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JustAnswer Reviews: A Must-Read Article Before Signing Up! 

JustAnswer Reviews

JustAnswer reviews is a huge platform where you can ask questions and get accurate answers from experts.

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You might use it to ask questions related to medical, law, automotive, and many other fields. 

Many people wonder about the accuracy and the legitimacy of JustAnswer website. This article provides you with all that you need to know about JustAnswer reviews and covers what people think of their experience with this website. 

What is JustAnswer reviews website all about? 


JustAnswer Reviews is a website focused on connecting knowledgeable users with other users with interesting questions.

It's simply a question and answer website.

The website has many categories, including tech support, eternity, automotive, medical, and legal issues. 

The current website expanded the expert fields. It includes information about appraisals, home improvement, computers and software, electronics and forms, plumbing, electrical work, paternity medicine, medicine, mechanics, law, taxes, and financial issues. 

If you visited JustAnswer reviews website now, you would find a general category covering almost everything together, or it covers topics that don't fall within any of the mentioned categories. Some of these topics include information related to relationships, jobs, entertainment, dream interpretation, Clock repairs, and more. 

How did JustAnswer reviews website start?


It will be interesting to know how this website evolved and got this popularity for many people to trust and look for very technical answers. 

  • JustAnswer reviews in 2003  

This website started as an expert task the beginning back in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig. The website's first idea was mostly focused on questions and answers related to the medical field, where users can post a question and get answers 24 hours a day.

To get involved in this website, the user must sign up and choose a specific amount to put in place as a good faith deposit. After a while, this deposit will be paid back to the user who answers questions. 

JustAnswer has a current term of service, allowing the user who put a deposit to get part of this deposit if people were satisfied with his answers and gave him a good rating. 

On the other hand, if the user was not happy with the answer, they have the chance to ask another expert or receive a refund. 

Assuming that whoever answered the question did not get positive feedback and didn't request to get the refund within the first 30 days of posting the answer, unfortunately, he might not get anything hand JustAnswer will take the entire 100% of his deposit. 

  • JustAnswer reviews in 2004 


In 2004, the company got its official name as JustAnswer, and it moved its headquarters to San Francisco when it was a former military base in California.

JustAnswer is now an official company with multiple offices around different countries hear it. The good thing about JustAnswer reviews now is that it provides services in many languages. It was featured multiple times by a Google case study focusing on how Google Adwords help customers. 

  • JustAnswer reviews in 2012 

In 2012, the company received huge funding from Glynn Capital and Charles Schwab Of about $25 million. These two decided to join the company's board of directors and put in this huge investment. 

  • JustAnswer reviews in 2015 


In 2015, the company decided to review some of the posted answers from different experts to what they called a quality audit.

The company reviewed about 3000 random questions from their high volume and top experts in the quality audit study.

The review focused on multiple factors, including the clarity and details, appropriate language, grammar and spelling, expert boil, profile photo, etc.

The company suggested that those are the quality audit that every customer should have. They mentioned that they didn't look into the accuracy of the content or the answer in their review, but their focus was mostly on the customer of value the most. 

How do the current JustAnswer reviews work? 


The intent of this website is for customers to ask questions to experts and receive high-quality answers.

To do so, you must sign up and have an account before having a conversation with the expert.

How to sign up for JustAnswer reviews?

As we mentioned earlier, you can't use the website or ask any questions before having your account.

There are several ways to sign up for JustAnswer, and the best way is to start with the first trial version. You can choose to sign up for a weeklong trial, which is usually the cheapest offer that ranges from $1.00 to $5. 

When you first open JustAnswer website, you will see their common Pear Wilson, the virtual assistant. This is an automated system that will give you a trial membership link to sign up using.

When talking to Pearl Wilson, you need to provide her with some general information about what you're looking for. The system will use internal analysis that allows this virtual assistant to connect you to the right field of interest.

In most cases, you need to answer quick short questions so you can get your signup link.

Once you follow up the link & up, they will only charge you with the trial membership we've discussed earlier. 

You can sign up using two common options:

  • Click on get started from the JustAnswer.com website
  • To get more accurate locations or fields, you can use my JustAnswer.com and answer quick questions so they can help you focus on the fields of interest. If you decided to go this path, you can't get the trial option, and you must pay the full 74 dollars monthly fee. 

How to ask a question on JustAnswer reviews website?


JustAnswer reviews is a slightly different website than other comment question and answer websites. On this website, you need to ask your question to the virtual assistant Pearl where she will review your question before allowing it to post or sending it to the related expert. 

