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How to Sell A Car with Electrical Problems?

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If you're looking for how to sell a car with electrical problems, follow these steps:

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  • Confirm whether to fix or sell your car
  • Check your vehicle's value Considering the electrical problems
  • Research your options for selling a car with electrical problems

Sometimes our vehicles deal with major electric problems that get to a point where you can't fix them. Your vehicle might spend more time at the mechanic shop than at your driveway. Therefore, you might get to a point where you want to ask yourself how to sell a car with electrical problems?

Typically, selling any vehicle with problems takes time and requires some research, but the good news is that it is not impossible. Even if your electrical problems are major and your vehicle is beyond repairs, it is still worth it if there is someone out there looking for such a vehicle and will take advantage of it.

This article provides it with all you need to know about how to sell a car with electrical problems. In addition, it highlights the different ways to evaluate whether you should fix or sell your car; it provides you with different alternatives to get an idea about how much your car is worth. Finally, it will answer any question related to cars with liens.

How to sell a car with electrical problems?

Selling a car with electrical problems is not an easy job, but there are some tips and tricks that you can implement to sell your car successfully and get the maximum profit. Let's take a closer look below at what automotive experts recommend:

1.    Confirm whether to fix or sell your car with electrical problems

Before we move in a step further, you must step back and confirm whether it's worth fixing your car in the first place. Sometimes even if the electrical problems might sound very complicated to you, it is still repairable, and there are many experienced mechanics who can help you.

Therefore, have a quick conversation with your mechanic and get an idea about the total repair costs. Then, check what the mechanics adjust and whether he recommends fixing your car or not.

Once you get an idea from the mechanic, you also need to ask yourself the following questions before making a final decision:

·       Are repair costs very high?


You'll immediately know whether repair costs are very high or not. For example, if repair costs are just a couple of hundred dollars, it might be worth a repair. However, if repair costs are beyond the thousands, you'll need to think and answer the following questions before deciding.

·       What's the value of your car?

Sometimes even for pick costs are very high, it could be worth it because your vehicle is very valuable. However, if your car is not worth it and spending additional thousands of dollars will cost you close to the vehicle's value, it is not worth the repairs, and you should sell your car with electrical problems.

·       Are you planning to keep your car?

Even if repair costs are not very high, sometimes it might be time to switch to a better vehicle because of something that happens to your life. For example, if you're expecting a new family member, you might be looking for a bigger vehicle, and that's when investing in fixing the electrical problems might not be worth it.

·       Do you have the time and money to invest?

Finally, fixing your vehicle might take some time, and if the electrical problems are very major, they'll need a good amount of time at the mechanic shop. On the other hand, if you are very busy, it might not be worth your time going back and forth to the mechanic and repairing your vehicle.

2.    Check your vehicle's value Considering the electrical problems

Once you confirm that you are ready to sell your car with electrical problems, you need to know how much your car is worth. Even if your car might look bad to you, it is still worth something, and without having a good understanding of how much to ask, you won't be able to price your car.

Therefore, you can start with websites like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book to get an idea about how much your car is worth. Keep in mind that the KBB value does not cover any major electrical problems, and once you get that number, you'll need to subtract any expected repair costs.

An easier way to get an accurate estimate of your vehicle's value with electrical problems is by visiting your mechanic. Your mechanic should have a strong experience and give you an accurate number about how much to ask for your car.

3.    Research your options for selling a car with electrical problems

Since your car has electrical problems, it won't be easy to convince a private buyer to buy it. Most private buyers will be looking for vehicles that they can run immediately after purchase. Therefore, your options will be slightly limited, but there are some options to investigate:


·       Trade-in your car with electrical problems with a dealership experience

There are many dealerships that might trade in your car or buy it even if it has major electrical problems. However, it's rare for dealerships to a paid good amount of money for your car, considering the electrical problems it's dealing with.

Although dealerships will not pay the full money, they are considered the best option if you still have a lien on your vehicle. This is because dealerships understand all paperwork and will figure out a workaround to get your vehicle sold even if it has liens.

