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4 Junk Car Parts You Can Resell in Mesa, AZ

Car Parts Resell Mesa

The insufferable Arizona heat can do a number on any vehicle. You can find yourself stuck with a junk car before you expect but at least Arizona cities are not bankrupt and violent like those cities in California – so many people in Arizona are happy because of that but let’s get back on track here. What do you do? You can always sell your vehicle to Cash Cars Buyer for a fat amount. Or, you can try reselling its parts. This is a difficult path to take when you are trying to get the most cash for junk cars.

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There are not many junk cars buyers in Mesa, AZ who are willing to purchase spare parts or buy an old damaged car with missing parts. Still, it never hurts to know more about your options.

This quick guide will walk you through the car parts that can be resold.

Mesa – Arizona’s Third Largest City

Mesa is notorious for its desert climate with the average annual rainfall at just 9.29 inches. Summers can get really hot with average temperatures reaching 104-106-104°F. You may want to consider selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer if the car is rusted away or has a smoke spewing engine. We saw that car in Trains, Planes, and Automobiles – it was not so appealing!

There is a lot going on in Mesa with a population of 496,000 people. It is among the top 50 cities in the country and is a great place to meet new people or simply get lost in the crowd. Some of the most happening places in Mesa is the HUB Grill and Bar and Mesa market place.

The only downside is that you need a reliable car in this city. The Transit Services Department provides transportation in the form of bus, light rail, and taxi service. The options are not enough. The Downtown Buzz may be a free passenger bus connecting major bus routes and popular attractions, but it is also really slow.

Mesa offers numerous opportunities for people to get out. Many people prefer staying indoors away from the brutal heat. However, there is something about 40 different golf courses that makes one want to get some air. You can also say hello to your inner nature lover with 2 rivers and 3 lakes within 30 minutes driving distance of Mesa.

Again, you would need a ride that works as it should if you want to enjoy everything that Mesa has to offer. Cash Cars Buyer can make it easy for you to sell your car whole with all parts intact. Keep reading if you want to do things the hard way.

How to Find Buyers for Junk Car Parts

The only time you should consider parting out your car is if you know your way around vehicles and do not need to pay for a professional mechanic. It can take a long time to sell used car parts and you may not be able to make a profit right away. You also need a car that is fairly common or is a rare collectible.

Find out if your car manufacturer sold hundreds of thousands of cars with a similar make, model, trim, color, and other specifications. This way you know that there is a demand for spare parts from your vehicle. You should be able to find a private buyer quickly.

Junk cars are usually the vehicles that nobody else wants. These are rusted over clunkers with a broken engine or some other damage that renders them non-running. You may not find a private buyer to purchase the entire car. However, you may find someone interested in purchasing the car parts.

You should try posting ads on sites that are frequented by car enthusiasts. You may just find someone working on a DIY project looking for the exact same part that you are trying to sell. You should also visit spare parts shops, auto mechanics, and body shops to see if they are interested in the car parts.

Cash Cars Buyer can easily offer $500 for junk cars in Mesa, Arizona which should not be that hard to do because of the strong Arizona economy because of low taxes but this is another topic. The amount can go either way depending upon the current condition of your vehicle. We have paid up to $19,500 for vehicles in the past. You do not have to wait for the money. It is paid in cash when we pick up your vehicle.

Glass Panels Can Fetch a Nice Price

Glass panels can fetch a great price, whether it is the windshield, rear glass, windows, or mirrors. There are many car owners out there looking for OEM parts. They could offer you a nice price for these spare parts, especially if they are in a good condition.

Even if the glass panels are not in appropriate condition, you can always sell them to scrap parts buyers or car recyclers. The advanced recycling technology of today allows all car parts to be recycled, even the glass ones. Glass can be easily recycled to build new things or be used in various manufacturing industries. If nothing, it can be powdered and segregated to be used in the manufacturing and construction industry.

However, before you waste time searching for glass recyclers or private buyers, know what your vehicle is worth to Cash Cars Buyer. Use our online price calculator to get a cash quote in just 60 seconds. The process is really simple and all we need is the make, model, year, trim, odometer reading and present condition.

