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Is remote start bad for your engine? Everything You Need To Know

Is remote start bad for your engine

Before Knowing about whether or not your remote car start is bad for your engine, it is imperative to know what a remote starter is and how it works. A remote starter is a radio controlled device that is installed in a car by the factory, or potentially an aftermarket installer, that is designed to preheat or cool off the vehicle before you begin driving the car.

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Once you have activated the remote start by pushing a button on a special key chain remote, you can enjoy the comfort of starting your vehicle automatically for a predetermined amount of time, helping it to warm up during cold mornings. 

Remote Start Myths for your engine


There are various issues that can occur when you use the remote start in your vehicle – and there are also numerous myths that can be disproved. Cars that are being driven on the roads have tens of thousands of remote starters, with clients sometimes loving, and sometimes hating the technology. Let’s check out the top remote start myths.


First, the initial myth is that remote starters somehow disregard warranties. This is not true. Actually, companies have to work with car dealerships that will allow those businesses to contract and install remote starters on their new vehicles. If a person gets a poorly engineered system and a poor installation that is not working correctly, it can cause damage, and the warranty might not be correct. This won’t happen with some companies, however, because they might sell more reliable products. This can help void the facts that remote start is bad for your engine.


Secondly, another myth directly relates to what we are talking about – a myth that the remote start is bad for your engine. The reality is that remote starting your engine can actually be beneficial for your car and good for your engine. When it is very cold outside or you live in cold climates, the oil in your engine actually becomes thicker and more viscous than after it heats up. Allowing you to warmup and preheat before driving it any distance can help enhance your drivetrain and make it last longer.


Thirdly, you might not know how much distance the remote start acan cover or how much range to leave. Some people might think that they do not need lots of range for their car starter because they park tenar their window in their house. This thought process usually originates from the fact that someone has a new remote starter and they have never owned a car system that has a better range than a non remote start.


The reality for this fact is that once you go out to warm a vehicle with your remote starter, you won’t forget it. Once you never have to scrape the ice off of your windows, you will really enjoy the remote start and the luxury it provides. If you get a long range system that provides a remote start from a longer distance, you can start it from numerous places. This can enhance the convenience and counteract any possibility that remote start is bad for your engine


Next, another myth for the car start is that remote starters are easy and simple to install and you can do it yourself in no time at all. Many dealerships and car manufacturers are used to hearing this, and they might not give the owners the proper information. Modern electrical systems can be very complex and installing a remote starter is a tedious task. Technicians need to know how to interface with various systems of wiring and that is not easy for owners to do. This can affect how remote start is bad for your engine.


Furthermore, you can get a remote start even if you have a manual transmission in your vehicle. Many people might not think that you can get a remote start with this type of car, but owners will be happily surprised.

Are remote starters bad for your vehicle's engine?


There are two main types of thought when it comes to the prevalence and the effectiveness of remote starters for your car. This either deals with owners or dealerships thinking that the remote start is bad for your engine, or the remote start is beneficial, and perfectly fine, for your engine. 


The main difference comes down to whether or not you think that you should run your car for a short amount of time before getting in the car and driving it. This usually pertains to people who remote start their vehicle ahead of time during cold water so that they can warm up their vehicle and get it ready and it is not cold when they sit inside and drive it away. 


In cold climates with longer winter months that have drivers spending much of the year in cold weather, letting a vehicle warm up and having the engine run sounds like a good idea for enhancing driver’s comfort and the vehicle performance so the engine can run easier. However, some automotive experts believe that preheating your engine can actually be bad for your vehicle's engine and can break down an engine faster over time. 


There are common thoughts that using a remote start to warm up your car in freezing temperatures can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your engine and have it break down over time. Some experts believe that the engine has to work it's hardest when the weather's cold, and no mechanism or technology will be able to warm the car as efficiently as driving it and starting the engine. 


Some car experts believe that when you use the remote start to get your engine started and turn on your gehile, you are prolonging the warming up period ,adn over time, this unnecessary engine strain can cause excess damage to the internal parts and the engine system. These believers think that the remote start is bad for your engine.


Other automotive professionals have a difference of opinion, and they think that the remote car start is not bad for your car. Even though there might be a common opinion nowadays that remote car starters are poor for your engine, there is not enough sufficient data to back up these claims and make it irrefutable proof.


