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Is It Time for A New Catalytic Converter? 10 Important Symptoms

How Much Gold Is in A Catalytic Converter

Have you ever asked yourself, “is it time for a new catalytic converter?” Here's what you should look for:

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  1. Engine misfiring
  2. Issues with acceleration
  3. Problems with engine performance
  4. Reduced exhaust system performance
  5. Weird rattling noises
  6. Strong sulfur smell
  7. Reduced fuel economy
  8. Strong fuel vapors
  9. Check engine light illuminating
  10. Different catalytic converters housing color

There are many components in your car. Some of these components are more expensive than others, and that's why it's recommended to pay attention to those and prevent their failure as much as possible.

The catalytic converter is one of the most critical components in your vehicle, responsible for maintaining proper gas levels, leaving the exhaust system, and helping your vehicle pass the emission test.

When the catalytic converter goes bad, it leads to tons of unpleasant consequences. Therefore, learning exactly how to replace the catalytic converter is essential, especially if you don't want to deal with complications that could cost you thousands of dollars for repair.

This article highlights 10 important symptoms to help you answer the question, is it time for a new catalytic converter? Once you get to this point, you need to evaluate the situation carefully because the catalytic converter replacement cost is very expensive, and that's where many people will give up on their vehicles.

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How to Tell if Your Catalytic Converter is Failing

What is the catalytic converter, and what does it do?

It's critical to understand the role of the catalytic converter in your vehicle to help you evaluate how important it is to answer the question, is it time for a new catalytic converter?

The converter is an important component responsible for cleaning the gas coming out of the Combustion process. During the combustion process, lots of harmful gases are generated, and if these gases reach the atmosphere, they can lead to many environmental problems in health issues. Therefore, all manufacturers must install a catalytic converter in their vehicles to ensure that the emission gases are not as harmful.

Unsurprisingly, if the catalytic converter goes with that, your vehicle won't pass the infant test, and you must install a new one. Furthermore, there will be some unpleasant consequences that you won't like, and therefore, understanding what needs to be done to replace that catalytic converter is essential.

Is it time for a new catalytic converter? 10 important symptoms

While the council, so a converter, is a durable component that is expected to last up to 10 years, there are many instances where it fails prematurely. In other words, you'll start noticing some symptoms of a bad catalytic converter before it gets close to 10 years.

Monitoring these symptoms and detecting problems with the catalytic converter as early as possible helps you prevent pricey repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars.

There are very common consequences of a bad catalytic converter that you will see in the form of the following symptom:

1.    Engine misfiring

It's important to clarify that engine firing is not a sign of a bad catalytic converter. It is more A cause of a bad catalytic converter. However, many mechanics and customers take this symptom as a strong indication of a failing catalytic converter. This is because when your vehicle is running on too much fuel or very lean fuel, it can easily damage the internal components of your kettle to the converter. As a result, it's not surprising that your kettle to converter is failing.

Therefore, if you found any sign on the vehicle dashboard saying that your vehicle has some misfiring problems, consider checking the catalytic converter as you're running through the different checklist of car troubleshooting.

2.    Issues with acceleration

When the daughter converter is clogged because of dirt or any unburnt components, you will significantly reduce your vehicle’s overall acceleration. Have you ever pressed on the guest bottle and realized that your vehicle is not accelerating as it should? That could be because of the fog kettles and converter.

It's essential to note that issues with acceleration can be a problem with a long list of potential culprits. Therefore, you cannot immediately replace the kettle with the converter just because you're dealing with some exploration issues here. Thus, your mechanic needs to perform a full inspection to confirm the actual culprit and determine whether it's a bad catalytic converter or something else.

Sudden Unintended Acceleration

3.    Problems with engine performance

In addition to the previously mentioned symptoms, a catalytic converter can significantly impact your vehicle's overall performance. This is because your engine will be continuously under stress. It will not be able to generate the required energy because of the disturbance in the gases leaving the exhaust system.

The vehicle is expected to operate under normal conditions without any disturbances or clogging in any component, whether these components are in the input or the output. Therefore, a link or bad catalytic converter will significantly reduce your vehicle's performance.

4.    Reduced exhaust system performance

Not only will the engine be stressed out but also the exhaust system. Since the cut of the converter is a major component in your exhaust system, they will not run as smooth as possible when guests go through the converter. Instead, these gases will leave the pressure and under stress, and that's why your exhaust system will complain in many different ways causing the gases to leave the vehicle in weird strong ways that could impact your vehicle's overall performance.

