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How to Sell My Car in New Rochelle, NY? Your Ultimate Guide!

How to Sell My Car in New Rochelle, NY? Your Ultimate Guide!

If you are planning to sell your car in your area, you might have searched for “how to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY” on your browser’s search bar hoping to find ways to sell it fast or for most money. One may think that selling a used car is hard or will require much of your time. It might be true, but that is not always the case now. There are more options today on “how to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY?”. One of which is by selling your car to a third party website or companies that buy used cars such as Cash Cars Buyer. Selling your car to them is considered as the fastest and easiest way to sell a used car.

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However, if you want to get the most money out of the car sale, you can still go for the old-school private selling, but with a modern touch since you will be selling it online. Selling your car privately might give you the most money, but it will require much of your time since you will have to deal with everything yourself such as the negotiations, the meetups, and the dreaded paperworks. But if you are selling your car so you can buy a new one, you can choose to trade your car in at a dealership. Not sure what to pick? Continue reading! We’ll discuss the answers to the question, “how to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY?”.



New Rochelle, New York




New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, New York, United States.  It had a population of 79,726, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. The City of New Rochelle, is known as one of the oldest communities in New York State. It is located in the New York State’s southeast portion. You can find it on the Long Island Sound, bordered on the north and east by Scarsdale, on the west by Pelham, Pelham Manor, and Eastchester, and to the east, by Mamaroneck and Larchmont.


The City of New Rochelle, New York, lies 2 miles north of the border of New York City. The city has a total area of 13.2 square miles according to the United States Census Bureau. It has a roughly triangular shape with about 10 miles or 16 km from north to south and 1.5 miles or 2 km from east to west at its widest area.


When it comes to the economy of the City of New Rochelle, the city has been the home to many industries or businesses over the years. It includes the:


  • Thanhouser Film Studios
  • Terrytoons Studios
  • J. Tierney Diner Manufacturing
  • Flynn Burner Company
  • New York Seven Up (Joyce Beverages, Inc.)
  • RawlPlug, Inc.
  • The Longines Symphonette Society, and
  • Conran’s USA


The City of New Rochelle, New York is also the center of business and home to a number of corporate headquarters, including the:


  • Sidney Frank Importing
  • Blimpies
  • East River Savings Bank, and
  • Somnia Anesthesia Services


New Rochelle’s per capita income in 2018 was $48,232. It is considered as upper middle income relative to New York, and rich relative to the rest of the United States. This means that the city’s annual income for a family of four is $192,928. But the City of New Rochelle also has both very rich and poor people.


The City of New Rochelle, New York is a growing city and diverse, with major developments that have been happening for the last few years. Local and tourists  will have fun with its restaurant, shops, and the city’s beautiful waterfront area on the Long Island Sound which has parks and boating clubs.


New Rochelle is known as one of the best places in New York to live. Residents here experience an urban feel and most of them own their homes. Many young professionals have chosen to live in this city. It is also the home to various small businesses and universities, such as the College of New Rochelle, Iona, and Monroe.


With a city that can offer so much, no wonder many people choose to live in the beautiful New Rochelle, New York. Of course, to enjoy all this and more, one or a family needs a car, which is considered a necessity, to take you anywhere you need to. So if you own one and you are planning to sell it, maybe for an upgrade or you need a car that is more suited for your needs, then we are here to help you. We will discuss all about “how to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY?” and more!



How to Sell My Car in New Rochelle, NY? – How Do I Sell My Car Privately in New York?



How to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY can be done in several ways and one of the ways to get the most money out of the sale is by selling a car privately. But how do you sell a car privately in New York? To help you with it, here are our tips on how to sell a car privately in New York.


  • Gather the documents.


When selling a car in New Rochelle, New York, you need to gather the needed documents or paperworks. You will have to show proof of ownership, so you need to prepare the title of your car. If for some reason you have misplaced it or have lost your car title, you should apply for a duplicate title with the use of the Form MV-82 or Vehicle Registration/Title Application. The car title is necessary since in New York, you can’t complete a transaction without it and it is the seller’s responsibility to provide this document.


