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Is Spray Painting Your Car A Good Idea? Experts Don’t Think So!

Is Spray Painting Your Car A Good Idea? Experts Don’t Think So!

If you're wondering, “is spray painting your car a good idea?” Unfortunately, the short answer is absolutely no. Experts indicated that spray painting your car is a terrible idea because you'll deal with a significant time-intensive job that risks messing up your vehicle's exterior with a low-quality car paint finish.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Many people get fascinated by online DIYs, especially those related to repainting the vehicles. Repainting the car gives it a new look and makes us feel that it's a new vehicle. However, is spray painting your car a good idea? What type of paint can you use to paint your vehicle?

This article highlights expert opinions about whether it's a good idea to spray painting your car or not. It also provides it with some explanation about these opinions and how spray painting your car impacts its quality and its value.

Is it worth it to repaint a car?

Before we dive into the details about “is spray painting your car a good idea?” We must evaluate the overall concept of repainting the vehicle, whether it's spray painting or any other type of paint.

Many automotive experts suggest that repainting a vehicle is not always a good idea, especially when considering costs. In many instances, repainting a vehicle might cost you more money than the actual resale value of your car. Therefore, you must put together the numbers and compare whether it's worth it or not.

It is also important that you evaluate all potential risks of repainting the vehicle, especially if you want to do the job yourself. Most automotive experts always mentioned that many DIYs do not work the first time, and there is a very high risk of damaging whatever repair you're trying to achieve.

Finally, it is also important to consider what will happen to your vehicle once you sell it. In other words, you won't use the car forever, and there will be a point of time where we have to sell it. Therefore, will the potential future buyer accept buying the vehicle with whatever paint you decide to go with? How will repainting the car impact this value? Is it going to increase its value because you put in extra money to use high-quality paint, or will it reduce its value because you decided to go with a cheap painting option?

Those, before repainting your car, you must give it a thought and try answering the questions we mentioned to avoid dealing with undesirable situations that could cost you your vehicle.

Is spray painting your car a good idea?

If you're exploring the idea of spray painting your car, you won't know that it's a terrible idea until you do it. Therefore, while you'll save a ton on labor costs when spray painting your car rather than doing the paint job at an automotive shop, you will put your vehicle in a situation that no one desires.

Let's take a closer look at some of the negative consequences of spray painting your vehicle:

1.    A time-intensive job

If you decide to go with spray paint in your vehicle, you'll realize that the process takes an extremely long time. It's not surprising to know that, though, because when using a small spray can, you rely on a very cheap nozzle that sprays only a point to your vehicle’s exterior. So, with that, imagine how much time it will take you to spray painting the entire body of your car?

Furthermore, when spray painting your car using a small can, the amount that lands on the vehicle's exterior won't be precise, which means you'll have much darker areas than others. The overall look of your vehicle will be a huge mess because of accuracy issues.

Compare this time to the time it takes the mechanic to paint your vehicle using the specified compressed air painters that are considered more precise and shoot a massive amount of paint to cover the entire vehicle in no time.

2.    A risk of color mismatch

The huge risk about relying on spray paints is that you won't know exactly what the real color inside the cans is. Yes, there are some hints on the can itself by looking at the cap, but it doesn't mean that the same cap color will match the inside of the camp.

Furthermore, as we all know about painting in general, the more layers you put, the different the color will be. Therefore, if you're not precise about how you spray the paint on your vehicle's exterior, you will end up with weird spots with different colors across the entire vehicle and exterior. This results in messing with the look of your vehicle and probably dropping the value of your car if you're planning to result in the future.

3.    Frustration with clogging

Have you ever used a spray painting before? The biggest drawback about using this type of painting is that the can might get clogged. Therefore, it will take you long to shake the can and reuse it every time it clogs. Did you know that many customers mentioned that they had to shake the can once every 15 seconds, and as you shake it, it doesn't guarantee that the can will be unclogged because you might deal with some paint dripping on the vehicle's exterior, causing a mess?

4.    Troubles with durability

Finally, there is no way this spray paint will work as durable as the original or regular vehicle paint. You will always deal with quality and durability issues, especially when driving your car at extreme temperatures. There is a very high chance that this paint will fade or probably chip off the vehicle making the exterior look terrible.

