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Junker Car: How to Know If Your Car Is a Junker

junker car

This modern world relies on cars more than ever. In fact, it's hard to imagine how you'd get through your daily life without a reliable form of transportation.

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Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. That includes cars.

Eventually, your automobile will no longer function or be safe to drive on the road. That's when you have to move on to something newer.

If you've been wondering how to know when your ride and officially become a junker car, you have definitely come to the right place for answers. This article takes a look at how to identify a junk vehicle. Keep reading to discover insight into when the time has come to say goodbye to your old car

Your Check Engine Light Stays On

The check engine light on your dash is there for a very specific reason. It lets you know when there a problem with your engine. This warning light needs to be taken seriously.

Once it reaches the stage where it simply won't go off, you're now running on borrowed time.

Perhaps you've taken a look under the hood, made adjustments, and replaced a few parts here and there, basically exhausting all possible repairs. In other words, you've done all you can do without just breaking down and replacing your entire engine.

This is a clear sign that you need to start making plans to upgrade your car for something newer. It might break your heart, but each day that passes increases the risk that you'll end up stranded when your engine finally gives up the ghost.

The Car Is Totally Rusted Out

Rust and metal are natural enemies. Over a period of time metal begins to rust and breaks down. This is unavoidable. Regardless of how you care for your car, sometimes nature has other plans.

The rusting process can be slow and gradual. But when it's clear that the rust on your car is winning the war, it will make your ride look junkie and will become increasingly unsafe to take out on the road.

Maintenance Is Becoming Too Expensive

You can easily spend years fixing a car that refuses to stay fixed. Sometimes engines run great for decades, but sometimes there are problems from the beginning.

No matter if you try to make the repairs yourself, or you have a professional mechanic work on your car, the cost of these repairs will add up over time.

Eventually, the needed repairs become complicated and costly and are therefore difficult to justify.

At some point, you have to have an honest conversation with your mechanic about how much life is left in your engine. After all, the cost of repairs can easily surpass the price of a monthly payment on a new car.

It can be a tough decision to let go of your old car, but the pleasure of owning a new car that runs great will make you happy to have finally pulled the trigger. In fact, you'll probably wonder why waited so long to upgrade.

You Don't Have a Title for the Car

It's important to keep in mind that you cannot legally sell a car or truck to someone without the proper documentation. If your vehicle is still drivable and roadworthy, you can go through the lengthy and complicated process of obtaining a replacement title. But you might decide that the value of your junk car isn't worth the effort.

On the other hand, it's totally legal to sell your car for scrap without a title. This enables you to make a few dollars off the vehicle and get it out of your hair without having to jump through hoops of replacing the title.

Selling your car for scrap is quick and easy, and will also save you the hassle of posting it online or negotiating with potential buyers.

Your Family Has Outgrown It

You might be tempted to hold onto your old car even when that no longer makes rational sense. If it has served as your primary family car, your family could eventually outgrow it.

Keep in mind that a growing family requires adequate transportation. Everyone needs a seatbelt. Once the members of your family outnumber the safety features provided by your car, it's time to move on to something bigger that can meet your needs.

It's Not Safe to Drive

The longer you own your old car, there will likely come a time when it's no longer safe to have on the road. Things start falling off. The wheels will no longer stay in alignment. The engine continually overheats.

There are endless examples of mechanical issues that make a car unsafe to drive. The key is to be responsible enough to recognize when the time has come to keep it off the road.

Even if you've loved your car for years, you need to be smart. This will help keep you and others safe, and could also reduce the odds of finding yourself broken down on the side of the road or pulled over by the police for driving an unsafe vehicle.

It's an Embarrassment

Just because your old car drives and is able to safely transport you and your family from one place or another, doesn't mean you should keep it. After all, it might be in such bad shape that your family or friends are embarrassed to be seen with you.

Once you've reached the point where your car is basically held together with duct tape, act like a grownup and upgrade to something better.

The Basic Signs That You Should Upgrade Your Junker Car

Letting go of the past helps you prepare for the future. That's why it's important to know when it's time to upgrade your junker car to something new and safe.

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