If it happens that the registration is lost and can’t be duplicated, the owner of the car should request a Certification of NYS Registration for Transfer of Non-Titled Vehicle or Form MV-353 from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. You, the owner of the car, should be able to provide proof of identity and $10 for the form. The DMV will then verify if the car is registered to the owner before issuing the form.


In the event that the DMV can’t issue a duplicate registration or the needed certificate, you will have to provide another proof of ownership such as an expired registration certificate or an original MCO or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. If you don’t have any of these documents, you can submit a Form MV-51B or Statement of Ownership.


If for some reason your car was not registered before, you should submit to your state DMV an Affidavit of Sale or Transfer or Form MV-51. You will also have to give proof of ownership to your car’s buyer and the bill of sale that you have gotten from the car’s previous owner.


Another thing that you should prepare when selling a car privately in New York is the odometer and damage disclosure agreement or Form MV-103. New York will need you to present this to the buyer, if this information can’t be found on the back of your car title. You need to make sure you have this since failing to present this document or when you indicate false information, it can result in your imprisonment or payment of a hefty fine.


You should also get proof of purchase price or gift. Which is known as the statement of transaction or Form DTF-802.


  • Prepare to advertise your car.


Of course, when you sell your car, you need to prepare it. You need to assess its condition and have any minor repairs done, if there are any, so you can set a good price for it. If your car needs major repairs, you need to assess its condition if it will be worth it to repair or just sell it regardless of its condition.


Once you are done assessing your car and preparing it, you can then set a good price for it. Then you need to make a listing. You need to take a lot of pictures. Make sure to highlight all your car’s best features. You can then make an attractive ad and write a good description about your car.


  • Deal with the inquiries and negotiations.


Once you have posted a listing, be ready to take calls and inquiries from potential buyers. You also need to be prepared dealing with calls and negotiations from people who might try to lowball you. If people ask for a meetup, make sure that you will be safe during these meetups. It is best to meet potential buyers in busy places.


  • Take the license plates off the car.


If you have successfully sold your car, and you have already received the payment, take the license plates off the car and remove from the windshield the registration sticker before giving away your car. This is done so you won’t be held liable for any traffic or parking violations the new owner gets.


The new owner of your car is the one in charge of getting the new car title for it as well as the new registration, and new plates at the DMV. You will just have to surrender your plates to the DMV or transfer them to another car before your insurance expires. Failing to do so might result in the DMV suspending your driver’s license.



How to Sell My Car in New Rochelle, NY? – What is the Fastest Way to Sell a Car?



How to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY? You might have searched this question at some point when you are contemplating which method is the best way to sell your car. There are a number of ways to do so, but if you are looking for the fastest way to sell it, then selling your car to a third party car buyer like the Cash Cars Buyer will be the best option.


How does it work? You will just have to follow these simple steps.




Visit their website or call their office number which is (866) 718-6575.


  • Fill up the car’s information or details.


An online form will be provided, you will have to provide information or details about the car you are selling such as its make, year, and model. It is important that you’re honest in giving details about your car so the Cash Cars Buyer can determine its correct value.


  • Receive an instant offer.


After filling out the form, you will be given an instant offer. You’ll be given enough time to think about it. You don’t have to accept the offer if you’re not sure about it.


  • Accept the offer.


After giving it some thought and you like the offer, you can then accept it.


  • Set a pickup schedule.


When you’ve accepted the offer, you can set a schedule for a pickup time and location that works well for you. You don’t have to worry about missing a meeting because the Cash Cars Buyer team will choose a schedule that’s convenient for you.


  • Quick car inspection.


The Cash Cars Buyer team will arrive at the time and location that was set. When they arrive, a quick inspection of the car will be performed to ensure that they will be taking the right one.


  • Receive the payment.


Once done, you will receive the payment instantly. You will be paid cash on the spot. You will just have to sign some paperworks and that’s it. The Cash Cars Buyer will take care of everything for you.



Hopefully this article has helped you find the answer to the question, “how to sell my car in New Rochelle, NY?’. There are a number of ways to sell a car in New Rochelle, NY and it’s up to you what method you’ll choose. You can sell your car privately and go through all the procedures listed above, or sell your car the easy way such as selling it to Cash Cars Buyer.