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John Deere 332 – Everything You Need To Know!

John Deere 332 – Everything You Need To Know!

John Deere 332 Overview

Many homeowners and garden growers consider the John Deere 332 as one of the most traditional and effective lawn mowers you can possibly buy. In many respects, this John Deere 332 is the diesel match of the John Deere 318 option. Sometimes, you may hear the John Deere 332 is referred to as the “Diesel 318”.

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In comparison to previous models, the John Deere 332 is a larger version of the John Deere 316. The John Deere 316 is very similar to the Deere 318 – hence, why the Deere 332 is called the Diesel 318. 


The Deere 316 features the same engine as the Deere 318 but comes without some of the performance capabilities and power steering options that were later included in the John Deere 318 model. 


The John Deere 332 was brought in as a new replacement for the John Deere 330 tractor, using the same engine – a 658, 3-cylinder diesel engine – but containing a few extra features as well that makes it very popular among homeowners. 


Some of these features that make a John Deere 332 so popular on the market today include power steering, a dual hydraulic system, and individual brakes for the left and right of the tractor, providing extra control and steering stability. 


Similar to the previous model, the John Deere 330, the 332 was marketed and advertised as an upgrade to this popular tractor, adding features from the John Deere 318. 

John Deere 318 Overview

The John Deere 318 is both a lawn and garden tractor that is one of the most popular and efficient Deere lawn tractors ever produced. In fact, many homeowners bought their model brand new, and it has continued working effectively for multiple decades.


The main viewpoint regarding the 318 and its positives is that it is durable, dependable, reliable, rugged, and heavy-duty, lasting multiple years and consistently providing ample performance. Although some minimal maintenance is required, this is no more than it is for other garden accessories and mechanics. 


With minimal maintenance and some care, this John Deere 318 will last a lifetime and provide the option for additional attachments for extra performance capabilities. The only downsides of the John Deere 318 is that this product is SO well-known. The negative is a byproduct of this tractor being so popular on the market. Because of the popularity, the John Deere 318 can be hard to find for a good price. 

John Deere 318 Specs

The specs of the John Deere 318 are very similar to that of the John Deere 332 – so let’s see why the 332 and the 318 are considered so very comparable and almost exactly alike. 


The John Deere 318 usually had a 4.5-gallon capacity, with a 1.2-gallon hydraulic system. The tractor’s engine provides 18 horsepower, contains two cylinders, and runs on a 12-volt battery. 


Regarding the power and the horsepower, the John Deere 318 typically has two kinds of engines that you can find in the tractor. There is a lower 700cc version and a higher 700c version, both compatible with the 18-horsepower Onan engine. 


The available attachments for the John Deere 318 include three different kinds of mower decks, complete with the 36” hydraulic 2-blade, 46” hydraulic lift 3-blade, and the 50” hydraulic lift 3-blade. The snowblower choices for the John Deere 318 are the 46” single-stage hydraulic lift snowblower and the 47” dual-stage hydraulic lift snowblower.


There are many modified attachments that you can use with the John Deere 318, like the 3-point hitch, rear blade, hydraulic blade, rototiller, utility cab, and the front mount broom. If you find a particular attachment that you want to use, you should look into the John Deere 318 and the John Deere 332 to see which one works best for your needs. 


When comparing the John Deere 332 and the John Deere 318, it is important to take into account the price of the 318, with the average price range coming in between $1200 and $2,000 for a used option. 

John Deere 332 Specs

A quick run down and lowdown of the John Deere 332 specs show that it is very similar to the previous John Deere 318. The model began production at the start of 1987 and ceased production at the end of 1992. 


The engine in the John Deere 332 is a 16-horsepower Yanmar, 658-cc, 3-cylinder diesel engine that provides 17 liters and an RPM of 3635. The overall tractor weighs in at just below 400 kilograms and has a wheelbase of 46”. Similar to the John Deere 318, it features many attachment possibilities and has the same power take-off mechanism. 

John Deere 332 Review

To see why the John Deere 332 is so popular on the market today and why it is one of the best options for homeowners, we have to review the entire lawn mower and see each category’s positives and negatives.


With the John Deere 332, you have an option of two different tillers to add as an attachment to your mower. One of the attachments is a 48” shaft drive or a 30” hydraulic tiller for your mower. 

Mower Deck

You can add the mower deck attachment to the John Deere 332 is a 38-inch cutting width mower deck, 46-inch cutting width mower deck, or a 50-inch cutting width mower deck. All three variants of this mower deck can be played mid-mount for efficient use. 

Snow Blower

Furthermore, in addition to the mower deck attachments, you can add a snowblower during the wintry months. The two snowblower attachment options are the 46-inch snow blower for clearing width and the 47-inch snowblower with a clearing height at 23”. 


