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How to Sell An Exotic Car? The Ultimate Guide for Selling Luxury Cars!      

How to Sell An Exotic Car? The Ultimate Guide for Selling Luxury Cars!      

Whether you decided to sell your exotic car to upgrade for a better one or get some extra cash, you might wonder how to sell an exotic car?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

On average, a mid-size luxury sedan costs about $55,000. While you won't get the exact amount back when you sell your used car, you will still get a decent amount of money.

This article provides you was the ultimate guide for selling luxury cars. We help you figure out a place to sell your car and highlight secret selling tips for exotic vehicles. 

Where can I sell my exotic car? 


Selling an exotic vehicle is slightly different than a regular vehicle, and you have to be a little careful about where you should be selling this car. 

You need to select a car selling method that involves many customers interested in luxury vehicles rather than regular vehicles.

Here are some of the common locations where you can sell your exotic car:

  • Check classified websites 


Classified websites like Craigslist or eBay Motors are one of the best locations to start with because they involve millions of customers, and you have the chance to expose your vehicle to many interested buyers.

Luxury car buyers expect luxury vehicles to be available on Craigslist, similar to regular vehicle buyers. 

If you decided to go with classified websites, you must be wise about creating your ad and using the right pictures.

When creating the advertisements, you need to be precise and cover the most important information simultaneously. A lot of the details can be covered by using high-quality pictures. You never want to use low-quality pictures for rushing the process because they provide the first impression that any buyer will judge your vehicle based on them. 

Thus, spend some time cleaning up your vehicle and posting nice pictures for them.

Classified websites are known as one of the fastest ways to sell your used vehicle. You need to keep in mind that with the high number of customers, you can easily slip into scams. Thus, you need to be aware of scams in the car selling process that we've talked about in a previous article

  • How about car listing websites? 


Car listing websites are very similar to classified websites. However, you get involved with more liable customers by using car listing websites.

While most customers are trustworthy in these card listing websites, you have to follow a certain protocol specified by the car listing website. Unfortunately, these websites are not as flexible as other classified websites, and they might require some fees and certain paperwork that you have to go through.

While the fees might be small for regular vehicles, if you decided to sell a luxury car, your fuse can get close to a couple of hundreds. 

  • You can also try auctions 


If you feel that you don't have time to find the right buyer and deal with all of these protocols in online platforms, you can try auction your vehicle off.

At the auction, you have the advantage of dealing with buyers immediately and face to face and finish the deal very fast. Check-in your town and see if there is a local auction; otherwise, you might need to search online for luxury car auctions.

The only drawback about auctions is that people might bid way below what you need, and it's can be a little risky for inexperienced car sellers. Thus, if you don't want to risk it and get a significantly lower offer than you expect, you might not need to go this route. Otherwise, you might need to have a friend who has deep experience selling vehicles in car auctions. 

  • Junk car removal companies 


It might sound weird that why would one sell his luxury vehicle to a junk car removal company. For example, our company is one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in the nation.

Our company's name doesn't mean that we only buy damaged vehicles. We also buy vehicles in good condition so, if you think that your car is operable and doesn't have significant damages. Simultaneously, you don't want to deal with multiple customers, and you can select us.

We are willing to pay up to $19,000 for the right vehicle!

Our process is straightforward, and all it takes you is a quick phone call to our customer service, or you can use our form on the home page to get your instant offer. Once you accept the offer, we can come to your house and office and remove your vehicle within a couple of days. Then, we hand you the cash payment immediately at the spot. 

Tips for selling your exotic car 


Now you decided on your preferred method of selling your car, and it's time to do some homework and get things prepared to receive the highest offer out of your exotic car :

  • Understand your vehicle's value 


It was very important to evaluate your vehicle's condition and understand how much it costs using either online tools or by going to a professional mechanic who could provide you with an estimated value. You can then have in mind the minimum and maximum range where your vehicle's value could fall in.

It's very important to understand that your vehicle's brand matters. Check out your vehicle's breath and see how much demand and the actual current resale value for each one. You probably want to sell your vehicle in another city where the demand is higher, and you can get a much higher offer.

  • Take care of small details


While you were selling your luxury car as used, you don't need to show it as used. In other words, take care of it and make sure to clean it up inside out. Take it for a quick car wash and if necessary, perform a quick waxing to the exterior to give it a brand new look.

Also, consider taking care of the internal environment in your car and removing any strong smells. You might need to install an air freshener and allow it to clean up the air. In some cases, you might need to do a thorough car wash if the vehicle has many stains from food spills. 

If there are simple repairs that you could do without spending a lot of money, like fixing a broken mirror or vibrant light, do it because it will pay off. 

  • Prepare all necessary paperwork 


All tips for selling any vehicle for the most cash or applicable on your exotic car. For example, it is very important to prepare all the necessary paperwork and not leave it till the last minute.

For example, if there is a warranty, get it ready. You will also need your vehicle's title and other paperwork you think are necessary for the process.

Check with your state's regulations whether there is a formal bill of sale you have to use and get a copy of that if there is any. 

The last thing you would want to fall into is canceling or delaying a deal just because you don't have the paperwork ready, right? 

  • Be prepared for the negotiation 


Buying an exotic vehicle is a huge investment, even if it's used. Therefore, your buyer will not accept your value immediately, and there will be a long negotiation process.

Be prepared for this negotiation process. You don't want to be stick to your offer, and it's recommended to leave some room for wiggle.

Show the buyer that you selected an option that favors both of you, and you are flexible to drop the price slightly but not a lot.

Have talking points and understand the value of your vehicle. For example, if you know that your vehicle's brand is very popular in your area and there is a high demand, it's important to highlight that. Also, if you have a unique color that many people would be interested in, you need to highlight that. 

  • Take the buyer for a test drive 


As a luxury owner, and if you're confident about your vehicle situation, it's recommended that you invite the buyer to take a Test drive. You don't want to hide anything, and you must be upfront with him about any major problems.

Inviting the driver to take a test drive shows him that you are trustworthy and not hiding anything major in your vehicle. 

Sell your exotic car to Cash Cars Buyer

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