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List of Cars without CVT (plus Pros & Cons of CVT)

List of Cars without CVT (plus Pros & Cons of CVT)

CVT is short for Continuously Variable Transmission. Cars these days are usually manufactured with CVT mainly because it is more fuel efficient compared to vehicles with manual transmission or automatic transmission. It is also a lot smoother compared to its counterpart, the automatic transmission. But the list of cars without CVT transmission still remains.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


In operating this transmission, there are two pulleys shaped like cones that are connected to the engine and the transmission. One is joined to the transmission and the other one is connected to the engine. These pulleys work together to meet the needs of the driver. Each of the pulleys serve their own purpose, either to drive or be driven. Once this simultaneous action on the pulleys begins, one will increase in size and the other will get smaller.


Although driving CVT is much smoother and more fuel-efficient, still, many are choosing to drive vehicles without it because oftentimes, these types of cars require much care since once it is damaged, the usual alternative is to replace the whole case. By and by, auto buyers sense the rivalry between CVT and vehicles with automatic transmission; which is better? Which will give the utmost satisfaction? But if you are looking for the ones that go without the Constant Variable Transmission, you can count on this list to get you on a great head start.


  • Mazda SkyActiv


Mazda has been starting to get a lot of attention lately since their tactics in their engine technology differs widely from other car brands. One thing that makes Mazda stand out is its SkyActive technology exclusively for the company. Transmission has a lot to do with the fuel efficiency but that does not end there. Transmission is also responsible for the overall driving experience and the performance of the car. The perfect transmission gives unlimited control to the driver over the car. 


Because of this new technology, Mazda has shown their thoughtfulness for the customer’s needs. With this in mind, they have developed a concept that caters to fuel efficiency and perfect handling that is unique and stands out to the masses. The technology they have been inputting into their cars gives off a sense of feeling that you are riding a car with manual and automatic transmissions fusion. Talk about surprises!


  • Peugeot 208


The Peugeot 208 is fancy and fun at the same time. You can enjoy leisure rides with this one. Parades rapid acceleration technology but at the same time you can still sit back and relax while expecting a smooth ride with this automatic transmission car. It also offers a great deal of flexibility for the drivers as it offers different powertrain configurations. 


  • Audi A1 Sportback


Running in the stylish scene, the Audi A1 Sportback is not one to disappoint as it looks quite dashing and flashy. It is best-suited for a long journey. The exterior features a fresh look that is appealing to many drivers nowadays. Another great thing about the Audi A1 Sportback is that the interior is also spacious and can make room for 4 to 5 adults. Speaking of fuel efficiency, this car does not get behind the others and comfort is not really an issue with the Audi A1 Sportback.


Do all new cars have CVT Transmission?


Manual cars have been deemed out of season these days, so almost all the new vehicles you may come across in the marketplace have either automatic transmission or CVT transmission (Constant Variable Transmission). These two have got head on rivalry with each other over the past. Not to mention the rivalry between vehicles with the automatic transmission and the Constant Variable Transmission. If you are one of those who are torn between choosing one of the two, take the time to research about this. It always boils down to your preferences and needs as the consumer or the car buyer anyway. 


The competition between the automatic and the Constant Variable Transmission has been raging on for years. Some prefer the automatic because it is easier to manage on the road and requires less attention on the gears. On the other hand, the Continuous Variable Transmission’s technology eliminated much of the gear shifting. Automatic transmission vehicles are less expensive to maintain compared to cars equipped with the constant transmission. Though vehicles equipped with the Constant Variable Transmission are well known for their smooth and comfortable rides, most car buyers of the automobiles using the aforementioned transmission have complained about the noise of the engine. 


Some car owners do not mind the noise mainly because they value fuel efficiency more. This is where the automatic loses over the Constant Variable Transmission. Automatics produce more emissions and are not that efficient in managing fuel compared to the other type of transmission. CVTs are gaining more and more popularity these days because of the undeniable fuel efficiency of the cars equipped with it. So you need no more to wonder if in your next car purchase you will have this constant variable transmission in place.


What cars have CVT in them?


As has been mentioned earlier, most cars these days are equipped with this type of transmission so it would be easy to spot on cars that have them. Here is a list to help you on your next detour for automobiles offering this kind of technology or transmission.


  • Subaru WRX


The Subaru WRX is a compact car. Models come with the Constant Variable Transmission. Though small, it has been a crowd favorite because of the exceptionally easy handling. Commentators say that it is a fun drive with the Subaru WRX. The interior looks nice and is practically comfortable and spacious. It can seat five people. Although it does not boast many changes in the past years compared to other rivals, the Subaru WRX is reliable and is trusty on the road.


