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Help! My Hyundai Elantra Won’t Start – Makes Clicking Noise! 

Hyundai Elantra Won’t Start

What a very frustrating circumstance when your Hyundai Elantra won’t start. You try and you try but you can’t get it to crank up. There can be many reasons why your Elantra won’t start and many reasons that you are hearing a clicking noise when it cranks. So, let’s provide you with the information you need, to help you get your Elantra back up and running, or help you get the repair information you need.

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Two Main Ways Your Elantra Won’t Start 

Typically, there are two main ways that a vehicle such as a Hyundai Elantra won’t start. The first way is that the vehicle will fail to turn over. In other words, it means that the Elantra’s engine won’t move once you turn the key. The second way that your Hyundai Elantra won’t start is once the engine turns as you engage the starter, it will fail to fire off and run on its own. But what about that irritating clicking noise? 

The Hyundai Elantra And The Clicking Sound It Makes 

Any time you hear an unusual car sound, this should serve as a warning to you, that there is something that’s wrong. When you attempt to start your car and you hear clicking sounds, then you have a multitude of reasons for this annoying clicking sound. Your Elantra needs a bolstering thrust from the vehicle’s flywheel once it is being cranked up. Your flywheel is dependent on the vehicle’s starter motor. Your car’s battery supplies the power for all of the components we just mentioned. So, as you work to start your car, and all you hear is clicking, you are looking at several reasons for the issue.  Let’s examine some of them. 


Your Car Won’t Start And You Hear A Clicking Noise: The Probable Causes

Maybe you have a starter or a battery once your vehicle clicks, as you try to start the car, but your engine is failing to respond. When your engine cranks, it causes a long line of events to happen. Problems with a damaged part or even a single device can cause an entire system to fail to function. Check out some of the most common symptoms of a vehicle that won’ start, adding to the frustration, those clicking noises. 


Fast Clicking Sounds When Trying To Start Your Elantra 

Are you hearing quick-paced clicking sounds, when you put the car into the ignition? Then you may have high resistance or low voltage serving as a huge problem. The reason for this fast clicking is the battery. Additionally, your battery could be the cause due to at least two issues: 

  1. Your battery is completely dead– thanks to low battery charge or a faulty alternator or low battery charge your vehicle’s battery may be on its way out. You can use a voltmeter to check the output voltage. If you have a reading that is less than 12 V, then you definitely have a battery that is on its way to being gone. Thankfully, a dead battery does mean that the battery is damaged or dead. If the battery is not transmitting enough power because electrolyte levels that are low, then it is possible that you can recharge your electrolytes, which will help solve the issue. 
  2. A faulty alternator may cause your battery to be unresponsive– A bad alternator is another car component that can cause a battery to be unresponsive.  That annoying clicking noise as your car fails to start, will happen if your alternator is not able to provide the necessary voltage output. This means that you will have to fix or replace that alternator ASAP. But if your car fails to start and you have a good and working battery, then you have to content with the possibility of a parasitic drain. 
  3. Fast clicking can also mean corroded battery terminals-Those fast clicks from your vehicle could mean that your car battery terminals are corroded. Take the time to examine your battery. Do you see “build up” or white, yellow or some other color around the terminals, with foam or deposits? Then you are looking directly at corrosion around your battery terminals.  Just get some water, as well as good steel brush to loosen and remove the corrosion. Don’t forget that loose or wiggly battery cable terminals or ends can cause issues too. Take the time to check those terminals, before you start your car. 
  4. Issues with your starter and the fast-clicking sounds are beyond annoying– those fast clicking sounds from your car, could be due to a faulty starter.  Take the time to check and see if you have a dead starter motor, due to a defective or damaged component triggering the issues. A loose starter connection may be a culprit too. Should this be the case, you have to take the time to locate the bad wire and evaluate it with your voltmeter tool. Fixing the motor will need a professional auto person for the job. But if that is you and you have experience with this fix, then be sure that you also have the time and the patience for the repair. 

“I’m Just Hearing A Single Click When I Go To Start My Car” 

If you’re just hearing one clicking sound as you attempt to start your car, then you may have some bad high current contacts that are located inside of the starter solenoid. A bad solenoid can directly interfere with the vehicle’s ignition circuit. Those contacts will develop a high resistance as they are corroded or damaged. Once you turn the ignition key and attempt to start the engine, the high resistance will gouge the voltage that is meant to flow to the vehicle’s starter. This will in turn will lower its power supply, resulting in the inability to crank up the engine. Thankfully, a new set of contacts is about $10.00 or just a tad less. But the issue that lies ahead for you, is the fact that they are hard to find. So, you may have to replace the starter assembly. 


“My Car Won’t Even Start! It Just Clicks!” 

Are you just hearing clicking noises and your car won’t even start? Then you may have a frozen or a locked-up engine. You can solve the locked-up-engine issue with attempting to kick off the engine manually. You can use a wrench or even a breaker bar. Are you facing a frozen engine? Then you can switch your vehicle on, and allow your engine to warm up gradually and slowly. Be sure that you take the time to refill the coolant before “old man winter” sets in. You don’t want to have to resort to filling up the car with coolant in a parking lot or when you are out and about. The key to preventing issues with your car, or your Elantra, is to get your car in for regular maintenance. You’d be surprised at what regular check-ups can find as your car ages. 


A 2015 Hyundai Elantra’s Lights Come On But Car Won’t Start- Just Hear Clicking Noises 

So, your Elantra fails to start, and you are hearing a clicking noise. But your vehicle’s lights come on. This signifies you have power because your lights are on. So, does the issue lie with your battery or your alternator?  It could be one or the other. It could be both. Did you leave something on or inserted into a power source? Given that this vehicle is a 2015 model vehicle, your battery may still have a bit of life left in it. Your battery may just need to be recharged. Many vehicles can go a few days of being driven and have a bad alternator in them. They will continue to operate till the battery no longer has enough juice or power to operate. You need to get this checked out, ensuring that you tell your mechanic all of the symptoms that you are experiencing. 


Why Won't My Vehicle Start When Its Cold?

Maybe you’re hearing no clicking sounds and you just need to start your car, but it’s bitterly cold. Why is your car not starting or hesitating to start? Yes, those cold temperatures play a role in your car not starting. But you have to keep in mind, that engine oil thickens and will not flow as easily in colder temperatures. Additionally, when cold weather hits, moisture located in the fuel lines can also freeze and cause blockage in the engine, resulting in your car failing to start. Whether you own a Hyundai Elantra, or any vehicle- once those temps outside dip into the 30s, the 20s and the 10s Fahrenheit that is- it is to the benefit of ALL vehicle owners to allow their vehicles to “warm up” a bit. Another point to remember is when you are starting a car and it is cold outside, be sure that you turn off the heater, lights and radio. When you have all of these components on, and you want your car to start, then you are already “over-working” your vehicle, risking problems later. 

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