Some people might argue that consistently preheating your car before you get in your vehicle in the morning and warming up your car every time instead of running the engine and driving can place continual strain, but in reality, this might actually lower the amount of time it takes for your engine’s oil to heat up, and allows your vehicle to run smoother for a longer period of time. 

Are remote starters bad for a vehicle’s battery?


Along With the notion that the remote start can be bad for your engine and ruin the engine, there is another theory that remote starters are detrimental to a vehicle’s battery. This seems to be based on specific factors and theories. However,there is one situation where using a  remote starter to turn on your car could tax your battery unnecessarily. 


If your car did not originally did not come with a remote starter, then using a remote starter that has been made for your vehicle can tax your battery and drain it over time. If you want to install an aftermarket modem for your vehicle then an improper installation of this remote starter could cause further issues with your car battery and electrical systems. 

Pros of remote start


Everyone that has a remote start can agree that possibly the greatest advantage of having a remote car start system is the convenience and the added comfort it adds. Whatever the weather might be of your vehicle, you can start your car and have it warmed up and ready to go as soon as you get in the vehicle, leading at a lower warm up period and enhanced comfort during cold weather.


Now, with the technology of the remote car start, you can have all of this without having to leave the warm temperature inside. Furthermore, a second advantage to using a remote car start is the ability to see the 2-way remote if your car is running or not. This is a huge benefit in the occurence the at your engine vehicle stalls, and you can quickly restart it. 


In addition, another huge advantage and pro of using the remote start in your car is that your car can stay running while it is locked, which can be a huge safety feature and enhance comfort while still keeping your car and its valuables secure. This can be a good deal if you want to warm your car while you go back inside of the house or office.


Likewise, if you leave your pet or your child in the car while you run into the store or back into the house since you forgot something, you can keep the car running and keep the temperature correct, while still keeping your pet or your kid safe inside. This can be a huge pro when deciding whether or not the car remote start is bad for your engine. 


Lasty, a remote start for your vehicle is a good choice in those situations when you have your hands full – literally. If you are carrying things and you do not have an extra hand to carry keys to fumble around and unlock the door, the ability to start the car with the push of a button and unlock the car with just a button can help you increase the efficiency of using your car. 

Cons of a Remote Start


Although there are many benefits, there are also many disadvantages to the remote start of your car, like the remote car starting ruining your engine. The biggest con of using the remote car start is the cost. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, like the make, model , and year, and your knowledge of the kind of devices of the remote start that you want to get, the price of the starter could be hundreds of dollars on the electronic device itself and the high installation cost of the remote car start. 


Furthermore, if you have another remote car like the FOB or keyless entry device for your specific type of car that came along with the purchase for unlocking doors, this is another device that you need to fit in your pocket, your purse, or keep on your key ring and keep organized. 


In addition, another disadvantage to using a remote car start for your engine is that you could be wasting fuel if you continuously run your car in the cold water to heat it up before you begin to drive your vehicle. While most people might not think about how much gasoline they are wasting while they are heating their car on the cold winter mornings, you are going to be wasting a lot more gas while heating your car than if you did not use a remote car start for your vehicle.


Another possible co for using a remote car start is what we are focusing on – the remoteless car start running your engine. If you are worried or concerned about the potential wear and tear and damage on your engine, then a remote starter could be something to avoid. Frequently heating up your car before running your vehicle and cooling your vehicle before driving can place some added stress on your car’s engine. 


This can shorten the lifespan of the engine, and can be especially poor in hot and warm summer months. In this situation and this environmental condition, the engine relies on the radiator fans to cool the engine,instead of the air going through the entire engine coolant system while you are driving down the roads. 


Further, another  thing that drivers should consider or those who are looking to get remote car starters is the type of vehicle you have – like the make, model, and year. While most types of cars that are in the modern world are automatic transmission, there are some manual transmission still in the world. Getting a remote starter to work on manual transmission is not impossible, but it is more difficult to get setup and to use. 


Lastly, if you are concerned about the potential environmental impacts that can come about from your car running needlessly and the fuels being pushed into the environment and the air by the pollutant coming from your exhaust, then you should be aware of the extra pollution that your vehicle will be putting your while your engine is running dle. 

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