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KBB Sell My Car – Can I Sell My Car On KBB – Everything You Need To Know

KBB Sell My Car - Can I Sell My Car On KBB - Everything You Need To Know

Kelley Blue Book is a great site to obtain the value of your car. You can also sell your car on KBB too. Check out the information you need to sell your car on KBB and more! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The KBB Instant Cash Offer

Looking to sell a car on KBB? You can do so with the help of their signature and patented method of Instant Cash Offer

The Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, offers car sellers a fast and dependable way to sell or trade in a car. The Instant Cash Offer is also a real money offer on a car, that is based on their legendary Blue Book Values. You can: 

  • Receive your Instant Cash Offer after you enter your car’s information online
  • After you receive that offer, you can redeem it at a local and participating dealer 
  • Receive money for your vehicle or trade in that vehicle. 

KBB Will Help You Get The Most Money For Your Car 

You can also receive the most money for your car and reach car shoppers. KBB also partners with AutoTrader. You can sell your car with their effective pricing tools too. And once you sell your car using one of their car ad packages you can: 

  • Stay in charge of your own car ad. 
  • Create and change your ad whenever you wish. 
  • Have your car ad visible to local as well as national car buyers. 

Can I Sell My Car on KBB? Selling A Car on KBB is Fast and Easy! 

As you prepare to sell your car online and privately on KBB, they offer the following steps for an effective selling process. 

Obtain the Value of Your Car 

The first step in selling your car privately, is knowing what your car is worth. You can obtain this offer directly on the KBB website.  Knowing what your car is worth will help you price it competitively and effectively. Once you have your value, you can then take advantage of KBB’s Cash Offer tool. This will provide you with an opportunity for dealers to make an offer on your car. 

Clean Your Vehicle 

KBB also recommends that you clean your vehicle as you prepare to sell it privately. If you choose to sell a dirty vehicle, then KBB says that you will essentially lose cash on the sale. They also recommend that if you don’t have the time to clean your car, you can hire a service to clean it for you. KBB recommends that you do clean your car and boost your vehicle’s salability too! And be sure that your car is clean both inside as well as outside. Furthermore, before you take photos of your car, be sure that that car is clean.  

Be Sure That All is Working On the Car 

Whether you have to replace burnt-out light bulbs, or repair a faulty power outlet, make sure that the car parts are in working order. If you are unable to repair the items yourself that need fixing, then you may need to visit a mechanic or an auto professional. KBB states that it is important that you have everything in working order. KBB also recommends that you have safety items such as the lights, brakes, suspension system components and steering system all in working order. Chances are, your car buyer will need to pass a safety and state inspection of some sort. You want to be a seller that provides a safe and secure car for the new owner. 

Have Your Documents and Paperwork Ready To Go 

Another tip for selling your car privately, is to ensure that you have all of your paperwork and documents ready to go. If your state requires an odometer reading for the sale, then make sure that you have it. You will also need your car registration and any transfer-to-ownership papers that may be needed for the private sale of your car. 

Take Clear and Sharp Photos 

KBB also recommends that you take lots of photos of your car, as you prepare to sell it privately. Be sure that your pictures are clear, sharp, focused and they are in color. Lots of mobile or smart phones are able to produce high quality and high-resolution pictures. After you have all of your photos, you can upload them and arrange them in your car ad. KBB further recommends that you place your car behind a solid or a simple background while making sure that power poles, trees and other objects are not obstructing your pictures, or even able to cast shadows on your car. 

Request Insurance From Perspective Buyers 

As you prepare to sell your car, KBB also advises that you request proof of insurance from potential buyers before you meet them to see your car. Just in case something happens during the test drive, you don’t want an uninsured driver behind the wheel. This will create lots of issues and even delay or cancel the sale of your vehicle. You also want to make sure that you have updated insurance for yourself before you go on a test drive with a potential buyer. 

Meet in a Safe Area 

KBB further advises that you and the potential buyer meet in a safe place. Lots of cities around the country offer safe havens for internet transactions and car sales. Police stations are a great place to meet with a potential buyer. You have to keep in mind, that a potential buyer is a stranger; therefore, you have to treat this buyer as such. So, be careful, stay safe and remember that you need to meet in a public and safe area. 

Accept Various Forms Of Payment 

KBB recommends that you be open to accepting various forms of payment. For example, CashApp, PayPal, Bitcoin and other electronic forms of payment may be acceptable for you. You just want to have safeguards in place for the sale of your car. If you decide to accept cash, you may want to take the bills to a local bank so that they can be verified as legit. And if you decide to accept a check, you may want to accept a certified check from a credit union or a bank. Personal checks are not safe and may “bounce all over town”- and you’re left with anger and frustration. 

KBB Frequently Asked Questions 

What is KBB Fair Market Range? 

The Fair Market Range displays an array of prices of the KBB estimates lots of people will pay for a specific car for any given week. The offer is based on the car’s make, model, style and year. The Fair Market Range is also determined using some of the most state-of-the-art tools and calculation models that take into account recent transactions, demand, market changes and supply. Many people believe that the lower part of the Fair Market Range stands for a vehicle with minimal equipment while the top of the range shows a vehicle with lots of equipment. KBB says that this is not the case. If you pick packages, colors and options when looking up a vehicle, then the Fair Market Range you view, will be for THAT particular vehicle with THAT particular equipment. 


How Often is Car Pricing Updated? 

KBB verifies or updates Fair Market Range and Fair Purchase typically once a week to take into account the market fluctuations and conditions. KBB also verifies and updates additional elements like Invoice and MSRP as needed for the vehicle.  – once KBB receives new information from the manufacturer.


Can You Sell A Car At Retail Value?

Retail value is the price a dealer will charge for a used car after that car has been completely reconditioned. The retail value is the price someone would expect to pay for a used car should someone buy the vehicle at a dealership. Retail value is typically the highest price on the gamut of used car value.


KBB History 

Kelley Blue Book is an Irvine, California-based company that was formed in 1926. After the 1960s, the company moved from a car dealership to an auto publisher that shifted its focus on the production of the price guide the company created.  KBB began as the “Kelley Kar Kompany”, which was founded by Les Kelley in 1918. 


Kelley who started KBB with a trio of Model T Fords, received assistance from his younger brother, Buster, who took the job as lot boy. Kelley used data that was collected from the dealership and published the first “Blue Book” 1926. The “Blue Book” became a guide that was standard and offered consumers information about successfully trading in a car and determining that car’s value. 

KBB Today 

Today, Kelley Blue Book makes car shopping easy. Not only can you sell a car, but you can: 

  1. Obtain your car’s value 
  2. Check for safety recalls on cars
  3. Find cars for sale near you 
  4. Receive a cash offer for your vehicle and more. 

KBB also features a website that offers new cars by body and style and even make. You can also search for your car, by the price you hope to spend on it. Click here to visit the Kelley Blue Book website and sell that car today!

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