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How to Sell a Damaged Car Without Getting Screwed

So, you want to sell a damaged car.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

I know, it’s been sitting out there way too long.

Every time you look out the front window at the hunk of metal sitting in your driveway, it makes you cringe.

Maybe it reminds you of a horrific accident. Maybe it reminds you of the flash flood that destroyed your house, your car, and most of your stuff. While piecing together the rest of your life, the car slowly rots away in your driveway.

And then your neighbors called the homeowner’s association or the city and complained about the eyesore in your driveway.

It’s time to do something about it.

But, you’re not sure what to do.

That’s why, in this post, you’re going to learn about the different options for selling a damaged car. I'll also share with you the best option for selling a damaged car and how to keep from getting screwed in the process.

So, if you’re finally ready to do something about the eyesore sitting in front of your home, let’s get started.

Sell a Damaged Car

Damaged Beyond Repair

Before going too far, let’s make sure your car is damaged beyond repair. Despite the damage involved, many vehicles are repairable for less than you might think.

First, if the vehicle is still drivable, take it to your local mechanic or body shop. You’ll want to check that the car is unrepairable or not worth fixing. A mechanic will inspect it for you. Usually, they’ll give you advice on whether or not a car is damaged beyond repair.

Next, check the blue book value of your car. Kelley Blue Book offers the most trusted resource for getting the fair market value of a car. You can check the fair market value of a car by going to www.kbb.com.

If the repair estimate provided to you by a mechanic or body shop is less than the value of the car, you may decide to repair the vehicle. Even if you no longer want the car, repairing it improves your chances of selling it for a better price. Also, a repaired vehicle gives you more options like trading it in at a dealership.

Finally, make sure you keep in touch with your insurance company. If an accident or some natural event like flooding or hail caused the damage, don’t do anything with the vehicle until your insurance writes the vehicle off as a total loss. Speak with a representative from your insurance company to determine if you’re able to sell your damaged car.

Selling a Damaged Car

After determining there’s no longer any value left in the car for you, it’s time to figure out the best option for getting rid of it.

When you sell a damaged car, you want to do it quickly.


Because, nature can cause further damage to a vehicle the longer it sits. Rust and dry rot to a vehicle’s critical components can lessen the value of an already damaged car.

Keep in mind, there may not be any value in the car for you, but there is value in it for someone else.

So, what are your options for selling a damaged car?

Cash 4 Junk Cars

Private Sell

That’s right!

You may be able to sell your damaged car to an individual who’s not afraid to take on the challenges of owning a damaged vehicle.

You’re probably wondering. Why would anyone want to buy a damaged car?

Well, there’s several reasons a person may want to buy a damaged car.

If the damage is mostly cosmetic, someone may be searching for a good deal. They want a car that runs great, and they’re not all that concerned about how it looks.

Also, overhauling cars can be a productive hobby for some people. They enjoy taking on a project where they strip a car down to its bones and completely overhaul it.

Now, you know the reasons someone may buy a damaged car. But, how do you sell a damaged car to an individual.

You need to know the value of your damaged car. Again, start by checking www.kbb.com for a fair value.

Then gather all of the required paperwork, including a clean title (a title with no liens) and a bill of sale.

Next, you’re going to start marketing your car. You’ll want to take several photos, including all the damaged parts of the car. You should be honest about the condition of your damaged car. This way, people know exactly what they’re in for when they come to see your car.

To market your damaged car, you could buy an ad in the local paper. But, that’s usually a waste of money. Instead, post ads online for free on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Your ad will get a lot more exposure, and it’s usually free to post.

Finally, be careful when you sell something to someone you’ve never met. If possible, try to have someone else with you when meeting a potential buyer.

Also, beware of check scams or wire fraud. We recommend only excepting cash when you sell a damaged car.

Sell a Damaged Car

Dealer Trade-In

A dealer trade-in is usually the easiest way to get rid of a car.

Unfortunately, most dealers won’t except heavily damaged vehicles as trade-ins. So, you may be limited on dealer selection based on the amount of damage to your car.

While a dealer trade-in might be the easiest way to sell a damaged car, it’s also the least profitable.

Dealers are in business to make money. They don’t want to lose money on a trade-in. So, they usually give you the least amount of money for your car.

Finally, keep in mind, dealerships want to sell you a car. Most dealers won’t accept a damaged car as a trade-in unless you’re planning on buying a car from them.

Sell the Parts

Another option is to sell the individual parts from your vehicle before selling the rest of it to a junkyard or scrap metal recycler.

Some of the most valuable parts on your car include electronics (power door locks, window motors, the radio, etc.), tires and rims, undamaged body parts, and the windshield or window glass.

Selling these parts to individual buyers is a better option than selling them in bundles. Often, people wanting to buy parts in a bundle are also wanting to buy at a discounted price.

It’s important to remember, each undamaged part on your car may have more value than you might think. Check websites like eBay to determine if you’re asking for a fair price. You’ll be more likely to sell the part if it’s priced right.

Finally, you may earn the fair market value of your damaged car by selling its parts, but this can be a very time-consuming process. You’ll need a certain level of automotive knowledge to make this a profitable process. If you want to sell parts for the best price, you’ll need to know how to remove each part without damaging it.

junk car parts

Car Removal Service

The best way to sell a damaged car without getting screwed is to use a car removal service.

Typically, a car removal service provides you with the following benefits.

They'll come to your location and pick up the car for free.

This is a great benefit, because if your damaged car runs, you won't have to worry about driving it to a dealership or someplace else to meet a potential buyer. If the damaged car doesn’t run, you won’t need to pay for towing it out of your driveway.

Also, a car removal service handles all the documentation. This includes situations where the owner lost the physical title. A lost title can cause a major issue when selling a car. In most situations, a car removal service can help you through the process of dealing with a lost title.

Finally, you’re going to get a fair value offer and get paid in cash once they come to remove your damaged car. There’s no need to worry about negotiating a price. You’re going to know up front how much you’re getting paid for the damaged car.

Car removal companies are easy to contact, and they respond to a request for removal in a timely manner.

The process for setting up a removal is simple. On a car removal service website, such as cashcarsbuyer.com, you’re going to fill out a form. On the form, you’re going to include the year, make, model, mileage, and a few other pieces of information.

The car removal service then provides you with a cash offer. Once you accept the offer, the car removal service tows the damaged car away.

That’s all there is to the process. It’s simple and fast.

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So, it’s finally time to get rid of that eyesore sitting in your driveway.

While there are several options for selling a damaged car, a car removal service is the right option for most people. You’re going to get a fair cash offer. There’s no need to stay up late at night wondering if you're getting screwed on a deal.

Using a car removal service like Cash Cars Buyer offers you a fast, easy, and safe option for selling a damaged car.

So, let Cars Cash Buyer help you through the process. Fill out our form to receive an instant cash offer for your damaged car.


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