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How to sell my car in New York City, NY?

How to sell my car in New York City, NY?

New York City, also known as NYC, the Big Apple or the City That Never Sleeps is the most populous city in the United States. You can find Manhattan at the heart of this city, which is one of the world's most important commercial, financial, and cultural capitals. With that, NYC is really the City of Dreams. The vehicle sector is also booming, with the number of new learner's licenses issued this year already exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Automobile-related businesses, such as dealerships and car washes, are also requesting for licenses at an increasing rate across the five boroughs.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

New York is evolving into a car-centric metropolis. With all the hustle and bustle you may be asking how to sell my car in New York City, NY? You can sell or trade in your used car to a dealer or a private party. If you do it privately then you must do the paperwork which we will discuss further in this article:


If you choose to do it with a dealer then give CashCarsBuyer a call. How to sell my car in New York City, NY? through CashCarsBuyer? It’s as simple as giving us the important details, such as your vehicle make, model and year. Also what condition your vehicle is. You can expect nothing but a fair price for your used car and if you like and accept our offer, we can go ahead and schedule the time, date and place to pick up the car and we offer spot cash right there and then.


In New York City, like in all other areas we offer our business, we can give an offer even for scrap cars, and that includes scrap trucks, vans and other SUVs. If you have any unwanted vehicles give us a call right away. Cash Cars Buyer is one of the most reliable dealers you can find in New York City.


  • We offer the best price most especially if your car is in good condition, and that offer can be as high as $19,000.
  • Our junk or unwanted car removal service experts are some of the best you can find in the business.
  • We will not unpleasantly surprise you with hidden fees,
  • There will be no charge for our towing services.
  • All payments are made in cash and on the spot!
  • So don’t hesitate to have your used car, and even if it's damaged, old, broken, running or not sold to us. Contact us at (773) 791-4363 for any questions.


How does our service work in New York CIty, NY?


When the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, many individuals were wary of face-to-face transactions. Thankfully, Cash Cars Buyer has been using the web platform, specifically in the field of selling vehicles, long before the global crisis.


Selling a used car on the internet has grown even easier in recent years, but bear in mind that you must find the right dealer for you as there are numerous auto selling options available online. Cash Cars Buyer accepts vehicles in any condition, and you may do business with us in New York City, NY. So, if you're wondering, “How can I sell my car in New York City, NY?” Think of Cash Cars Buyer.


Cash Cars Buyer is not only a licensed dealer, but we are also bonded, and insured. With us, selling used cars is both safe and simple. We're proud of our years of experience and the hundreds of happy customers we've served. Please contact us and complete our form if you're ready to get started. Check out how easy it is to sell your car.


How can I get the most money for selling my car in New York City?


Familiarize the NYC market


How to sell my car in New York City, NY? To make the maximum money, the first thing you must do is familiarize yourself with the local used automobile market, particularly in terms of how much your competitors are selling (the same vehicle and model year with the same condition). You'll want to acquire a fair price wherever you sell your automobile or wherever you are, which regrettably not all places can accomplish, so be aware that your car may be undervalued.


Kelly Blue Book is a great resource for assessing the value of your car that is easily accessible online. Simply input the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle. It will help you estimate the price of similar automobiles in your region.


To boost your car's curb appeal, give it a thorough washing.


It is usually a good idea to clean a vehicle before selling it. It'll make your car seem its finest, so you won't be shy about showing it off to potential buyers. It becomes even more critical during a pandemic. People in the COVID-19 environment are more concerned with cleanliness and, as a result, are more inclined to leave a filthy vehicle.


To get the most money for your used car, thoroughly clean it both inside and out. You could also benefit from having your car detailed. Make a few changes to the interior. It will reassure purchasers, allowing them to pay you a reasonable price for your used car.


What paperwork do I need to sell my car in New York City, NY?


So how to sell my car in New York City, NY? – When it comes to the paperwork. If you sell it to a private individual, give the new owner the necessary documents:


  • Proof of ownership is required.
  • Odometer and damage disclosure statement (use the Odometer and Damage Disclosure Statement if it is not on the back of the title) (Form MV-103).
  • A receipt for the purchase price or a gift.
  • If relevant, the lienholder's original document proving the lien is satisfied.


Remove the license plates and registration sticker from the windshield to avoid being held accountable for any parking or traffic citations the new owner receives.


At the DMV, the new owner is responsible for obtaining a new title, registration, and plates. You must surrender your license plates to the DMV or transfer them to another car before your insurance expires, or your driver license will be suspended.


