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How to Sell A Messed-Up Car? The Ultimate Guide! 

How to Sell A Messed-Up Car

If your vehicle is costing you a lot on repairs and it's not running anymore, it might be the perfect time to get rid of it. Many people reach out to us wondering how to sell a messed-up car. They might not know where to start from, what will be the best price? And where can messed-up cars be sold? 

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This article provides you with some tips to help you answer these questions and a lot more! 

If you're looking for how to sell a messed-up car, here's all that you need to do: 


In most scenarios, people would be interested in purchasing a perfectly running car to drive them immediately.

While the online market is fellow interested buyers, it's unlikely to find someone who would be interested in a messed-up car. Therefore, selling the messed-up vehicle can be extremely challenging.

Therefore, this ultimate guide provides you with all the details you need to do and the steps you need to take to sell your messed-up car. It includes information about where to find buyers, what documentations to prepare, how to evaluate your vehicle's value and other important information.  

  • Check out your buyer's options 


With the advanced technology and all these available social media platforms, it's now a little easier to find a buyer than before.

You could check classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor. You can also check the Facebook marketplace or sell your car through listing websites that were most of the time paid.

Keep in mind that finding a buyer through online platforms can be extremely challenging because it was as we mentioned before, people are more interested in perfectly running vehicles. 

If you were not lucky and didn't find a private buyer online, you can always check salvage yards and junk car buyers.

In most scenarios, junk car buyers and salvage yards are interested in your car, whether it's running or not. In other words, to sell a messed-up car, the best option for you is junk car buyers. 

  • Get all documentation ready for your messed-up car 


You can never say you sell your vehicle without proper documentation. Check your state's requirements and see what paperwork is needed to sell your car.

Most of the time, you would need your vehicle's title. However, if you don't have a title, you could either obtain a new title replacement or let the buyer know that your vehicle doesn't have a title so he could take care of the paperwork.

The best place to start with to get more information about other documentations needed is to each help your local Department of Motor Vehicles or the DMV office. 

  • Assist you are messed-up car value 


You need to be honest with yourself and understand how much cash you could make out of your messed-up car.

Before asking how to sell messed-up cars, it's very important to visit online tools like Kelley Blue Book that help you determine how much you can make out of your broken vehicle. It takes information about the type and condition of your car.

To get more accurate information, you can always take your vehicle to a professional mechanic who could point out major problems and provide you with a rough estimate about how much to expect for your car.

By having a number in the back of your head, you can and confidently negotiate the price with the future buyer. 

  • Understand your state's regulations 


It's very important to familiarize yourself with your state's regulations regarding West out vehicles. Some mess up cars might be considered as lemon, while others might be concerned as salvage.

Whatever you are messed-up car is, you need to understand what your state's regulations surround these types of vehicles. You might get into some regulations troubles and legal issues by selling a car without the proper titling or description in some scenarios. 

  • If Sell a messed-up car by getting at least three quotes 


If you decided to go with junk car buyers or salvage yards, it's very important to request at least three coats.

Since your vehicle is already messed-up, don't rush the process because your chances of getting a higher offer are a little limited.

Therefore, automotive experts suggest that you receive at least three offers from three different buyers.

By shopping for three offers, you will most likely understand the rough range of expected values for your car. When you receive the quotes, make sure to understand any hidden fees.

For example, some junk car removal companies might not provide you with free towing, and they will surprise you with a little hidden fee at the pickup time.

Thus, make sure to get all the details from each buyer before making the final decision. 

  • Consider scrapping your vehicle 


Once you receive the offers, evaluate the situation and see whether it's worth selling your card to this specific junk car buyer or salvage yard or not.

In some scenarios, you might end up selling your car by scrapping it and selling each part separately.

Even if your car is not in great condition, many important and valuable parts might be sold separately in getting you some good cash.

We advise you to review our article to discuss these most expensive car parts to sell


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