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Is Junk My Car Legit? – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Is Junk My Car Legit? – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Selling your car is one thing, but selling it to a reputable service is another. For the question of “Is junk my car legit?” we have the fast and best answer and we are here to help! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Cash Cars Buyer offers a fast, easy and convenient way for you to sell your junk car, FAST! Begin the process of selling that unwanted car, by clicking here! 


You can enter all of your car’s information. Once done, you will receive an instant offer. From there, a free appraisal as well as pickup will lead you to getting money for your car FAST! 

How Can I Junk My Car for Cash?

When it comes to junking a car for cash, the only choice is Cash Cars Buyer! You can get an offer on your clunker 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You’ll never pay for paperwork, towing or processing either. Just click here and enter your car’s information HERE


Sell Your Car for Cash! It's A Quick & Easy Process! 

Enter your car’s information 

Provide us with your vehicle’s details and receive an instant offer! Once you have your offer, call us!  We will then make you a guaranteed cash offer, FAST! 


Accept offer

Once you have your offer and you call us, we will ask you a few questions about your car, and make you a guaranteed cash offer, FAST! Love what you hear from us? It’s time to make a date to come to your location, appraise your car and then offer you FAST MONEY! 


Get appraisal and get paid! 

Once we schedule a time to come to your home, count on us to arrive promptly. We will get to work fast, inspecting your car and then placing money in your hand, FAST! 


We Pay the Guaranteed Offer! 

Other junk car buyers will make you an offer but then, they will lower it when it comes time to pay you. You’ll never find that from us. When we make you an offer, we guarantee that offer! As a licensed, bonded and insured company, you can count on us for quality, stellar and honest junk car selling services! Get your instant offer right here and know what your car is worth, in a matter of minutes! 


How to Sell A Car Privately 

Thinking of selling your old car privately? Prepare for the work and patience involved. Let’s look at what goes into a private sale of a vehicle. 

The online ad  

If you choose to sell your car privately, then the online ad is the way you’ll get the word out. This takes time as well as money. So, deciding where to sell your old clunker, will be first. Will you choose Craigslist? Facebook Marketplace?  You have to decide where you will sell your car. 


Pictures and car description  

When you sell a car and you sell it online, appealing to private buyers, you have to include pictures as well as a description. 



Once the ad is posted, you have to allow time for your ad to reach buyers. 


Instead, sell that car to Cash Cars Buyer! 

Let’s stop the work right here and just sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer! We are the best alternative to selling a car privately! Forget the photos! Ditch the description! You can sell your car to us privately as we work to bring you personalized service right to your front door! Get an instant offer on your car now and call us for FREE pickup and fast payout! 


Who do I call to pick up a junk car?

Cash Cars Buyer offers FREE pickup on all makes and models! You can enter your car’s information, receive an offer and then schedule a time and day for FREE pickup and payment! 


Many times, junk car places will make you an offer on your car and then turn right around and charge you for towing. Not with Cash Cars Buyer! Sell your car to us and know that FREE pickup is a part of our “FEE-FREE” services to YOU! 


Junk My Car for Cash

For that wrecked, totaled or damaged or wrecked car in your home or location this can be problematic. Not only does the car take up a lot of space, it can disrupt your peace of mind. You may also be violating lots of ordinances too.  You may even have a car that doesn’t run. Junk it to Cash Cars Buyer and reclaim your property! 

Clutter such as junk car makes for a bad mood, as well as disruption to life. In fact, studies show that clutter can affect us negatively. An article posted on the 1.racgp.org.au website states: “Clutter can affect our anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus. It can also make us less productive, triggering coping and avoidance strategies that make us more likely to snack on junk and watch TV shows (including ones about other people decluttering their lives).” The site also states: “Our brains like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganization drain our cognitive resources, reducing our ability to focus. The visual distraction of clutter increases cognitive overload and can reduce our working memory.” 


So, what are some benefits of selling a junk car? 

  • You’ll have better peace of mind 
  • There will be a great feeling of accomplishment
  • You’ll have motivation to get other tasks done. 
  • Wildlife as well as thieves looking to score some money, from your abandoned car, will not be an issue. 
  • You’ll get paid money from us, FAST 

So, click here to obtain an instant offer on your rusted ride, NOW! 


Can I junk a car without title?

Maybe you lost your car title. Perhaps you have a damaged car title. So, what do you do now? Cash Cars Buyer purchases cars with no title, and we just my buy yours! In many cases, not having the title to your car, is not an issue. We therefore ask that you have your car’s registration as well as picture ID for the sale of your car. Once you have those documents in hand, you can obtain an instant offer on your vehicle and know what your car is worth, FAST! 


Who Buys Cars That Don’t Run?

It’s understandable to feel some anxiety as well as some urgency about selling your wrecked, damaged or old car. Maybe it’s given you months of stress as it continues to need fixes and repairs. Or maybe you’re just sick of looking at it every day. That’s why Cash Cars Buyer provides fast money for scrap cars with convenient and expedited and removal—delivering your money and towing away that old scrap car for FREE within 24-72 hours of accepting your offer. 

You may find that several local and regional junk car buyers might promise you same-day towing, but they’ll rarely offer more than scrap value for your old clunker. If you’re looking to sell your car for fair market value, then look no further than Cash Cars Buyer! Your non running car has a buyer and it will cost you NOTHING! 

When you decide to sell your old rusted vehicle, the offers and promises from others, will vary widely because no two junk cars or companies are created alike. Additionally, most junk car buyers just aren’t organized or honest enough to appraise the accurate value and merit of your junk car. Here at Cash Cars Buyer, we look at your old car’s year, make and model. Additionally, we look at the amount of damage your car has and whether you have your car title. 

Our junk car buying experts have made hundreds of instant and guaranteed cash offers on less-than-perfect cars just like yours, and you can count on our offers always being guaranteed. 

You’ve got nothing to lose, and nothing but cash to gain! All it takes, is a few minutes, so just click HERE to get started, with your free online offer.

Places That Buy Cars for Cash

Junking a car or getting rid of an old vehicle shouldn’t be a tremendous hassle or a major expense. You should also never be  stuck with an old clunker just because of cash flow issues. So, how do you sell a junk car when it seems that no one is in the buying spirit? 


Cash Cars Buyer specializes in taking the stress, hassles and struggles of selling a junk car. 

We are the best place to junk your clunker fast, efficiently and conveniently – period! 

We work with very haggle or hassle over price. Our final offers are guaranteed and you are never under any obligation to accept them! Once we solidify or offer, you will know exactly how much you will receive when it comes time to pay you. We use an advanced system to ensure every offer is precise & fair to both you as well as us. If you like what you see, we’ll appraise your car, ensure all is well and order for the FREE, pick up of your old car. Then we will gladly put the payment in your hand—all in the next 24-72 hours.

Reasons to sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer – Sell Damaged Car FAST! 

  • You can get an instant offer in a matter of minutes – and in the comfort of your own home! 
  • We provide a “FEE-FREE” service. You never have to pay us anything. 
  • We offer same-day pickup in most cases! 
  • You can have cash in you hand 24-72 hours, after receiving an initial offer 
  • You never have to accept our offer, regardless of the reason you may have! 
  • We have over a decade of junk car buying experience. WE love what we do and we live to exceed expectations – not meet them!