip we would like to share with you is that it's very important to cancel your vehicle's insurance policy.  Your insurance company will appreciate letting them know that you no longer own the car, and they might offer you future discounts for your brand-new vehicle that you might be looking for it. 

Can I buy a whole car from LKQ?


LKQ does not sell whole cars. The way they work is that they first label any vehicle they purchase with a destruction label. This means that every vehicle they buy must be destructed and sold as separate parts.

The scum out wild LKQ buys complete cars, and they do not sell whole cars. 

Does LKQ sell to the public? 

Of course! That's the best part about LKQ. You don't have to have a third party who is only allowed to purchase parts from LKQ. You can bring your friends or someone who has some mechanical experience to safely remove car parts and enjoy shopping in LKQ Pick Your Part! 

How much does LKQ charge for shipping? 


If you are interested in purchasing a car part from LKQ Pick Your Parts, it's very important to familiarize yourself with shipping because you're dealing with shipping huge items.

Not only do you need to understand the charging cost for LKQ shipping, but you also need to understand what you need to do when receiving these shipments.

The short answer here is that you might pay between $100 and $1000 depending on your party size and weight.

LKQ will send these shipments to commercial addresses. Thoughts, if you want these shipments to come to your residential address, you might need to be additional $75 charge. Remember that if you decided to go with residential addresses, LKQ would not drop off any items in your garage or driveway. Instead, you must make your regiments while waiting for the shipment to arrive. 

Can you return parts to LKQ Pick Your Part? 


Another important topic you need to focus on Is the LKQ return policy. Al KQ accepts returns; however, all returned items must be in resealable and unaltered condition. You also need to ensure that you package them properly and add the invoice with the shipment.

Keep in mind that while you can return items after 30 days from purchase, they are subjected to 20% handling and restocking fees.

LKQ Pick Your Part does not accept any returns after 45 days from the invoice state. 

How long does LKQ take to ship from LKQ Pick Your Part?

Depending on your address and the location you chose your items from, most packages deliver within 5 to 10 business days from purchase. Usually, LKQ Pick Your Part process your items within 24 business hours once you complete the required payments. Most of the time, they get your items out of the facilities within two business days after completing the processing. 

What if there is no LKQ Pick Your Part company next to me and I would like to sell my junk car? 


That's a great question!

If you don't have an LKQ Pick Your Part location next to you, we invite you to sell your vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer.

Our company provides a very similar service to LKQ where we are willing to purchase your car despite its type or condition. We value or car depending on its weight and value it depending on the most recent purchase a curd around your area for similar vehicles.

Our company guarantees to remove your car within one to three days after getting in touch with us. The towing service is free of charge, so they don't have to worry about any hidden fees.

Our company is one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in the nation. This doesn't mean, however, that we don't buy operable vehicles. We are willing to purchase your car and pay up to $15,000 for the right car! 

If you would like more information about our company, you can visit our main home page and check for your instant offer which won't take a lot of time. Plus, it's free of charge! 

We will never change our offers decided on in the first step, exactly what you will receive at the pickup time! 

Our company's offers are fair and represent the maximum cash your vehicle could ever make around your area.

We decided to go with cash payments to reduce the hassle in the car selling process! 

LKQ Pick Your Part bottom line 


LKQ Pick Your Part is a huge industry it's amazing because it allows customers to shop through their parts without needing a professional mechanic to remove them.

You can walk into this huge salvage yard and select parts you are interested in, remove them, and purchase them.

LKQ changed the overall car parts distribution industry in the United States and abroad. You can get your car parts to your commercial area or residential address within 5 to 10 business days.

You can purchase car parts from LKQ Pick Your Part, sell your old junk car and receive a safe car removal service with immediate payments. 

LKQ Pick Your Part is a fun adventure to give it a try today!

If you don't have an LKQ facility next to you to sell your junk car, you can always sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, one of the nation's top-rated car removal companies.

Get in touch with our team today and receive your instant offer within seconds without paying a penny! We are willing to pay up two $15,000 for the right vehicle!