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Is It Time For Transmission Repair? 10 Signs

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If you suspect that you're dealing with a bad transmission, check for these important symptoms to help you answer the question, “is it time for transmission repair?”

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  1. The transmission doesn't respond
  2. You hear weird noises coming from the transmission
  3. You notice fluid leaks
  4. Your transmission is shaking or jerking
  5. You notice burning smells
  6. Your vehicle doesn't go into gears
  7. Your dashboard says “Service Engine Soon”
  8. Your transmission makes weird noises in neutral
  9. Your transmission slips gears
  10. You're dealing with a dragging clutch

Your vehicle's transmission is one of the most critical core components in the car, like the engine. It is responsible for translating the engine's power into motion through your wheels by maintaining the power, so the engine doesn't have to work very hard.

Surprisingly, your transmission is expected to wear out more than any component in your vehicle during the lifetime of your car. Therefore, dealing with transmission repairs is not a very surprising situation, and it will come at some point in time.

Although there is an expected lifespan for any transmission, the transmission might go bad prematurely. Therefore, you will start dealing with these major complications at some point of time during the lifetime of your car.

This article will provide you with 10 important signs to watch for, indicating that it's time for transmission repair. By ignoring any of these problems, you're risking the life of your vehicle, and you're getting yourself at a point where you have to pay thousands of dollars on repair.

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Is it time for transmission repair? 10 signs

You can pay attention to many symptoms, so you answer the question, “is it time for transmission repair?” The thing is that automotive experts have done extensive research on determining what to look for to be prepared for transmission repairs.

Let's take a closer look at some of the 10 most common symptoms of a bad transmission:

1.    The transmission doesn't respond

The first and most important thing to pay attention to is your transmission response to your actions. Suppose you got into a situation where transmission doesn't respond. In that case, this is a big deal and an important symptom indicating that you are dealing with an almost completely damaged transmission.

Consult your mechanic and describe to him what you're dealing with to help yourself get out of this situation without needing to replace the entire transmission.

2.    You hear weird noises coming from the transmission

The second thing you should keep an eye on is listening to any weird noises. As a rule of thumb, and as we always say, whenever you hear any weird noises coming from any components, you got to take it seriously because it could indicate a minor problem that could evolve into something significant in no time.

When the transmission is about to go bad, it will start making strange noises. These noises could be something like humming, buzzing, or probably clunking here when this happens; if you don't take the problem immediately, you are just sacrificing the entire transmission, and you will most likely end up paying thousands of dollars under care.

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3.    You notice fluid leaks

Another thing that could indicate a bad transmission and therefore helps you confirm your answer to the question “is it time for transmission repair” Is when you see visible fluid leaks.

Of course, there are different types of fluids in your vehicle, but if you confirm that this is transmission fluid, it indicates an issue with your transmission. Sometimes, this issue could be very simple, and you can resolve it by topping off the transmission and taking care of the minor cracks. However, in some scenarios, significant problems with your transmission could trigger the fluid to leak underneath the vehicle.

4.    Your transmission is shaking or jerking

Your transmission should not shake or make grinding or jerking behaviors. If that's the case, you're most likely dealing with a damaged transmission. The problem could be linked to the way the transmission is mounted to the engine compartment, which means some break it on the sides or loose mounts that could damage your transmission if you don't pay attention to it immediately.

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5.    You notice burning smells

Another important thing to pay attention to is when your vehicle starts producing weird smells. Whether these smells are good or bad, it means just a way for your vehicle to communicate with you.

When the transmission is bad, it will start making weird strong acid-like smells or probably burning smells due to transmission overheating. When this happens, your mechanic needs to take a full look and see why this is happening in the first place. It could be a problem with low transmission fluid that is not lubricating the transmission properly, and it could be something else that needs further digging.

6.    Your vehicle doesn't go into gears

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried switching gears and things that don't work? That is a clear sign that you're dealing with problems with the transmission. Talk to your mechanic immediately because the problem could be containable, which means you can fix it at lower repair costs.

However, if you don't take it seriously, you can easily deal with further complications in your engine. To pick off what's more important is ignoring transmission problems and when it has to do with the way your vehicle switched gears means that you're in safety situations that could get you involved in major car accidents.

