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How To Sell A Car With Body Damage- Steps To Take

How To Sell A Car With Body Damage- Steps To Take

When vehicles have damage, it can be quite difficult of a task to find a buyer. Since giving up isn’t an option, we are here to outline the steps you should consider, when it comes to selling a car with body damage.  

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Now that you are inspired to sell that car with the damage, it’s time to get busy. Before you proceed, know this:  the worst mistake you can make when selling your damaged car, is not letting the public know about the defects. There is hope. Even the most damaged car can be sold. So, there is nothing that you really need to hide. In today’s day and age, just about any car can be sold for parts and assets. So, let’s explore the steps on how to sell a car with body damage. 

“OK- What Steps Do I Need To Take, To Sell My Damaged Car?” 

Check out the steps you need to take, to sell your car with the damage: 

Step One: Access the Damage 

The first step is to assess the damage on the vehicle. You may choose to get an estimate if you can. The estimate will help you see how much it may cost to get your car fixed and get it in working order. Does the cost of repairs outweigh the value of the car? Then, you may need to lower your asking price while being reasonable with negotiations if you want your vehicle to sell. 

Step Two: Do Your Junkyard Homework 

Now that you have a junk car to sell, you want to do your “junkyard homework.” This means, if you have your eye on a particular junkyard, then you want to note that junkyard, and call them after you complete the list of places you may sell your car. Reviews, and public remarks about junkyards are a good idea to read. In today’s day and age, folks have nothing to hide when it comes to reviewing a company online. So, those junkyards that have shady dealings and reviews that are not very complimentary and flattering- you want to steer clear of. 

Step Three: Contact The Junkyards 

Now that you have your list of potential junkyards, you can begin calling them and seeing what offers they have for junk car sales. Many junk yards will welcome your junk car that have damages which are beyond repair. Thankfully, junk yards will buy your car for its metal content. So, as we said earlier, there is hope! 

Step Four: List All Repairs 

Now is the time to make a list of all of the repairs and fixes that your car needs. Sure, you may not be the one that makes them, but a potential buyer who buys broken and damaged cars, will want to know what needs to be fixed. You can even add pictures to the mix. Just snap clear, colorful and solid photos of the damage, and allow your photos to help tell the story of your damaged vehicle that you’re looking to sell.

Step Five: Set A Price For Your Car 

After you have completed the list, you can now set a price for your damaged car. Be sure that you price your car with the damage in mind. Remember: you have a broken down and damaged car. So, you have to price accordingly. You may want to visit Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds. There, you can see the going price for your vehicle if it were in good shape. Now, take that price, and lower it considerably, as you have damage on your vehicle. 

Step Six: Create An Ad For Your Car 

Now, you can create an online ad for your damage car. Craigslist charges $5.00 to list a car for sale. You can also insert a number of pictures in your ad. Be sure that you outline the damage that that car has. You may even want to use the word “damaged” in the car ad. Your job is to sell your car fast and be as transparent with potential buyers as you can. As we said earlier, just because you have a damaged car, doesn’t mean that you won’t make a sale. Make sure that you list all of the damage that your car has. You want to be sure that you answer questions-about the damage- from potential buyers too. 

Step Seven: Wait & Negotiate 

After you have your asking price, there will be potential buyers who will contact you regarding your car. There may be a waiting period in getting a buyer for your damaged car- but don’t lose hope. Is your asking price too high? Then you may want to negotiate the price of your vehicle. Your car has body damage. So, you want to make the price of your damaged vehicle, fair to potential buyers. 

How Much Does Body Damage Affect Car Value?

Vehicles that have physical damage, or vehicles that have been deemed “totaled”, are typically worth very little money. There are a few kinds of damage that can affect the value of your vehicle, at varying degrees. Let’s take a look at some types of physical damage and what they mean for the value of your vehicle. 

Water & Flood Damage 

Has your vehicle encountered water or some flood waters, due to a natura, catastrophe? Then chances are that the electrical system in the car is no good.  A vehicle that’s flooded- if not salvaged correctly- can have tremendous electrical issues. That same vehicle can also have lots of damage to the engine, transmission and other systems. Flood damage is a condition that’s listed on a vehicle title-and it cannot be removed. Therefore, flood-damaged vehicles may have “rebuilt” or “salvage” titles. This makes flood-damaged vehicles quite difficult to sell. 

Cosmetic Damage 

Cosmetic damage occurs when a car hits a ditch, a standing outdoor item or an animal. A car that has succumbed to cosmetic damage may have also been involved in an accident with low speeds.  Your cosmetic damage can include broken taillights and headlights, a damaged grill, dented front fascia, a scratched and dented rear bumper or damage to the trunk. Cosmetic damage to a vehicle also includes windows, wheels and the entire body panel parts. But most cosmetic damage doesn’t include the vehicle’s cooling system, engine, transmission, suspension parts or even frame damage. Additionally, cosmetic damage doesn’t constitute a car as “totaled”. 

When a vehicle is deemed as “totaled”, the cost to fix it far exceeds the value of the car. So, the vehicle must be rebuilt or deemed salvaged in order to be resold. For the most part, cosmetic damage – even mild in nature- will not cause any long-term damage to the vehicle. 

Vehicles Are Rebuilt/Salvage or Totaled

Vehicles with rebuilt, salvage or totaled designations are cars that may not sell, as they are not deemed as a viable car to buy- unless you need its parts. These kinds of cars have some tremendous and major damage to them. From rollover accidents, to serious collisions, these kinds of cars have serious defects. Additionally, the vehicles with these designations may have had lots of parts replaced. The downside to this: many of the parts may not be correct again and the car may never run as it should. 

Vehicles with tremendous damage can have a severe effect on its value – due to lasting problems that can last the rest of the life of the car. If the car you are looking to sell has a need for major repairs, then you may want to consider selling your car for any parts that may still be in working condition. 

Can You Sell A Car With Damage?

In one word, yes. Yes, you can sell a car with damage. Sure, you may not sell that car to a parent who is looking to purchase a car for his or her child. But you can definitely sell that car. So, perhaps you want to cater to mechanics, or car enthusiasts. For example, if your car is a damaged car, but it has a great GPS system or a great stereo system, then you may want to post those points as you work to sell it. Perhaps your damaged car still has great rims or tires. Post that or speak of that as you work to sell your car. When selling a car that has damage, you definitely want to note the damage, but speak about what your car still has in working order. 

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“What If I Lost The Title to my Junk Car?” 

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How Easy is it To Sell My Damaged Car To Cash Cars Buyer? 

We make the process very easy! 

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