That's why before you ask yourself, “is spray painting your car a good idea?” Instead, you must think twice and look at examples where spray paint did not work properly to get an idea about what could happen to your vehicle if you risk it and rely on cheap spray paint.

How much does spray painting a car cost?

If you are convinced that spray painting your vehicle by yourself is not a good idea, you might want to consider doing the job at an independent shop where a professional mechanic spray paints your vehicle.

If that's the case, expect to pay between $300 and $900. There are some instances where paint costs might range from $1000 to $4500. Thus, you already realize that repainting your car is going to be a big investment, and therefore, you must evaluate whether it's worth it or not in the first place.

Can I repaint my car myself?

Whether you decide to go with spray painting or regular paint, many people reach out to us wondering if they can do the job themselves or not. The short answer is that you can, but you need to consider a couple of factors:

1.    Your experience

As we already indicated, your vehicle is a huge investment, and it's important that before you risk doing any repair or attempting to repaint the car, you evaluate your skill sets and make sure that 100% ready to do the job. Otherwise, it's very common to end up with a completely messed-up vehicle after you are done.

2.    Your time

Painting the car is not as simple as painting a simple room. It will take time, and if you decide to go with spray painting the vehicle or while we discourage it, it will take you ample time and many hours. So, if you have the energy and the patience and are interested in learning how to paint your vehicle, you must understand the number of hours it will take you. If you're OK with that, then you can go ahead and do it while considering the other factors listed.

3.    The working area

Painting the car involves dealing with chemicals, and these chemicals have a strong aroma, which means that you need to pick the right place to work on it. In addition, some neighbors might not be comfortable with you painting the vehicle around your area, which might involve illegal components. Therefore, read a lot about what your area recommends and whether this type of work is allowed in your garage or not.

You also want to work on painting your vehicle in a good and highly ventilated area to avoid getting herself at risk of inhaling the paint that could impact her health. If you have health issues that might be impacted by paint, you'd better not do this job.

4.    The equipment

Painting the car requires precision, and it needs a specific type of equipment that you might not already have. Therefore, you must evaluate whether it's worth purchasing all this equipment or probably renting it from your mechanic. Without listing all equipment, you'll need, it can be hard to tell how much money it will take you to get this stuff ready, so you don't hassle while repainting your vehicle.

5.    The paint

While we highly discourage going with spray painting your vehicle, you must spend time and research understanding the available types of vehicle paint. You don't want to have a goal of the best-looking vehicle and end up with a terrible exterior just because you purchased it with cheaper paint.

You also want to understand the painting in the product because when you paint a dark vehicle with white panes, you might not get the same results as someone else who tried to paint a white vehicle with a different car. Therefore, consult your mechanic and know what will happen when you layer different colors on top of each other.

6.    The resale values

Finally, when you want to repaint your car, you must consider who will purchase your car at the end of its lifetime. Therefore, this should be an important element in your color selection because you don't want to go with a very bright color that no one would want to buy after you decide to get rid of the vehicle.

The other thing is that paint jobs are expensive, which might cost you a good amount of money. Therefore, you need to evaluate whether this money investment will add to the vehicle's overall value or not. Otherwise, you might want to back up on this idea.

Is spray painting your car a good idea? Final thoughts

Our vehicles are a big investment, and they could be the biggest investment to many people. Therefore, before deciding on implementing any DIYs we are fascinated about, we must consider the negative consequences and what could happen if things go wrong.

There is a very common mistake that many people try to change the look of their cars, which is spray painting it. All model experts are against relying on this terrible idea that could end you with a completely messed-up vehicle exterior.

When relying on cheap spray paint, you're risking wasting your time trying to do a job that takes forever, dealing with color mismatches, getting frustrated with spray cans clogging and ending up with a complete low-quality finish that might chip off or fade over time.

If you've already spray painted your car and you're not happy with its overall exterior, it might be the right time now to sell this car and use its money towards a better card that no one has spray painted before. The question always remains, who would want to buy a car that got messed up with spray paint? Luckily, Cash Cars Buyer does!

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