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How Much Does An HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

What Is An HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost

A typical HVAC blower motor replacement will cost an average of about $450- with a general range that’s between $250 and $800. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

With a solid warranty on the HVAC blower motor, you may only have to pay about $150 for the labor. These blower motors that are deemed high-end model blower motors- blower motors that have large motors for example- can cost as much as $2,000.

Your home’s air conditioner, as well as your furnace, share the HVAC blower motor. Therefore, once you replace your HVAC blower motor, you are replacing it for both your furnace and A/C. unit. Similar to a blower motor for a vehicle, the HVAC blower motor takes the air and then sends it out. That air is transmitted into your home’s ductwork through the heating coils from your evaporator coil for your AC and your furnace. Both units are placed in line between the ducts and the blower. You should be able to count on your blower motor to transport the air you need to be comfortable in your home. 


The HVAC blower motor is the component that is found in heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial buildings. The HVAC blower motor transmits conditioned air from the heat pump, air conditioner or furnace- into the building or the home. After the system cools or heats the air, the blower motor will then force that air through the duct system. This sends the air out into the vents that are located in rooms throughout the homes and buildings. So, when you have a blower motor that isn’t working, you have a problem. 


What Is The Average Cost Of A Furnace Blower Motor Replacement? 

Once again, we will draw a similarity to the blower motor of your car. If you don’t have a blower motor that fails to work, then you will not be comfortable. The car blower motor helps to keep you cool or warm during a drive. The HVAC blower motor does the exact same thing, for your home or business. 

To replace a furnace blower motor will cost you between $250 and $800 for most homeowners.  This is how much an HVAC blower motor replacement costs on average. Do you have an AC unit in your home? Then you will only need to replace the blower motor once, as your AC and furnace use the dame blower assembly to operate. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay for a blower motor replacement twice! Many furnaces found in homes, are crafted with one that is installed in the unit- which is in line with the heat exchanger. 


What’s The Cost To Replace My Home AC Blower Motor? 

When you talk about the cost to replace your blower motor in your home’s AC unit, it will be the same as replacing the blower motor in your furnace -because once again, they share the same component. So, you can expect to pay between $250 to $800 generally speaking. You may even spend up to $2,000 for certain blower motors.  Yet An HVAC blower motor replacement cost is usually nowhere near that pricepoint.


Keep in mind the following: 

  • Make sure that you don’t confuse the AC condenser with your blower motor – which can be found inside your outdoor AC unit.
  • If your home only has an AC unit and you are thinking of buying a furnace, then you will more than likely get a brand-new blower. This will be a part of your brand-new furnace. In this circumstance, the replacement costs will be nothing additional

How Do I Know That My HVAC Blower Motor Needs To Be Replaced? 

If you have a failing HVAC system, then you certainly don’t want to have this issue in unbearable outdoor heat. For example, if you live in the South or the Southwest, temperatures in the summer can climb up to the triple digits. So, the last thing you need is a malfunctioning HBAC blower motor.  Have you been finding that your home air conditioner isn’t able to offer adequate cooling? Are you seeing or hearing some unusual behavior or sounds coming from your AC?  You need an HVAC repair specialist on the case. Now that you have an issue with your AC, it is essential for a tech to identify and remedy the problem ASAP. You want to live in comfort and you deserve to do so! so that you can quickly return your home to a comfortable environment.


There are lots of factors that can cause your HVAC unit to evolve into an ineffective component. From a small issue that requires a simple tweak, to something more involved, you have to get to the root of the issue, ASAP. As the blower motor is vital for staying comfortable in your car, the HVAC blower motor is vital for you staying comfortable in your home. 


Similar to other mechanisms in an HVAC system, your blower motor will become more susceptible to mechanical failures- with wear and tear- over time. Do you have an AC unit that has been in the home for years and it is beginning to age? Then you may have a unit that is becoming increasingly problematic. There is also a great chance that your blower motor may be on its way out.  Even if it can be repaired, an aging HVAC blowing moor will malfunction on you in the days or the months to come. So, instead of having to call a repair person several times over the course of a summer, it may prove to be more financially sensible just to spring for a brand-new motor. Check out these signs below that suggest it’s time for you to get a brand-new HVAC unit’s blower motor for your home: 


Ineffective Or Weak Airflow Coming From Vents 

Remember our post on the blower motor for your car? One of the signs you needed a new blower motor was weak airflow. Well, the same is true for your HVAC blower motor. If you have a blower motor that is on the way out, then you may experience some weak airflow coming out of the vents. You may not even experience any airflow at all. That weak airflow may mean that your HVAC blower motor is having a difficult time sending enough air through the ducts – so that your desired temperature can be achieved. There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. One reason could be lots of dirt and dust buildup. You may also have an aging motor or a faulty capacitor. Should your HVAC blower motor become dirty, or you have a non-working capacitor, your HVAC tech may be able to solve and fix the issue.  But if you have a blower motor that has come to the end of its service life, then you have to replace the entire blower motor. Weak or suppressed airflow can also be the result of leaky or dirty ducts. There is a slight chance that you may also have a clogged filter.


There’s No Air at All 

OK- so perhaps you feel ZERO airflow coming from your home’s air vents. You may have an issue with your HVAC blower motor. Maybe that blower motor has become a motor that is just inoperable. In this situation, you’ll have to replace it. It is important to note that the lack of airflow can also be caused by a bad battery or relay. You may also just have an issue with your fan control. The only way to determine the source of the issue is to have a qualified HVAC technician inspect your home’s system. 


Those Energy Bills Are Expensive 

Another indicator that you need to replace your HVAC blower motor is costly energy bills. Since the blower motor is the component of your HVAC system that uses the most energy- it may be the source of your high utility bills. That problematic and aging blower motor has to work extra hard to circulate conditioned air through your home. And if you have a large home, then consider the work harder and longer. Do you have an AC unit that is way past its prime? Is your AC unit using a single-speed blower motor? Then you may have to think about replacing that HVAC blower motor. Sure, you may not want to pay for a new one. But do you want to pay for costly energy bills each month?  Then just invest in the few hundred dollars that usually make up the HVAC motor blower replacement cost.


There is Some Overheating Happening 

Perhaps you have a HVAC blower motor that is overheating. Grime and dirt may be the reason why. Both can prevent that blower from properly venting. Now is the time to get a professional on the case.  Many times, age is the biggest hazard to a home’s HVAC system. For a blower motor that’s too worn out or old, it will have a more difficult time keeping your home comfortable and cool. One big sign that your HVAC blower motor is overheating, is a burning smell that comes from the vents. A complete system shut-down generally follows. An AC with an overheated blower moor may shut off to prevent any electrical damage that could follow.  If you notice any of these situations and signs, then you want to manually turn off your system and call a HVAC professional ASAP. 


Should you need a new HVAC blower motor, there are ways you get one while finding a reputable HVAC tech. You can always call family and friends. Also, take a look at reviews online. Folks these days are not afraid to speak about the service they receive. There are also a number of home warranty companies that are out there. How do they work? You as the homeowner sign up for coverage. You pay a monthly fee. That monthly fee will help to cover the costs of furnace, AC and other home appliance repairs. Perhaps now is the time for you to investigate one and sign up. They are widely popular and offer peace of mind. The earlier you sign up, the better. Some home appliance warranty companies have you wait a certain amount of time before you can get a repair or a replacement of your home’s appliances. 

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