Although the 332 in terms of attachments was not quite as popular and widely used as the John Deere 318, you will still find it is well engineered and high-quality. Despite the high-quality construction and materials, the John Deere 332 is used less frequently when commonly using attachments like the mower deck and snowblower. 


The mechanical details of the John Deere 332 include a 4×2 2WD chassis. The chassis is the main body of the lawnmower where the blades are housed. In addition, the John Deere 332 runs on hydrostatic power steering, meaning that it does not require any mechanical steering linkage. Instead of using a mechanical linkage in the steering, the steering unit and steering cylinders are utilized with flexible hoses in the 332.


The brakes used in the John Deere 332 are differential mechanical brakes, meaning that the bevel gears spin freely on their shafts unless the brake shoe stops the gear. This braking mechanism causes the planet gear to drive the output shaft at less speed.  


The cab of the John Deere 332 is an open operator station, and the transmission is a hydrostatic transmission. Furthermore, the variants for the John Deere 332 engine include a 318 air-cooled gas engine, 322 liquid-cooled gas engine, and 332 diesel engine. 


The hydraulics of tej John Deere 332 is a 1.25-gallon capacity fuel tank with two valves, with the fuel system holding 4.5 gallons. The power take-off uses an electric clutch, with a rear RPM of 2000 and a front RPM of 3600. 

John Deere 332 Restoration

The John Deere 332 can be restored if there is any damage to some of your mower’s internal or external parts. The main way to restore this mower is to repair the necessary parts. 


If you plan on servicing your mower or making an overall repair to your John Deere 332, you need to look at your service manual in your John Deere literature and mower-specific literature. If you can’t find this manual or do not have one, you should contact the company over the phone or by email to find out the necessary repairs for your John Deere 332. 


If you have a local lawnmower mechanic that can work on your car for you, then we recommend having them come and see your lawnmower or bring your lawnmower to them to see what the required repair is for your John Deere 332.

Where to find repair parts for John Deere 332

If you are interested in purchasing parts to fix your John Deere 332 or you want to sell some parts for your slightly used mower, then there are some places that you can buy and sell Deere 332 parts easily and quickly.


  • Online


Going online to bigger sites that sell old and used parts, like eBay and Craigslist, can be good choices if you are looking for a less expensive option to buying a completely new John Deere 332 part. Since this mower is so popular, buying brand new parts can leave a hole in your wallet.


In addition to the bigger sites, looking at smaller websites and niche forums more specialized to tractor parts can be better for finding a part quickly and effectively. Since so many shoppers use eBay and Craigslist, you may have to search for thousands or hundreds of parts, wasting your time and effort. 


Other sites for lawn mowers only, like tractorhouse.com, are great spots to start when looking for John Deere 332 parts to buy or sell.


  • Offline


Although everything is online these days, especially with the world’s current situation, you can still go offline to find some gently used parts for your John Deere 332 tractor. Remember, you need to find the type of demographic looking for 332 parts or needing 332 parts – keep this in mind when searching for parts in your local community. 


Call around or email local dealerships or markets that sell tractors or frequently sell old parts to find out if there is anything available for your John Deere 332 tractor. 


  • Finding Parts


Since the John Deere 323 has been discontinued for nearly two decades at this point, the parts of this lawnmower are scarce, making them harder to find and more expensive when you do find them online or offline. The best way to find parts for your John Deere 332 is to find what you need before beginning your search. 


There are plenty of ways for you to find the John Deere 332 parts – whether it be online or offline – and you just need to find what works for you. Try checking out a local Facebook group that specializes in tractors to find the part you are searching for. 

John Deere 332 Manuals

Suppose you are looking for John Deere 332 manual or information about the repairs necessary in your lawnmower. In that case, you can easily find plenty of “how-to” videos online and other PDF versions that can help you. These steps can either be from other lawn mower owners or mechanics who have been in a similar place as you have. 


If you go to John Deere’s online website, you will be able to find a lot of information that directly pertains to the maintenance and the repairs necessary and most commonly found on the John Deere 332 tractor. If you can’t seem to find the answer to the question you are asking, then you should directly email the company, and they should be able to answer your specific John Deere 332 question. 


The John Deere 332 is often referred to as the “Deere diesel 31” due to the similarities between these two popular models on the market. Although both of these tractors are now discontinued, they are still some of the most frequently used lawnmowers by homeowners. However, the discontinuity of parts makes finding replacements and repairs sometimes tricky and expensive.


With this John Deere 332 guide, we have listed the similarities between tej 332 and the 318, the specifications of the John Deere 332, the repairs and replacements in the John Deere 332, and the ways in which you can find parts for your lawnmower.