The review process doesn't take a lot of time, and many people reported that it took them only about 14 minutes before getting connected with the right experts. Despite the high volume on the website, the virtual assistant is made to make the process very smooth and fast, and it won't take you a lot of time. 

Once you get connected with the experts, you will have a unique platform or page to ask and answer questions. The page allows you to upload pictures during the conversation. You can also choose additional services for some extra fees by switching to a live phone call. For example, if you're in the middle of the conversation and got to a point where you need to talk to the doctor, you might pay $28.00 and get into a phone call with him. 

JustAnswer reviews, what do people say about their experience with JustAnswer website? 

JustAnswer reviews is an amazing website, and it provides a lot of advanced answers to people rather than paying a lot for visiting experts in their offices or through their websites.

Does the question always remain JustAnswer Legitimate? And can one trust the answer, especially if it's related to the medical field and other sensitive topics?

Nothing is better than listening to real customers and see their experience with using JustAnswer reviews.

  • JustAnswer reviews: customer #1 “The advice I was given was above expectations.”


The first customer had issues with problems related to his pet. His dog has significant problems that needed follow-up attention from a vet.

The customer decided to go with JustAnswer website instead of paying high fees to his private vet.

The customer was extremely happy and satisfied with how the advice met the expectations. He was able to get his dog healed immediately without needing any further assistance from local vet offices.

He said: “…my dog was having and provided a LOT of useful information including treatment options available over the counter.”

  • JustAnswer reviews: customer #2 “…Beyond amazing service.”


The second customer was getting a very stressful situation where he needed advice from a lawyer at 7:00 PM on a Saturday. His lawyer's office was closed, and he couldn't get ahold of him before Monday.

He decided to give JustAnswer website to try and signed up. Within 20 minutes from pushing his question, he got the answer he was looking for and mentioned that the lawyers on this platform know what they're doing, and they have advanced knowledge in the field.

He highly recommends this website for any people looking for services related to law issues.

He concluded by saying, “I have never had such a good experience as I did use JustAnswer. I highly recommend it and will be using it again in the future!”

  • JustAnswer reviews: customer #3 “…Just saved hundreds of dollars for 17.”


The third customer had an issue with his vehicle. He got in touch with the dealership, and they required a $400 towing service and gave him a $1000 bill for fixing his truck.

He was lucky enough to post the JustAnswer website's question and got connected within 10 minutes to the right experts. The customer mentioned that the expert walked him step by step to fix the problem by himself. Luckily, he could get it repaired for only $70.00 instead of dealing with high repair costs and labor costs when sending his vehicle to the dealership.

This customer also highly recommends using JustAnswer reviews for automotive-related questions. 

  • JustAnswer reviews: customer #4 


The first customer was lucky enough to get in touch with JustAnswer experts to resolve his Gearbox problem.

He mentioned that he did extensive research through all online platforms looking for the right answer. Unfortunately, he ended up with nothing.

When he got connected to the right expertthroughJustAnswer.com, he could get the problem resolved immediately and within minutes.

This customer also highly recommends JustAnswer for anyone interested in resolving mechanical issues in vehicles even if they don't have any previous mechanical skills.

The experts on JustAnswer can walk you step by step through how to get the problem resolved, and they will be clear with you whether the problem is more complicated and needed a professional mechanic to take care of it. If yes, they can also connect you with trusted mechanics you can visit to resolve your problem. 

JustAnswer reviews: is JustAnswer worth the money?


That's a great question!

Based on our analysis of customer reviews, JustAnswer has a decent amount of network and connections of people who will have deep knowledge in the fields.

You can be lucky enough by asking your question using the trial membership and getting an answer. However, it would help if you made sure that you will be charged the $60.00 monthly fee after seven days without getting a refund.

Depending on how many times you will need to have expert answers, it might be worth the money. However, if you only need to ask the question one time within a couple of months, it might not be worth paying monthly fees.

For example, if you have a pet that had surgery that needs a follow-up, you might need to ask several questions within the same month. Similarly, if your vehicle is giving you a hard time getting repaired, you might need to keep in touch with professional mechanics to resolve the problem. If you have a legal issue and need several follow-ups within multiple leaks, it might be worth spending the money on JustAnswer website. 

On the other hand, if you think that your questions might be limited to once or twice a month, you might need to consider using JustAnswer through the trial version while making sure you won't fully understand the service fees get an answer from an expert. 

JustAnswer reviews: Are you looking for questions related to automotive issues?


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