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How to Sell A Car with Problems In 2021-2022?

how does the car with problems

If you're looking for “how to sell a car with problems in 2021-2022,” Follow these pro tips:

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  • Be upfront
  • Understand your vehicle's value
  • Inspect the vehicle
  • Prepare a car
  • Decide on your options
  • Price your car
  • Switch strategies
  • Decide on the payment method
  • Sign paperwork
  • Remove personal belongings

Do you have a broken car? Are you tired of visiting the mechanic shop trying to make it work, but it's not working? Have you tried convincing a private buyer to get it removed, and they never wanted to buy it? Then, you're in the right location!

Selling a car with problems is not easy, but the story can be different since we are now in 2021-2022. You have probably heard about the great care shortage that's going on worldwide. This suggests that plenty of private buyers and dealerships are interested in buying any vehicle, whether this vehicle is in good condition or completely damaged.

Therefore, the headache that you were getting from these broken or damaged cars should no longer exist! This article provides you with some pro tips to help a car with problems in 2021-2022. Follow these tips to get your car sold fast, safely, and for the most money.

How to sell a car with problems in 2021-2022?

If you're planning to sell a used car in 2021-2022, things are not very complicated because of the high demand for used vehicles. However, if you're looking for how to sell a car with problems, things get a little bit more complicated because most private buyers are looking for buying a vehicle in good condition that they can drive immediately without waiting for repairs.

However, this does not mean that if your car has problems, no one will buy it because there are tons of other ways to get your vehicle removed and receive the highest profit. Let's take a closer look at some of the pro tips that automotive experts suggest:

1.    Be upfront

The first and most important tip for selling a car with problems is to be as honest as possible and be upfront with the potential buyer. For example, suppose you decided to sell this car through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motor. In that case, you don't want to put false information trying to gather as many fires as possible.

This is because at the end of the day, the buyer will get to you and see the vehicle, and all that happens is just a waste of time for you and the buyer.

Therefore, it's recommended that you put all details about the vehicle. If you, including pictures, consider taking pictures for certain errors like a check engine error or any other trouble, the buyer is aware of what's going on.

2.    Understand your vehicle's value

Although your car has problems, it doesn't mean that it's worthless. In other words, many of us think that if our vehicles don't start, for example, no one will be interested in them, and they might be worth nothing.

Therefore, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of your vehicle's value. You can go to tools like Kelley Blue Book and edmunds.com and influence your vehicle's information to get an idea about the expected resale value. However, and is critical to note that websites like the Kelly Blue Book do not consider any problems in your vehicle, and that's going to be your job to subtract any potential repair costs from the KBB value.

3.    Inspect the vehicle

As we indicated earlier, sometimes if our cars don't start, we will think they have horrible major damage. However, mechanics might have a different idea about your car's condition.

Therefore, we recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by your mechanic to understand the overall condition of your vehicle. This gives you strong confidence when negotiating the price with the potential buyer, keeps you prepared, and prevents any surprises, especially if the buyer brings his mechanic to check the vehicle.

4.    Prepare a car

Even if your car has problems, it doesn't necessarily mean that you must show this. In other words, it's worth giving your car a quick car wash or cleaning it up, so you get rid of any mess or garbage inside the car.

When the vehicle is cleaned, it encourages potential buyers to buy it. On the other hand, if the vehicle has a lot of dirt and garbage, it gives a feeling that you've never taken good care of the car and won't convince the buyer to accept your ask price.

You must be mindful about what investment you put in the vehicle. For example, since your car is in bad condition, it might not be worth investing in installing new parts because, anyways, the potential buyer might not necessarily buy it for driving. Instead, it could be looking for a training mechanic project.

5.    Decide on your options

Once you have a good understanding of your vehicle's value, the next step is to decide what options you should consider when selling a car with problems. Typically, most private buyers might not be interested in buying your vehicle with many problems, especially if it doesn't run at all. Therefore, you must be clear with yourself and understand your best options, which includes:

Mechanic specials

If your mechanic decides that your vehicle has major problems and it's beyond repairs, you might want to negotiate with the mechanic and see if he's willing to buy your car as a project. There are plenty of mechanics looking for damaged vehicles and using them as training projects to test certain maintenance. However, it is sometimes hard to find a potential mechanic to buy your vehicle.