  • Honda Civic


Honda has been on the Constant Variable Transmission scene earlier than most of the other companies. This particular car from Honda has the type of transmission we’ve been talking about. There are still so many options from Honda you can choose from but exploring the specs of the Honda Civic is something you might want to consider. The Honda Civic is versatile as it comes in many different styles. It is a good compact car, reliable. Although it is a bit pricier than the other brands, the Honda Civic is not a waste. It is an agile car that boasts fuel efficiency.


  • Toyota Corolla


Although one member of the Toyota family, the Toyota Prius, had some major issues on durability and gained quite an infamous reputation, luckily, the Toyota Corolla does not share those traits with the Prius. Another great thing about the Toyota Corolla is that it is inexpensive compared to other car brands with the same calibre and there are still so many more that the Corolla can offer. The exterior and interior are stylish. Not to mention, the Toyota Corolla is frugal in its gasoline consumption. There is also no denying the pleasant ride that you can get and enjoy with this car. In addition, it has a trusted safety technology that is valuable for all drivers everywhere. What a great deal!

How do I know if my car has a CVT Transmission?


Transmission has to do a lot with your vehicle. It gives you more rules on the wheels and gives you the uplifting experience of being in control. Subsequently, it provides care for your car, for the gas mileage, the torque and so forth. Knowing what kind of transmission your car has is an important agenda drivers must take into consideration. This takes on greater meaning especially if you want to be able to make use of your car for long years and at the same time, if you want to be able to enjoy the specs that it offers as if you just bought it yesterday. Here are some things to know in order to identify your car’s transmission:




Looking into the pedal arrangements or the shift lever of the vehicle could only get you so far. Automatic Transmission and Constant Variable Transmission look quite similar so it would only give you a hard time if you will merely use your visual senses.


2. Get to the books


In purchasing cars, the owner’s manual gives valuable information about your unit. Most drivers tend to put this away but if you happen to have kept it in the compartment of your car, you can head on to that and see what type of transmission your car has. 


3. Get Under the Vehicle


In order to identify the specific transmission of the vehicle, it will require you to get under the vehicle. The numbers or letters may be found in the bell housing, either stamped or embossed. Once you get this information, you can then search it up on the web. If you have not the time to do this or if this is inconveniencing you, you may probably get back to finding the owner’s manual. Looking for the manufacturer logos and looking it up in the web will also be handy.


4. Search the Hood


Another way to identify the car’s transmission is to get under the hood. Most information about a car is located in the hood hat.


Should I buy a car with CVT Transmission?


Why are cars with CVT Transmission on the limelight right now? Well, being in the mainstream does not always mean that cars with constant variable transmission are perfect. But it does mean that it caters to the concerns of many drivers. Fuel efficiency is a big issue especially for car owners who are mostly concerned with the gas mileage of a car and would want the assurance that the car would not eat up much of the gasoline. Transmission is responsible for this and so getting a car with the perfect transmission for you can truly make the difference. Also, smoother rides have been a catch for the car buyers. Who wouldn’t want comfort inside the car and in the gas budget? Here is why you should choose Continuous Variable Transmission today!


  1. Effortless Gear Ratio Changing


First off, the fuel efficiency occurs because of this factor. Of all the attributes of cars with this type of transmission, fuel efficiency is one of the most appealing. This is because vehicles that come with the Continuous Variable Transmission also are able to change gear ratio constantly which implies that the vehicle performs in an optimal status no matter the speed of the engine. This is perfect when you are driving for long hours or just roaming around the city.  


2. Spend Your Days with Smoother Rides


Most car buyers feel that cars equipped with this kind of transmission gives off a smoother, therefore more comfortable, ride compared to a car with a common automatic transmission. How did this happen? Well, you can count on the technology of Constant Variable Transmissions when on the road, it never shifts. If the car needs more power, you would not feel a sudden jolt or abrupt downshifting. Also, this transmission is lighter than the usual automatic transmission.


3. Find and Maintain the Ideal Torque Ratio


Torque plays a fairly great role in the vehicle that you should choose. It determines the force the engine can handle to generate to maneuver the engine to its axis. The torque also has something to do on the acceleration process of the vehicle, and is valuable for high-performance cars. For some cars with automatic transmission, there would be more gear shifts. But in the Constant Variable Transmission, the vehicle gets the ideal torque and the right gear and stays there. Torque in cars with this type of transmission is also ideal for carrying heavy loads.


With or without the Continuous Variable Transmission, you must choose the car or vehicle that best suits your needs as the driver. These are just some of the things that are for you to know in order to make an informed decision on your next car purchase. Hope you see the perfect car soon!