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There are more cars in Los Angeles, CA, than there are people. Many of these cars will meet the sad fate of becoming no longer drivable. This could be from damaged suffered in an accident or through age and neglect. If you have one of these cars, you're probably wondering what you should do with it. To get the most for your inoperable vehicle, you can sell it to one of the junk car buyers in LA, CA.

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Keep reading to find out how.

When It's Time to Junk Your Car

For most people, they decide it's time to get a new car, and they either sell or trade-in their current car. But this only works if your car is usable and someone will buy it. Junk cars tend not to be drivable or usable.

There are three situations when a car could be considered a junk vehicle.

  1. The car doesn't run or cannot be driven.
  2. There is significant damage to the car's engine, transmission, or tires.
  3. The car's registration or title is missing.

In these situations, the repair costs outweigh the value of the car. It's no longer financially logical to repair the car. Instead, it makes more sense to junk the car and sell it for parts and scrap metal or sell it to junk car buyers.

Clear Your Belongings

Before you go to sell your car to anyone, you need to get your belongings out of it. Start by cleaning out your center console, the overhead console, and glove box. Then move through the backseat and trunk. Finish by going through the hidden parts, such as under and in between the seats.

You should also remove all of your aftermarket parts. These weren't original to the car, and you can either use them on your next car or sell them separately. These parts the junk buyer typically won't have a use for.

It's also important to remove your license plates. You can transfer them to your next vehicle or turn them into the DMV.

Siphon the Gas

This is one point that many people don't think about, but you paid for the gas in the tank. If there's a full tank of gas in the car, you can siphon it out and use it somewhere else.

Just be sure to use the gas soon before it goes bad.

Gather Your Documentation

To sell your car, you need to prove that you legally own the car and have a right to sell it. You need to have the title. But if you don't have the title, all is not lost.

In some states, you can use an old registration and your driver's license to sell your car to a junk buyer. This is because the car is no longer meant for use driving on the road.

You should also prepare to send in a release of liability. Once you've officially sold the car, you need to let the DMV know you no longer own the car. This will protect you from liability if the car gets sold again and then causes damage or injury in an accident.

Remove the Non-Metal

This step is optional. Sometimes buyers of junk cars want them “stripped down” and will offer you a better price to pick them up in this condition. To achieve this, you need to remove all non-metal parts and drain all the fluids.

If you have mechanical know-how and the time, it could be worth it to you to remove all of these parts and sell them individually. But most of us don't have time for all of that.

In this case, look for a junk car buyer that specializes in buying the complete car in its entirety. These buyers will give you a better price because the car is intact.

Request Quotes

Now that you're ready, it's time to get some quotes. You have two options here, in-person locally or online. If you go the local route, you must call around to local junkyards one by one.

If you decide online is the better way to go, then you fill out an online form and get an instant quote. Be sure to look for reputable online buyers, though.

A reputable company will be licensed, insured, and bonded. This ensures they're a trustworthy and reputable company.

Cancel Your Insurance

Don't cancel your insurance until you've officially sold your car. Once the car's no longer yours, cancel the insurance, so you don't pay insurance for a car you don't have.

If you paid in advance, you'll get a refund for the time you prepaid for and didn't use.

Avoid These Mistakes

When you request your quotes, you may find that some buyers will offer you cash plus vouchers or free trip coupons. Focus on the cash value and not on the trips or vouchers. Then you compare the cash values and pick the best offer.

Never sign your title away to anyone before you have money in your hands, even if they offer to not tow the car and leave it in your possession. Once you sign the title over, you have no legal claim to the car.

The buyer should pick up and tow the car away for free. If a buyer tries to charge you for this, find a new buyer.

It's Time to Contact Junk Car Buyers

With this guide, you should have a smooth selling process for getting rid of your vehicle to junk car buyers. Prepare your car so it's ready for sale.

Then shop around and get a few quotes. When you find the right buyer, stick to the agreement, and avoid the common mistakes.

Contact our team today and get your junk car sold with ease.

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