Cash for parts

Did you know if your car doesn't move, it is still valuable? Yes! When cars break down, it doesn't mean that every single component in your vehicle is broken here. You might want to consider plenty of components, and you can sell separately to make a decent amount of money.

For example, if your engine is in good condition, you can sell it separately and make some money. Similarly, a working transmission can be a great deal to get some money from someone looking for a transition replacement.

There are plenty of other parts that might look cheap, but they will add up to bring you a good amount of money, including the fenders, the battery, the bumpers, and others. But, again, there are plenty of available online articles that highlight in detail what parts of your car can get you the most money and where you can sell them.


It might sound that dealerships only accept vehicles in good condition, but that's no longer the case in 2021-2022. There are plenty of dealerships with empty parking lots looking for any vehicle to purchase. Even if your car is not in good condition, dealerships might be looking for parts replacements, especially if there is a very high demand for your certain vehicle's brand.

It is important to note that dealerships do not pay the top offers, and if your top priority is to get the most benefit out of your vehicle, you shouldn't consider dealerships.

Cash for cars

Finally, there are plenty of Carter mobile companies that will trade-in your car for money. Those companies typically evaluated the car and provided an instant quote generated within seconds. You can complete the whole process by phone or online and get your vehicle removed in no time.

However, there is an increased amount of cash for cars companies that might not be legit, and that's why you have to spend a decent amount of research finding a reputable, honest company, so you don't get scammed

6.    Price your car

If you still want to sell your damaged car to private buyers, you want to be very careful about pricing your car. Even if the KBB value was relatively high, you want to consider the different problems your vehicle is dealing with.

Therefore, it is critical that you be upfront with yourself and never overprice their car because no one will come and buy it. Unfortunately, with cars with major problems, you most likely need to drop the price slightly and below what you're looking for if you want to get it removed fast.

However, when you price your car, you want to leave room for wiggling because you want to make the buyer feel that he had a successful negotiation process and get him convinced to buy a car.

7.    Switch strategies

In most instances, if you're trying to sell a broken car or car with problems, it will be extremely hard to find a private buyer. Therefore, don't be discouraged if you see many buyers reaching out to you interested in buying her car.

Be flexible and switch strategies if you think it's needed. For example, if your vehicle is really in terrible condition, it might be worth reaching out to a cash cars buyer who guarantees to buy your car even if it's completely broken.

8.    Decide on the payment method

Whether you decide to sell your car to a private buyer or a car removal company, you'll need to be mindful of the payment method you should accept. There are plenty of scams that could happen, especially at the payment I.

Automotive experts recommend cash payments most of the time as the safest method for selling any used car, especially those in bad condition. However, if your buyer decides to pay in check, you could always meet with the buyer at their bank and confirm that the check goes through before finalizing the deal.

9.    Sign paperwork

Whether you're selling a car with problems or without problems, you should sign all necessary paperwork. In general, you might want to sign on the back of the title to transfer ownership, but in some states, you might be required to sign a specific bill of sale. Therefore, we recommend that you go through your state's regulations and understand what exactly is needed to complete a car selling process.

Since you're selling a car with the problem, you must sign an “as is” form so the buyer doesn't come back to you complaining and wanting to return the vehicle.

10. Remove personal belongings

Once you finalize the deal, you must take a second look at the vehicle and confirm removing all your personal belongings. Since our vehicles turned like our second homes, you'll often be surprised by how many important elements you'll find in the vehicle. Therefore, it won't hurt to give it a second look and ensure that you don't have anything left in the vehicle.

How to sell a car with problems? Final thoughts

Selling a car with problems can be a big hassle, especially if you don't have previous experience. However, you might be extremely lucky if you're trying to sell your car during the current car shortage in 2021-2022. Therefore, this article provided you with all you need to answer the question, “how to sell a car with problems?”

While you have more potential of getting money out of your damaged car now, there are still some tips and tricks that you need to consider getting the most money out of your vehicle. This article provided you with pro tips to help you assault the damaged car and receive a decent amount of profits.

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