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How To Tell If Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad – How Long Does A Windshield Wiper Motor Last?

How To Tell If Windshield Wiper Motor Is Bad

It’s quite irritating to have your windshield wipers fail due to a bad motor. When you need to wipe water and debris from your windshield, there is not a minute you need to waste! We can provide you with information about how to tell if your windshield wiper motor is broken, while offering you the information you need to stay safe! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

How Long Does A Windshield Wiper Motor Last?

Let’s get this out of the way first. Your windshield wiper motor should last a lifetime. But generally, this may not be the case, since your windshield wiper motor is exposed to an array of elements. From extreme heat to moisture, your motor stands as a car component that is exposed to various elements on a regular basis. The windshield wiper motor will then have to be replaced, ASAP. If you decide to leave this part of your car disrepair, then you are putting your driving and those around you, in jeopardy. As soon as you notice problems with your windshield wiper, it’s time to seek the assistance of a professional to get it repaired. Your best bet is to hire a certified auto mechanic who has been in business for a number of years, has a reputation for excellence and can fix your windshield wiper motor at a reasonable and fair price. 


But can you tell if the windshield wiper motor is faulty? We have the signs that you need to look for. 

Your Wiper Blades Are Moving Statically or Not Moving at All 

If you turn your windshield wipers on and they turn with lots of static, or fail to turn on at all, then chances are your motor is not getting any power. While its more than likely an issue with the wiper relay, the wiper motor may be to blame. So, now is the time to call a mechanic and get that motor replaced. If the issue lies in the wiring or the relay, then you may get a good deal on the repair and save a bit of cash.  But if the issue lies with just the wiring while the relay is not the problem, then you will have to pay for a brand-new windshield wiper motor. 


Your Windshield Wipers Are Moving Very Slowly 

If your windshield wipers are moving slower than normal, then you may have dirt or other debris stuck somewhere. This can cause the windshield wiper motor to move slowly, and even work harder than it has to.  All this work will eventually cause the motor to give out. 


The Windshield Wipers Are Working At Just One Speed 

Maybe you’re turning on your windshield wipers and want to use different speeds. But you can’t. Your wipers are only working at just one speed. For such a case, you can attribute the issue to the windshield wiper motor. There also may be an issue with the intermittent relay of your wiper system, instead of your windshield wiper motor. If the motor is not to blame, then you may not be looking at huge repair bill. But you do need a mechanic to properly diagnose the problem and pinpoint precisely what the issue is. 


Your Wipes are Jamming Once They Are Turned On 

Your windshield wipers are programmed to operate with repetition. They should never veer off of your windshield and they always should be counted on to clear your windshield after they rest. But maybe your wipers are jamming in the middle of their wiping task. Or perhaps they are jamming in the middle and remain stuck. There is a chance that you may have poor wiring or a faulty relay. The worst-case scenario could be a bad windshield wiper motor. But a professional mechanic can properly diagnose the problem and leave you knowing instead of guessing. 


Your Windshield Wipers Fail To Stop At Their Designated Place & Fail To Return To Their Resting Place 

Your windshield wiper motor is set to return to its resting place after it’s been switched off- and return to the bottom of your windshield. It’s important that your wipers return to their designated place. Having a windshield wiper stuck in the middle of your windshield can hamper your sight. You need to be able to see out of your windshield at all times, while you’re driving. So, if your wipers fail to return to their starting point, the issue could be poor alignment of the wiper’s arms. Once again, you want to get a proper diagnosis from your mechanic to ensure that your motor is working properly, or can be replaced ASAP. 


What Is The Function Of Wiper Motor?

Windshield wiper motors are components in the car, that function on a power supply- with the task of moving wiper blades in a smooth and systematic motion. Just like other motors, the wiper motor functions to rotate continuously in one direction once it is converted to a back and forth motion. The motor’s composition entails lots of mechanical connections and linkages, that each play a role in initiating smooth and systematic movement.  The gearhead motor is a kind of wiper motor best known for its ability of streamlined torque. 


Can You Do A Reset & How Do You Reset A Windshield Wiper Motor? 

If you are so inclined to repair your windshield wiper motor yourself, then you may be wondering if you can reset your windshield wiper motor. You can and we have the steps you need to take. For a windshield wiper position that has an incorrect calibration, you will notice that your windshield wiper blades will stop in the wrong orientation- landing in the middle of your windshield- for example. Your windshield wipers may need to be reset, due to becoming loose over time, or just being forced out of position after they endure an abnormal amount of stress.  When you reset your wipers, you need to remove the wiper linkage and place the blades in the right position, manually. 

Additionally, you will need to perform the following steps: 

First, take off the plastic cover that is found between the windshield that conceals the wiper motors and arms- and the hood. You will see that the cover is held in place with clips. Get a tool- such as a screwdriver- and gently pry the cover out of place. Then set it aside. 

Secondly, get your socket wrench and take off the nut that you will see in the center of the wiper motor. That nut connects the motor to the arm linkage. Turn your wipers to the “on” position and then turn them so that they can complete a cycle. Your blades will not move because you disconnected the linkage. 

Then, place your blades in the correct park or resting position. Be sure that they are resting parallel and horizontally to your windshield. Take your wiper linkage and push it back onto the motor. Then, replace your nut. Be sure that you secure that nut with your socket wrench. 

Finally, turn your wipers on and test them. Your wipers should move normally, and then return to their resting or parked position. Replace your plastic cover and press it back into place till you hear it click or snap back in. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield Wiper Motor?

Your windshield wipers motor is the component in your car, that pushes your wipers across your windshield after you turn them on. When that motor fails or wears out, your wipers won’t work. So, replacement is the choice for you. What will you pay?  You can expect to pay between $250 and $350 for a complete windshield wiper motor replacement. Your labor cost for this job will run you between $70 and $80. Parts could be as $200 and as much as $250 or $300. 


What are Some Quality Windshield Wiper Motors on the Market Now? 

Are you interested in quality windshield wiper motors? We have a few that top several lists! 

Cardone Select 85-299 New Wiper Motor 

This motor is sufficiently lubricated with an accurate amount of oil for stellar and quiet operation. 

Additionally, the brushes on this motor are designed to specifications, ensuring the contacts and the armature are properly matched. The motor also features magnets that provide the precise amount of 

designed to original specifications to ensure armature and contacts are properly matched 

torque necessary to endure extreme weather too. Click here to learn more


Motorcraft WM734 Wiper Motor 

This five-star motor ranks high for Ford vehicle owners. In fact, one consumer wrote: “[this motor] was a perfect fit and resolved the issue of the wipers only operating at high speed only on my 2004 Ford Crown Victoria.” Click here to learn more

ACDelco 19150497 GM Original Equipment Windshield Wiper Motor 

This motor is a GM-recommended replacement for GM original components. This motor also offers tremendous force that can accelerate the wiper blades across the vehicle’s windshield. One purchaser of this motor wrote the motor was easy to install. Another consumer of this motor wrote: “This wiper motor was a perfect replacement. And the price was GREAT compared to local auto parts store around me. [This motor was also] Less than half price.” Click here to learn more


Your Windshield Wiper Motor is Important! 

Windshield wipers and the wiper blades are one of the most vital components of your car. But many of us take them for granted and overlook their importance. We just count on them working when we need them to work.  We often forget that are windshield wipers provide safety and security during our driving. So, don’t let your windshield wiper motor go unchecked, if you suspect something is wrong. Also, never attempt to fix or repair your motor, if you have no automotive experience. Sometimes paying a professional to repair or fix the windshield wiper motor is best and there are certainly quality deals out there! 

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