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How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time?

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There are many reasons why one would want to store gasoline for a long period, and most of them have to do with the need to be prepared.

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Regardless of your reason for storing gas, you should know some important things about how it will affect your car when you go to use it again.

If you're not sure what kind of fuel is best for your vehicle, talk to an auto mechanic or visit the manufacturer's website before deciding on storage methods. This article will look at some of the most popular choices.

Read on for more details about “How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time?”

How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time

Why do people need to store gasoline for a long time?

Before we dive into the details about “How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time,” it is essential to get a general idea of people to decide to store gasoline for a long time. Some

People use it as a backup fuel source for generators, while others prepare for potential disasters. The latter is very popular in the survivalist community, storing different types of necessary supplies such as food and water. In this case, gasoline is used to power up vehicles that you can use once out of your safe zone.

What are the best types of gasoline to be stored?

There are two types of gas that can be stored safely and properly: Leaded Gasoline and Unleaded Gasoline.

Leaded gasoline

Leaded has to be used for vintage cars, while unleaded can be used for modern cars or motorcycles, boats, chainsaws, etc.

The main difference between these two types is the Zinc additive in leaded gasoline which acts as a de-carbonize, allowing for easier starts when cold.

Another important distinction about leaded gas is that it comes with higher octane ratings than unleaded, so vehicles requiring high octane fuel can only run on this type of gasoline.

How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time

Unleaded gasoline

Since unleaded doesn't contain the de-carbonizing additive of led, it is advisable to use this type for modern engines or cars that need low octane ratings. If you choose this type, you may store your gas for two years.

For even longer storage times, you can always mix the two types and use a blender unit to ensure the property and ratios of the mixture remain the same.

Finally, it is important to note that leaded gasoline provides better lubrication than unleaded gas for older vehicles. If you want to store your gas for more than five months, then stored unleaded gasoline should be treated with a stabilizer to prevent gumming up of the fuel system.

How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time?

If you're planning to store gasoline for a long time, consider the following ten tips and tricks from automotive experts:

1. Add a fuel stabilizer to gasoline when it's time for storage

Even if you are only storing your gas for a couple of weeks, you should still add a gas stabilizer to protect your fuel system.

Gasoline that sits for even just a month can begin to oxidize and corrode the fuel lines leading to dead ends.

To prevent this from occurring, use an additive like STA-BIL or Stabil, which will allow you to store up to 12 months without the risk of gummy residue or clogging filters.

2. Keep gas cans in a cool, dry place if you plan to store gasoline for a long time

If your gas containers are exposed to heat, direct sunlight, and humidity, then the quality of your fuel would be compromised.

To avoid this issue, keep your containers sealed until just before use inside a separate location that is not exposed to excessive heat or moisture over extended periods.

3. Only buy as much gasoline at one time as you can store properly for longer periods

If possible, purchase only what you think you will have enough storage capacity for since it's better to have too little than too much, which could lead to slipping up on your own rules.

4. Store gasoline in a cool and dark location

Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause varnish build-up or worsen existing problems, so always store your gas properly to prevent potential issues from occurring.

If you'll be using containers with spouts for draining and filling, make sure they're sealed tightly and stored separately from the cans themselves. The same goes for any other equipment that could contact the fuel, such as funnels or filters.

5. Transfer gasoline into air-tight containers once it's been stabilized

Transferring less than 1/8 of a gallon at a time will help minimize air exposure, leading to reduced shelf life.

It is also important to use only approved containers to store your gasoline.

6. Store fuel additives properly

Since additives are used during the mixing process, you need to ensure they are stored separately from the actual gasoline, or it becomes less effective over time.

7. Don't use old containers for storing gasoline since there's no telling how long it has been sitting around

If storing gas in cans, make sure their lids are not rusted or loose and that the paint isn't chipping off. If using plastic bottles, check them thoroughly for any punctures or leaks before transferring fuel into them.

8. Always pour instead of siphon when adding fuel into a container

Siphoning can introduce water vapor is bad for storage since it leads to rust and corrosion of the engine compartment.

9. Add a fuel stabilizer before storing gasoline for more than five months

Since gas breaks down over time, it's important to add a stabilizer such as Sta-Bil at least every five months if you won't use your vehicle often enough.

10. Store gasoline in containers with wider spouts instead of ones that have very narrow openings

Narrow openings might clog up after long periods of use, and no one wants that, especially when you need gas stored in them ASAP.

How Long Can You Store Gasoline

How long can gasoline be stored?

The ideal storage time for gas is 12 months. If you're going to use it within a year, then you don't need to make any changes at all.