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5.    Weird rattling noises

When the catalytic converter fails, you'll notice some weird rattling noises coming from the converter side. Typically, these noises are seated with loose connections meaning that your converter is about to be disconnected from the vehicle. As the different metal components of the catalytic converter hit the walls, it will cause these loud rattling noises.

As a rule of thumb, automotive experts typically recommend never ignoring any means coming from your vehicle. You must pay attention to these noises before they get very loud because the louder they get, of work complicated your problem is. Whenever you notice these rattling noises, immediately consult your mechanic because he might be able to tighten the kettle to the converter before it gets damaged over time.

6.    Strong sulfur smell

The catalytic converter gets rid of any harmful gases before leaving through the exhaust system. Typically, these gases contain sulfur, and that sulfur has a very strong smell. So if you've ever got into the vehicle and noticed that your car smells like sulfur, it could be a swamp indication that the catalytic converter is failing.

Again, another important role someone would like to highlight is never to ignore strong smells coming from your vehicle. Whether these smells are good or bad, they must be taken seriously. For example, sometimes a good smell like a Maple syrup could indicate a leaking coolant which is a significant problem in your vehicle.

how to diagnose car leaking by color and smell

7.    Reduced fuel economy

As a result of all the mentioned consequences, it's not surprising to deal with a significant reduction in your vehicle's overall fuel economy. You notice that you need to visit the gas station more often than before, which means more money on the gas bill. Considering the skyrocketing gas prices in 2022, you will never want to get to this point, and you have to take care of your catalytic converter as soon as possible to save on gas costs.

8.    Strong fuel vapors

When the catalytic converter fails, you'll notice strong vapor from the fuel. This is not a good thing because it could cause some damage to their different internal components and will also impact the overall performance of your vehicle.

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9.    Check engine light illuminating

A bad cosmetic converter can easily trigger a check engine light. Therefore, you always recommend that you never ignore a check engine light illuminating. This is because it is just the one way for your vehicles to communicate with you and bring your attention to internal problems.

If you ignore the check engine lights, it could mean a significant problem that will evolve and might cost you the overall vehicle if ignored longer. Therefore, do not always assume that the check engine light is associated with the central problem because it could be a big deal.

10.  Different catalytic converters housing color

Finally, when the culture converter goes bad, you'll see that the housing doesn't have the same color when you first purchased it. If you don't know how the housing used to look, I might easily search for a brand-new catalytic converter online and compare the colors. You'll notice that the housing is getting discolored, and it could be a strong indication of a failing catalytic converter.

Does Your Car Need A New Catalytic Converter

How much does it cost to replace the catalytic converter?

Unfortunately, replacing a bad catalytic converter is not a cheap repair. It should cost you somewhere between $945 and $2475. This price range depends heavily on your vehicle's brand and where you get the job done. However, overall, it is considered a very significant repair.

Many drivers might give up on their vehicles when the catalytic converter fails. The repair costs might get close to the vehicle's value which means the car is not worth the repair.

Is it worth replacing the catalytic converter?

It depends. Depending on your vehicle's overall value and whether there are some other problems, you can decide whether it's worth fixing the catalytic converter or replacing it.

For example, if your vehicle is worth $5000 and you discovered that you need to clear the catalytic converter for somewhere close to $2000, you also discovered that you have problems with the transmission that needs about $3000 on your pair. Therefore, it is not worth fixing this vehicle; instead, you should consider selling this car and buying a better vehicle.

One might find it very challenging to sell a vehicle with significant problems, especially those related to the catalytic converter. This is because most private buyers at dealerships typically look for working vehicles that they can drive immediately. No one will be interested in purchasing a car that has damaged kettles because they understand how critical it is and how much money they have to pay to fix this converter.

Today's good news is that cash cars buyer is willing to buy any vehicle, whether this vehicle has problems with the cutouts or converter or even more complicated problems that require thousands of dollars for repair. All you have to do is to consult our team at (866) 924-4608!

8 Signs Of A Bad Catalytic Converter

Final thoughts

Dealing with problems related to the catalytic converter can be extremely challenging, especially considering the very high repair costs. Therefore, every driver needs to understand what to look for when the catalytic converter is about to fail. This article helped us with the question, is it time for a new catalytic converter?

It highlighted 10 important symptoms to help you detect the problem as early as possible, so you didn't don't deal with major complications that get you involved in significant risky situations.

As we mentioned earlier, if your problems require a significant amount of money for repairs, we can always help you, and we're willing to purchase your vehicle no matter what!

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