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LKQ Auto Parts Reviews: What Do People Think of LKQ Auto Parts? A Must-Read Article Before Purchase!  

LKQ Auto Parts Reviews: What Do People Think of LKQ Auto Parts? A Must-Read Article Before Purchase!  

If you're looking for LKQ Auto Parts reviews, you probably already aware of this system and how it works.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

In general, LKQ provides one of the unique salvage yards in the nation and abroad. It is one of the top industry leaders in car parts distribution and purchasing old cars.

LKQ allows you to purchase your parts by yourself. With this great experience, customers can purchase auto parts at a very low cost because you don't bring in any labor costs for a mechanic who would remove the part of the vehicle.  

We receive many questions about whether the quality of LKQ Auto Parts is great or not and should one purchase them. We conducted an in-depth review of all reported LKQ Auto Parts reviews to multiple websites from different customers depending on their experience with the purchase.

Some of these reviews are related to car purchases, while others are related to car selling. This article serves as a must-read article before purchasing any LKQ Auto Parts. 

LKQ Auto Parts reviews: corporation history 


It's important before we go into LKQ Auto Parts reviews' details to understand how this company grows and what it focuses on.

According to Fortune 500 magazine, LKQ was ranked as one of the top 500 largest corporations in the United States based on revenue hand size.

The Corporation is huge. It doesn't only cover areas in the United States but also LKQ Auto Parts service cars in Europe and Thailand.

The company was first established in 1998 and was in Ohio at the beginning. Then, the headquarters was moved in officially opened in December 2018 to Nashville, TN. 

 LKQ provides one of the nation's largest services when it comes to LKQ Pick Your Part self-auto service. Besides, if you're not looking for car replacements, you can sell your junk car to LKQ Corporation.


The best thing about LKQ is that they take care of vehicles using an environmentally friendly approach. They don't simply throw and ring any toxic chemicals into the municipal landfills. Instead, they follow specific regulations, drain, and store all these toxic fluids in proper containers to save them and dispose of them properly. 

Thus, when selling your car Part to LKQ, you should have peace in mind that your vehicle will not contribute to any environmental harm. Instead, it contributes to growing this huge car parts industry for people looking for cheap car replacement parts.

LKQ Auto Parts reviews: what do people say about their experience with LKQ? 

Since LK Q is unique in their car parts distribution, one might wonder, is it a good industry, and should you buy or sell your car to LKQ Pick Your Part? 

We confidently say that LK Q is one of the top trusted car auto parts in the nation. All parts in this salvage yard are original and were installed by the original manufacturer. Thus, you have a very high chance of bounding a used car part in great quality. 

Nothing is better than listening to actual customers and see how their experience was when they sold or purchased auto parts from LKQ. Thus, here are some of the reported customers feedback about LKQ Auto Parts reviews:


  • LKQ Auto Parts reviews customer number one “I had a great positive experience.”


The first customer reported an amazing experience with the LKQ Auto Parts review. He searched for a bumper replacement for his wife's vehicle, which was very expensive to get shipped to his facility.

After reaching out to LKQ Auto Parts' customer service, he was able to get the bumper shipped to a close facility to his address where he could purchase it for a lower shipment price.

The customer was extremely surprised and happy about receiving his bumpers of interest saved to his address in Massachusetts. “I am happy to say I picked up the parts right when they said they would be there, and I was very happy with the parts and the overall experience.”

  • LKQ Auto Parts reviews customer number two “LKQ provides great customer service when repairs do not go according to plan.”


The second customer reported high satisfaction with his experience with the maintenance part with LKQ Auto Parts.

He mentioned that LKQ is super-fast at getting you in touch with the right mechanic who could help you identify affordable and easy solutions to take care of your vehicle's problem.

The customer was very pleased with how quickly the problem was resolved and how friendly the customer service and the professional mechanics were. He encourages anybody to try and see how convenient LKQ customer service is when it comes to appears.

He added, “When a mechanical problem is reported to the LKQ sales staff, they immediately put you or your mechanic in contact with their own ASE certified mechanic.”

  • LKQ Auto Parts reviews customer number three “…just happened to find what I need for my car.”


The third customer reported his high satisfaction with how organized LKQ Auto Parts is. He was able to successfully find the parts he was looking for in his area around Wilmington Stanton.

This customer suggested that you could get a very good deal with a 40% off sales at LKQ Pick Your Part. He also suggested shopping for other LK Q pick your part in a closer area than the one you already investigated. 

He concluded, “You might find what you need, which is great! But if you don't, go around to the other Pick Your Parts around your area. I did, and it certainly paid off.”