If you decide to sell your car with electrical problems to a dealership, you need to be very cautious about the dealership experience because the dealership salesman is very good at negotiation, and they will use some buzzwords that will make you sell the car and accept. There quote immediately. Therefore, you must be aware of what offers they provide you and evaluate the other options you have before selling your car to the dealership.

·       Post your car with electrical problems on Classified websites

Plenty of available classified websites can get you connected to thousands of potential customers. For example, you can check Craigslist, eBay Motors, Autotrader, and other websites. Keep in mind that most people searching through these websites look for perfectly running cars.

Therefore, you must be as clear as possible with the potential buyers because you don't want to waste your time and their time. For example, some experts recommend mentioning that your vehicle is a project car, especially if it has major mechanical problems beyond repair. You might want to point out some of the electrical problems you're dealing with and provide solutions for those interested in buying your vehicle and fixing it themselves.

·       Sell your car with electrical problems to Junkyards

At some point in time, you might end up selling your vehicle to a junkyard because those are the only places that will accept it. After all, it has major electrical problems. However, before you decide on the junkyard, it is critical that you research and confirm that it is licensed so you don't get scammed.

·       Part your car with electrical problems

Did you know that you can still fill it as parts even if your car has major electrical problems? Yes! There are plenty of working components in your vehicle that might sound invaluable to you, but plenty of buyers out there are looking for parts replacements.

·       Sell your car with electrical problems to cash cars buyer

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What are the most expensive car electrical problems to repair?

Sometimes familiarizing himself with different electrical problems helps you decide whether your car is worth fixing or not. Let's take a closer look at some of the comments about problems that you might face during the lifetime of your car, along with their expected repair costs:

1.    Battery problems

One of the most common electrical problems that you might come across is a dead battery. Your battery might die for a variety of reasons, and the battery might start by not charging at the beginning, and then it might get jealous when no matter how much you perform jumpstarts, your battery won't start.

At that point, you'll have to replace your vehicle's battery. Replacing a car battery is not very expensive. Fortunately, it should cost you somewhere between $45 and $250 depending on your vehicle's make and location where you get the job done.

2.    Alternator problems

The alternator is the small component in your vehicle responsible for charging all of the electric components when your vehicle is running. It converts the mechanical energy to an electric charge to get these components going. Unfortunately, it's not rare to deal with a faulty alternator over time of use, and when that happens, you'll have to replace it immediately to get your vehicle to start again.

Alternator replacement different significantly depending on your vehicle's type and whether you decided to do the job yourself. Typically, it should cost you somewhere between $500 and $1000 in some vehicles. However, if you decide to replace your alternator, repair costs should be lower.

3.    Spark plugs issues

The spark plugs are those components inside the cylinders responsible for sending the electric spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture when the engine is ready. Unfortunately, over time reviews, these plugs can get damaged where you need to replace them.

Depending on your spark plug type, the replacement cost should be somewhere between $16 and $100. If you're dealing with more than a damaged one spark plug, you have to double or triple the repair costs.

4.    Electrical fuses troubles

It's not rare to deal with problems in your electric system because of a faulty fuse. The good news is that fuse replacement cost is very cheap, and there are plenty of available examples that could range from as low as $5 and shouldn't be more than $25.

Final thoughts

Car problems can be very frustrating, and if you get to a point where it spends more time at the repair shop than your garage, it is the time to sell your car. This article provided you with all you need to know about selling a car with electrical problems.

In general, you must evaluate the situation and confirm that you would like to sell your car before moving any step further. Also, considering that you're selling a car with electrical problems, your options will be limited to dealerships, classified websites, junkyards, and cash for cars programs.

If you would like to sell your car with little problems without any hassle, we advise you to reach out to cash cars buyer. Cash cars buyer will pay the top dollars for your car and will accept your vehicle even if it doesn't have a title as long as you can confirm that you are the vehicle's legal owner!

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