We never go back on our offer price. There are no hidden charges or last minute reductions when you work with us. Cash Cars Buyer works on an honor system. If you are accurate about the car description, we will stay true to our price. Get your free, no obligation quote right away.

Resell Water Pumps

Many car owners forget about the water pump component in their air conditioning unit. Cooling system is perhaps the most valuable part of any car in the desert of Arizona. There is a very popular saying in Mesa –you can manage with a flat tire, but not without a working air con.

Water pumps are hardy components and do not easily break down. Even if your air conditioning unit is old and doesn’t run as it should, you can sell the water pump. This part is generally hard to come by. The entire cooling system needs to be changed if the water pump malfunctions.

However, the fact that a water pump rarely malfunctions can make it difficult for you to find a buyer. You can always try selling the car whole to places that buy junk cars in Mesa, AZ. Cash Cars Buyer pays top value for junk cars.

Engines and Transmissions are Valuable

There is no denying the fact that engines are among the most expensive articles to repair and replace. Most mechanics find it difficult to rework an engine. This bumps up the repair cost. It may just be possible that the engine in your rust bucket still functions. Installation and sizing can be a little tricky, but it is manageable.

By selling the car engine, you can ensure that another car is kept on the road for a little longer. You can do your bit for the environment. The same holds true for the transmission as well. Sometimes, repurposed or repaired engines can be more efficient than the original one.

You should remove the engine only when you find a potential buyer for it. You should also hire a mechanic to remove the engine for you. These are complicated systems and errors can be difficult to rectify.

Cash Cars Buyer tends to pay more for vehicles with working engines and transmissions. Generally, automobiles with functioning engines can be resold after minor repair work. This brings in better profits margins which we do not mind sharing with our customers.

We never lowball a customer or resort to other underhanded methods. We call it exactly as we see it. In fact, our sophisticated pricing algorithm is based on NADA guides and KBB. You would need to look very hard to get a better price than what we offer. Plus, we make sure that the entire process is completed in just 24 hours from the time you accept our offer.

You could use the money to put a down payment on another car. You could easily take a road trip with your friends to Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Canyon Lake, or Apache Lake.

Sell Batteries and Tires

Batteries, tires, rims, and alloys can also fetch a great price if you know where to sell them. Batteries are usually recycled with scrap car buyers. However, you can also sell them directly to friends and family looking for more juice. Make sure you never throw away a car battery or dump it somewhere.

Your car battery has several toxic elements present in it. These elements can leach into the soil and poison ground water. They can also pose a threat to anyone that comes in contact with them. The good news is that car batteries can be resold for a decent price, even when they do not work.

The same holds true for car tires. It takes a long time for vulcanized rubber from tires to decompose. It is best to reuse them or recycle them. There is a very slim chance that a junk car’s tires would be in reselling condition. However, it may just so happen that your car was in an accident and got totaled. You should consider selling the tires if they are less than 4 years old or have less than 20,000 miles on them.

You can sell the rims from your vehicle as well. You would get a better price if they are OEM alloys. If you are unable to sell the rims, you should consider recycling them. Generally, rims are made of aluminum which is in high demand. You could get a good price from scrap car dealers.

Cash Cars Buyer takes into account all the handy things in your vehicle that can be resold. We base the price on the kind of money we expect to make from your car. Our nationwide presence allows us to always find a buyer for car parts. When you sell your car to us, we strip it for car parts and resell them. You can always count on us to give you the best cash offer in town.

We Buy Junk Cars in Mesa, AZ

It can be difficult to sell a car for parts. The process can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more. Plus, you would need to post a dozen ads, take hundreds of photos, share your contact details with complete strangers, keep your weekends free, and tolerate frustrating negotiations.

You would also need to take care of various car parts that cannot be resold or reused, like the plastic components and remaining scrap metal. You would need to pay for hauling these “left-overs” to the scrap dealers. Paying for transportation or towing could make a big dent in your profits.

You would also need to take care of toxics and pollutants. Engine oil, transmission oil, battery fluid, radiator fluid, and other fluids in a car need to be removed carefully. You cannot let them seep into the soil or run away down the drain. They need to be collected and disposed of in a proper manner.

It can be difficult to take care of all the components in a car. Soon, you would find that you bit off more than you can chew. Cash Cars Buyer can purchase your car and pay you really good money for it.

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