However, if the gasoline has been sitting dormant for more than one year, there are some things you should do beforehand:

  • Drain the fuel tank and carburetor Float the fuel tank to remove water vapor
  • Fill the tank with fresh gas
  • Run the engine for 5 minutes to circulate the new gas through engine components
  • Wipe battery clean and charge it
  • Check spark plugs and ignition wires. Replace any that show corrosion or other signs of damage. Look for any leaks around fuel lines or other parts.
  • Add a stabilizer such as STA-BIL.
  • Never mix compounds unless you have no choice but to keep gasoline longer than one year; otherwise, it's best to purchase a new container of gas if you'll be using the one that has been stored for over two years.

3. The different ways of storing gasoline?

Storing gasoline can be done in many different ways, and we're going to show you just a few of them:

  • Fuel stabilizers such as STA-BIL are the best option to store gasoline for up to 2 years.
  • If your fuel contains ethanol, you can buy a product called Metal-Safe. It's an additive that removes rust and corrosion from fuel lines, tanks, and other engine parts.
  • If you want to store gas for a shorter period, you can use a fuel preservative such as PRI-G, which keeps the engine from forming lacquer and varnish.

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What to do if your gasoline goes bad?

Many people think that if they follow the right procedure, gasoline won't go bad. However, that isn't always the case.

You might end up with a container full of bad gasoline even if you follow all instructions to the letter. What should you do in that situation?

  • Use it for cleaning or as fuel for generators or camp stoves
  • Add it to your compost pile since it has no more use anyway
  • Throw it away because of safety reasons, especially if there are any leaks, rust, or other signs of damage to the engine compartment, battery, and other parts that come into contact with the gas
  • Forget about using gasoline at all since there's too much risk involved in storing, mixing, and getting rid of old gas.

How To Store Gasoline For A Long Period Of Time? FAQs'

This section will answer several commonly asked questions about storing gasoline.

Can you store gasoline indefinitely? No

Gasoline breaks down over time. So if you're going to use it within a year, there isn't any need to worry about the quality of the fuel. However, if you're going to store gasoline for more than one year, then that's when you should start thinking about whether or not it's worth storing it at all and, if you do, what you should do to preserve the quality of the product.

Can I store gasoline in a plastic container?

Yes, but it's not recommended to use containers made from soda because they break down when in contact with the gas. It's also a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer before storing gasoline in any plastic or

How long is gasoline good for in a can?

It's good to store gasoline made from ethanol for around eight weeks. Then, if you're going to use it within a year, there isn't any need to worry about the quality of the fuel. However, even if you use a fuel stabilizer before storing gas in an empty container, it's best not to keep this type of fuel for too long because it will eventually become bad.

How do I dispose of old gasoline?

Several procedures should be done before disposing of old gasoline:

If you drained the gas tank and carburetor, we highly recommend adding a fuel stabilizer before starting the engine to run it for about 5 minutes. If you don't, you might end up with a flooded engine.

Next, it's best to replace the spark plugs and wires. If they're soaked with gasoline, you might end up having problems whenever you start the engine.

Finally, if your carburetor has rubber pieces, you should replace them to prevent damage if your engine starts.

How long will gasoline last in a 500-gallon tank?

According to the Jack Jackers blog, a gas stored in a 1000-gallon tank will last for around three months, whereas gasoline stored in a 500-gallon tank will last for about 2.5 months.

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How long does gasoline last if you use a stabilizer?

You'll be surprised to find out that gasoline may only last up to 1 year, even with fuel stabilizers.

Can you store gasoline in glass containers?

Yes, but it's not recommended to use the same container you're planning to drink from because that might be highly dangerous. Instead, it would help if you tried using an old fuel can or an old coffee can.

How much gasoline can I store at home?

You can store a maximum of 25 gallons in containers that are approved for gasoline usage.

Can you store gasoline in a hot shed?

Yes, but it's best to store gasoline in a cool place. If your shed is really warm, the heat will increase evaporation, which means you'll be left with cheap gas.

Can I return the old gas?

Yes, most convenience stores accept returned gas as long as they're still selling the same brand at the pump.

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How long will gasoline last in a truck tank?

You should expect gasoline to only last for about two months, depending on how far you drive daily.

What happens if gasoline spills inside a car?

In most cases, the engine would get flooded, making it difficult to start it later on.

How do you store a gas can in the summer?

The best place to store gas cans during summer is in a garage. However, if this isn't possible, you should keep gas cans inside something like a large cooler filled with ice.

Can you store gasoline in a water bottle?

No, gasoline will damage plastic, thus ruining the bottle.

How long will gasoline last without a stabilizer?

Gasoline can last for around six months on its own. This is why it's highly recommended to add a fuel stabilizer before storing gas for more than six months if possible.

Will water ruin gasoline?

Yes, if you add water to gasoline, it will be difficult to start the engine later.


Gasoline is a volatile product that breaks down over time. So if you're going to store it for more than one year, there are several things you need to do to preserve the quality of the fuel. In this article, we've answered some common questions about storing gasoline and provided tips on properly storing it for a lon

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