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Cars are younger in Massachusetts, with an average age of 9.8 years. The national average is 11.6 years. Despite the average age being a few years younger, many of these cars will end up getting junked each year. If you find yourself in an accident with extensive damage, you may have a junk car on your hands. The only logical way to get rid of it is with junk car buyers.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Follow these tips, and you'll be able to sell your junk car like an experienced pro.

Decide If Junking It Is the Best Option

You want to get the most for your car. Selling it privately usually achieves this. The problem is that private buyers want a car that runs and that they don't have to pay to get fixed.

Your next option is to trade it in. But if your car is damaged, the dealer will reduce their offer to maintain their profit margin while accounting for repair costs. If the damage to your car is extensive, you may find that even they won't accept the car.

Your final option is to sell the car to junk car buyers. They don't care about the driveability of your car. They'll offer you cash for a car that has to get towed away.

There are three questions you can ask yourself to determine if you have a junk car.

  1. Do the required repairs to the exterior and interior cost more than the value of the car?
  2. Is the engine or transmission inoperable?
  3. Is the title or registration missing and not replaceable?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, then skip the hassle of trying to sell the car privately. It's time to contact junk car buyers who don't care about the drivability of the car.

Get an Accurate Quote

You need to make sure that you get an accurate quote from potential buyers. To do this, you should gather some information about your car.

  • Make, model, trim package, and year
  • Title status
  • Condition of the body, interior, and wheels
  • If there was flood damage
  • Location of the car
  • How many miles are on it

Junk car buyers will want to know this information because it helps them determine the overall condition of the car and its value. You'll then receive a cash offer based on the information you provide.

There's no obligation to accept the offer. It's best to get a few so you can compare and find the best one for you.

Look for Reputable Buyers

There are several honorable junk car buyers out there that want to give you a fair price for your car. But you need to keep an eye out for less than reputable buyers who look to take advantage of less experienced sellers.

Start by asking if the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. This will weed out the unsavory businesses who didn't bother to become legal. Ignore their high cash offers; the risk isn't worth it, and the offer is probably fake.

Beware the Bait and Switch

Hold the buyer to their offer. Once you finalize negotiations, that's it. If a buyer tries to pull a bait and switch by making a much lower offer at the time of pickup, then seek out a new buyer.

Get the Cash First

Never let the buyer take the car or the signed over title without paying you the money. Always have the cash in hand before you transfer possession or legal ownership.

Don't Pay for Towing

Never pay to have your junk car towed away. All honorable and reputable junk car buyers will tow your car for free.

Get Your Car Ready

As with any sale, you need to get your car ready for pickup by its new owner. It's slightly easier with a junk car buyer; you don't have to give the car a thorough cleaning to make it shiny and beautiful.

Remove Belongings

You need to clean out all of your belongings. Be sure to check everywhere; you don't want to miss something that fell under the seat or slipped under a floor mat.

Remove Aftermarket Parts

The next step is to remove any aftermarket parts you installed. The junk car buyer isn't going to give you anything extra for them. They won't increase their cash offer either.

You can remove these parts and use them again or sell them yourself for the extra cash.

Remove Other Items

If you got into an accident with a full tank of gas, you could remove the gas before you junk the car. After all, you paid for the gas, why not use it? Buy a siphon pump and remove the gas from your junked car, then put it into another car.

Just be sure to not let the gas sit around too long, it will eventually go bad.

You should also remove your license plate. You can transfer it to your next vehicle. If you don't plan on getting another vehicle, you should return it to the DMV.

Start Requesting Quotes From Junk Car Buyers

With these tips, you'll be able to sell your car to junk car buyers with ease. Start by assessing your car's condition and choose the best method of sale. Then shop around and get a few quotes.

Choose a reputable buyer and keep an eye out for red flags. Before you know it, your heap of junk will be gone.

Contact our team today, and we'll help you secure a fair cash offer for your junk car.

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