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How to Sell A Used SUV? A Detailed Guide! 

How to Sell A Used SUV

There is a high demand for purchasing used vehicles, sometimes more than brand new ones. Selling used cars is getting much easier than before, especially with the amazing upgrades in technology and online platforms. Many people reach out to us wondering how to sell a used SUV.

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With the advanced technology nowadays, you can take a couple of nice pictures and post your SUV ad online. While this might sound straightforward, there are many tricks and tips to help you sell your SUV quickly and for the most money. 

This article provides you with a step by step guidance on how to sell a used SUV effectively without hassle. We also highlight some tips, especially forward bills, which have a used SUV, not in great condition. 

How to sell a used SUV? 


Based on our decades of experience in car selling around the United States, we came up with a detailed guide to help you sell your SUV for the most cash quickly.

These tips also included recommendations from big names in the automobile industry like Kelley Blue Book and JD power

Here are some of the most important tips: 

  • Understand your SUV's value 


Before posting any information about your car or getting in touch with buyers in mind, it's very important to evaluate your vehicle's value and make sure that you are fully aware of all issues and problems with your vehicle.

There are plenty of available online resources to help you evaluate your car's condition and provide you with a rough estimate of how much to expect when selling a used vehicle in the same condition.

For example, you could either visit Kelley Blue Book or NADA To get some idea about how much your car is worth.

As you try these resources, you will most likely be asked about specific information about your car. You must have this information available and handy next to you as you run through these platforms. For example, you must have your SUV's make, model, and year. You will also be asked about the total mileage on your car along with some other details related to the vehicle's condition curious 

In some cases, you might need to take it to the next level and have a pre-sale inspection of your car. You can visit your professional mechanic and have him take a detailed look at your car and make sure that you know everything hidden in your car.

This is very important because you expected the buyer might take the vehicle to his mechanic and point out some issues with the car. Once you have your pre-sale inspection, you can argue whether the buyer's mechanic is saying something true or any issues with the evaluation. 

  • Get your SUV ready 


After understanding the different issues your vehicle might be suffering from and having an idea in the back of your head about how much to expect for your car, it's time to make your vehicle ready.

First of all, you must get old paperwork ready before meeting with any common fire here if you don't want to leave this for the last minute and delay any meetings just because you can't find important paperwork like the registration or other loading the documents.

Also, you need to have the vehicle ready. Even if you're selling a used SUV, you need to have it look like a brand new one, right? Thus, it's important to make sure that you clean the vehicle inside out and remove any trash, food leftovers, papers, etc.

You might also need to use any air refresher to change your car's internal smell, so when the buyer gets in the vehicle, he gets encouraged to buy it. It's unlikely that a buyer would be interested in a smelly vehicle that smells like smoke or fast foods, or others.

Ensure that vacuum clean up the carpets, wipe the surface, and probably get a quick car wash. Some people might take it to the next level and wax their cars to make the vehicle shine and look more valuable. This tip seems to be effective even if it's a little costly because buyers tend to George the vehicle's internal health based on the outlook. 

  • Take high-quality photos 


If you decided to go with online platforms like classified websites or Facebook, your first impression would be through the vehicle's photos.

The last thing you would want to do is to post low-quality photos representing your car's actual situation. By posting low-quality images, you underestimate your car's condition. Therefore, many people might not even click on your post to check out more details about it, especially by looking at your request for a high price.

Therefore, it's recommended that you spend some time after cleaning the vehicle taking very nice pictures representing the car's overall condition. You don't also want to scam the buyers by showing the good part about your car only. By doing that, you're only wasting your time and their time because they will end up coming to you and seeing the actual problem in your car.

Therefore, it's important to be upfront and honest with the buyers and show them everything about the vehicle through your pictures. Take pictures of the internals of your vehicle along with the external. 

  • Decide on your selling method 


Your week was ready, and you had very nice pictures for the car; it's time to pick the platform.

If you would like to go online, you have a couple of alternatives: you could sell your car through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay Motors, or you might need to try Facebook marketplace.

In both scenarios, you need to have a certain level of skill sets to know how to create online posts, understand how to rank them in the 1st place so people could see them, and respond to tons of communications from different buyers.

While it's effective to sell your car through online platforms, the process can be a lot of hassle because it involves dealing with tons of customers who might not usually be serious. In some scenarios, you might need to drop your price significantly before finding the right buyer. 

The other thing is that online platforms are associated with many scams that you might fall into as a new buyer, and without the proper experience, you can easily get scanned from people. 

What is a better way to sell a used SUV? 


If you don't know already, our company buys used vehicles. While the name suggests that we only buy junk cars, we are interested in any vehicle, and we are willing to pay up to $15,000 for the right vehicle.


The best thing about our company is that you don't have to worry about your SUV's type or condition. In other words, we guarantee to purchase your SUV, whether it has major damages or it runs perfectly. Also, even if your very SUV doesn't have a title, we can take care of older adults if you have proof of ownership.

Our process is very straightforward, and it includes a quick phone call describing your car's type and condition. Our team will then offer you what your vehicle deserves around your area here. Once you are happy with the offer, you can proceed by scheduling a pickup time and location.

At the pickup time, we will inspect your SOV and make sure it matches the information we have in our system then, and we hand you the cash payment right on the spot! 

If you don't have your vehicle's title, we will ask you to show additional paperwork proving ownership, including your photo ID and valid car registration.

Keep in mind that as a legal owner of the vehicle, you have an option to obtain a title replacement from your local DMV office to get a better offer. 



Selling a used SUV can be challenging if you don’t have the required skill sets. Our team provides you with detailed tips to help you sell your used SUV even if you don't have any level of previous experience in car selling.

It's recommended that you implement these tips to get the most cash out of your car quickly. Without detailed tips, selling your used SUV can be a hassle, especially if you don't have important paperwork like your vehicle's title.

We also advise that you get in touch with our team and receive an instant offer to see how much you could make out of your used SUV. 

As we mentioned, our process is very straightforward, and to get your offer, it won't take you more than a couple of minutes, and it's for free! 

If you were looking for someone to remove your SUV within a couple of days and for free, we invite you to get in touch with our team today! 

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