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7.    Your dashboard says service engine soon

Yes! If your transmission has a major problem, it could easily trigger a warning light on the dashboard saying, “service engine soon.” This problem means that all you're dealing with is an engine problem. It could be something linked to other components like a bad transmission.

You must never ignore warning lights on the dashboard because it's just a way for your vehicle to communicate with you and bring your attention to certain things happening internally. Also, the faster you take care of the problem, the lower your repair costs and the less hassle you get to deal with.

8.    Your transmission makes weird noises in neutral

When your vehicle is neutral, it shouldn't start making loud, weird noises from any components. If you realize that every time you sit your car to neutral, the transmission starts making loud noises, which could be an early sign of transmission damage.

Check with your mechanic as soon as possible and describe what you're dealing with. He should have a better understanding of what's going on in your vehicle and should be able to provide you with recommendations on the next steps.

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9.    Your transmission slips gears

Transmission slipping gears is a clear sign of a problem with the transmission. Never ignore this problem, and once you get to this point, it means that you didn't pay close attention to the mentioned symptoms previously cause they are more minor than getting to this point where you can't engage the transmission properly.

10.  You're dealing with a dragging clutch

Finally, if you're driving a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, you'll have a different list of potential culprits especially related to the bad clutch. The clutch is not as simple to repair when it goes bad, and therefore, you must pay attention to how the clutch behaves. If you confirm that the clutch is dragging, this is a clear sign of a problem with a manual transmission.

Often, manual transmission problems could be more because the user or the driver strongly influences the transmission by the way you drive or the way you handle the clutch engagement.

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How do we avoid major transmission problems?

It's important to note that transmission problems will happen, and even the major ones at some point in time, especially if you hit after 100,000 miles.

However, there are some practices that you can consider extending the lifetime of your transmission and delaying these problems as much as possible.

For example, you can maintain your transmission and closely follow what's recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual to avoid these problems. Also, by monitoring for any of the mentioned symptoms before, you will be able to detect the problems as early as possible and fix them at lower repair costs without installing new transmissions.

Finally, if you had to deal with some transmission repairs, sometimes it might not be worth investing in a used transmission because it will most likely have some other problems that you're not going to predict. Therefore, it's important that you go as much as possible with original parts for all types of repairs or at least get until our trusted dealership or repair shop knows what they're doing to fix your transmission issues without introducing other damages.

How much does it cost to fix transmission problems?

It all depends on fear; for example, if all you're dealing with has to do with low transmission fluid, you can pay a very low amount of money. However, if you get to a point where you got to replace the transmission, expect to pay between $1800 and $3400 to replace the transmission.

Therefore, we always encourage our readers to evaluate the situation closely and confirm whether it's worth the investment.

For example, if you add up all repair costs and realize that you're paying close to the vehicle's value without adding any value to the car come it's definitely not worth the repair. You should sell your vehicle instead.

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Is it worth fixing transmission problems?

You have to get it fixed whether it's worth fixing the transmission. Otherwise, your vehicle will not be drivable. However, there are some situations where repair costs might not make much sense, especially if your vehicle is not very valuable. For example, if you got to a point where you need to replace the entire transmission and have to pay about, say, $2000 and your vehicle is worth just $3000, it is not worth the repair.

Your better option would be to consult a private buyer or probably a dealership to buy the vehicle. Those approaches will no longer be valid for you because no one would be interested in buying a vehicle that has a measure transmission problem. Why would they do that!?

Thus, a better look for you to guarantee your vehicle would be to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer! We're more than happy to buy your vehicle even if it has major problems in the transmission and all that it takes you is a quick conversation with our team by giving us a call at 773-781-4363.

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Final thoughts

When your transmission goes bad, you get to a point where you can't drive your vehicle. That's why it's important to pay close attention to minor symptoms that could indicate transmission repair very soon.

This article provided you with a detailed summary of what to look for to help you answer the question, “is it time for transmission repair?” You must take these symptoms seriously because the sooner you detect the problem, the easier it is to resolve the issue and the lower repair costs.

However, this doesn't guarantee that you won't deal with a completely failed transmission. When this happens, you’re deciding between fixing the vehicle and paying thousands of dollars or selling it instead. To find the best buyer who will guarantee to buy your vehicle no matter what problem it has in the transmission or any other components, reach out to Cash Cars Buyer!

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