How to Purchase or Sell a Property Without a Title


A transaction cannot be completed without a title. This paperwork is the seller's responsibility to provide. If the title is missing, the seller must apply for a duplicate title at any DMV location by filling out a Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82). Call Title Services at (518) 486-4714 if you need further assistance.


How to Buy or Sell in the Absence of Registration

There are four scenarios a seller may encounter:


  • The owner must go to any DMV office and fill out a Vehicle Registration/Title Application if the registration is misplaced (Form MV-82).


  • The owner must request a Certification of NYS Registration for Transfer of Non-Titled Vehicle (Form MV-353) from the DMV if the registration is lost and cannot be replicated. He or she will be required to present identification and pay $10 for the form. The DMV will check to see if the car is registered to the owner before providing the paperwork.


  • The owner must submit other proof of ownership if the DMV cannot provide a duplicate registration or a Certification of NYS Registration for Transfer of Non-Titled Vehicle form. An expired registration certificate or an original Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin are examples of this (MCO). The owner can submit a Statement of Ownership if neither of these documents are accessible (Form MV-51B).


  • In case the car was never registered, the owner must file an Affidavit of Sale or Transfer with the DMV (Form MV-51). The seller must also provide proof of ownership and the bill of sale obtained from the vehicle's previous owner to the buyer.


What do you do with your plates when you sell a car in NY?


Another important info you must know when asking how to sell my car in New York City, NY? Is what to do with your plates.


How to surrender New York State plates by mail:


  1. Make sure your address is current. If relevant, DMV will send you a plate surrender receipt (form FS-6T) as well as a refund check. These will be mailed to the address listed on the registration. Change your address on your registration before you mail your license plates if it is out of date. If you're moving, you'll need to file a change of address with the USPS so that your mail can be appropriately forwarded to your new location.


Businesses: If the registration is in a business name and the address has changed, be careful to notify the USPS of the change of address so that your receipt is given to you.


  1. Remove plates and stickers. The plate frames and fasteners are included in this. The plates will not be accepted by the DMV if they are attached. Remove your registration and inspection stickers off your windshield and throw them away. Give your dishes to someone who will return them to you if you give them to them.For each set of plates you're surrendering, you'll need to fill out a Plate Surrender Application (PD-7) form.


  1. Mail the application with your plates in an envelope (no boxes) to:



6 Empire State Plaza

Room B240

Albany, NY 12228


The date you relinquished your plates is determined by the postmark date on your mail. Allow 21 days for your FS-6T receipt to arrive. Please contact the DMV if you do not obtain an FS-6T receipt. Note that if you need to surrender plates from another state, you must do it through the DMV of that state (not the New York State DMV).


How to surrender New York State at the DMV office:


  1. Remove plates and stickers.
  2. Complete the PD-7 application.
  3. Bring the plates and PD-7 to a DMV. A $1 fee will be charged by county motor vehicle offices to handle the surrender. If someone else surrenders your plates on your behalf, make sure you get the FS-6T receipt for your records.


How do I get rid of a car in NYC?


You can legitimately dispose of your automobile by taking it to a junkyard or auto wrecker. If you inappropriately dispose of a car, you could face a summons and a penalty of up to $1,000.


The title form (or registration on vehicles made before 1974) must be completed when turning over a vehicle to an auto wrecking company. As the new owner of the vehicle, the auto wrecking company's name should appear on the title.


The auto wrecking company must provide a receipt that states the vehicle's make and model, the VIN (Vehicle identification number), their company name and date of transaction, as well as the proof of receipt that the vehicle was disposed of legally and must be saved.


Metal automotive parts that do not contain oil or other harmful substances can be recycled with metal. Hazardous-substance-containing parts, car batteries, and tires should all be taken to a Special Waste Disposal facility. Citizens' donations are not accepted by the city when it comes to automobiles. If you want to donate a car, you should contact individual charitable groups for more information.


Why should you choose to sell your car to a Cash Cars Buyer at New York City, NY:


Many junk car buyers in your region may up their offer or promise to give you an estimate when they meet with you so you don't have to wait for a “call back,” but we won't waste your time by meeting with you before we've agreed on a price for your automobile. You'll know how much you'll be paid within seconds of contacting us.


When you accept the offer, the pickup process begins immediately, and there's a good possibility your car will be picked up the same day.


How to sell my car in New York CIty, NY? If you have the appropriate information, selling your car to a private individual or a junk car company can be a quick and simple process. Finally, the ideal option for selling your old car will be determined by your needs and circumstances. Selling your car can be a simple chore if you know what you want from the sale and are aware of the possibilities open to you.