  • LKQ Auto Parts reviews customer number four “…Download the app and set up text alerts if you're trying to scavenge for parts. This is so handy.”


The 4th customer highlighted an incredible satisfaction about LKQ mobile app. He mentioned that you could download the app and set up some text alerts to tell you when parts will be handy.

He had personal experience with these alerts and was able to find what he was looking for.

The customer was able to purchase a high-quality console lid fog light and dash liner because he was interested in updating and enhancing his vehicle's interior cosmetics. 

This customer continues to shop in LKQ Auto Parts and is still looking for some other items. 

LKQ Auto Parts reviews: How does LKQ Pick Your Part process work? 


As part of completing this LKQ Auto Parts reviews, we would like to highlight how their process works.

Whether you're planning to purchase your auto parts from LKQ or selling your current junk car, it's very important to familiarize yourself with their process, so you don't get surprised or lost when you visit their locations.

First, if you're planning to purchase LKQ Auto Parts, keep in mind that the process is self-service. This means that there is no one to help you remove your vehicle's parts, which is a good thing because you don't have to pay for labor costs, and that's why you get to bond high-quality used parts for the available price.

Thus, before going to the LKQ Auto Parts location, make sure to bring someone who can help you remove the car parts safely and bring valuable equipment and tools for the part removal process. If you don't know which tools you need, you can watch a YouTube video for someone who's removing similar car parts and see what tools they suggest to bring with you.  

How LKQ Auto Parts reviews: how to sell your old car to LKQ? 


On the other hand, if you're planning to sell your old car to LKQ Pick Your Part, you need to familiarize yourself with how the process works.

This section covers the essential steps you need to follow to get your vehicle removed by a professional LKQ Auto Parts removal specialist. 

  • Describe your vehicles type and condition

To get started with selling your car to LKQ auto parts, you need to describe your car's type and condition. You can either choose to give them a call at the toll-free number 800-962-2277. You can also visit their website and choose to chat with one of their customer representatives, who will provide you with an offer representing your vehicle's value. 

  • Get your instant offer 

Once you provide the vehicle's information, you will receive an offer reflecting how much you could make by selling them your vehicle.


The offers are heavily depending on your vehicle's weight. LKQ is mostly interested in vehicles with more metal, and therefore, the heavier car, the more cash you could make out of it.

Another thing to keep in mind when selling your car to LKQ Auto Parts is your vehicle's title. Check with them whether they accept vehicles without titles or not. If they didn't accept, you could obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office by providing them some paperwork to prove ownership and probably pay a small fee.

If they accepted to buy your car without a title, remember that you will always receive a lower offer because they must deal with the old necessary paperwork. 

Once the offer is generated, it's your turn to review it and accept it. We recommend that you take as much time as needed before accepting any offer given to you, whether it's from LKQ or any other buyer. 

Once you accept the offer, they will connect you to one of their car removal specialists, who will schedule a pickup time and location that works for you. 

  • Have your vehicle removed 

At the right time and location, LKQ customer representative car removal specialist will come to you and inspect your car by comparing it to the information they have in their system.

Once the inspection is done, he will remove your vehicle safely and hand you your payment immediately on the spot. 

How LKQ Auto Parts reviews: Are LKQ engines good? 


LKQ purchases cars with original parts. All vehicles available in all cake use salvage yards have the original manufacturer-installed the car parts.

Us, you can bond a great engine in great condition for a very low price. 

Many people might wonder that just because LKQ provides you with low price products or auto parts like the engines, the quality might be bet. However, LKQ has great engine qualities, according to most reported reviews about this company.

For example, here's one review from a customer who purchased an engine at LKQ Pick Your Part: “LKQ sells very good used engines. You can put a warranty on their used engines also. I used to sell them years ago. We would put the low mileage 4.6L explorer engines into Tbirds, Mustangs, etc. Used to pay like $900 shipped for an explorer engine with like 1k miles on it.”

LKQ Auto Parts reviews bottom line 


Based on our intensive review about LKQ Auto Parts from multiple real customer feedback, the company has top-quality parts and a long list of selections.

We invite you to give it a shot and visit one of LKQ's stores around you. Many people found that the experience is more of an adventure than just shopping for an auto part.

If you also have an old car, selling it to an LKQ junkyard can be a great option if you have one next to you.

On the other hand, if you don't have an LKQ junkyard close to your house, we invite you to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, one of the top-rated car removal companies nation.

We can come to your house or office and remove your vehicle within one to three days free of charge! Our company doesn't have any hidden fees and whatever we promise you at the beginning of the process reflects the actual cash you'll receive have a pickup time! 

Get your instant offer today and give our team a call at 866-924-4608 or click on our home page to get your instant offer immediately!