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How To Sell A Car in Wyoming With All State Directives In Place

How To Sell A Car in Wyoming and Follow All State Directives

Have you been searching for directives on sell your car in Wyoming? Do you feel unsure as to what you should fill out and submit? Are you lost as to what needs to be done?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

If you’ve been attempting to find steps and rules on how to sell a car in Wyoming privately, we are here to help now!  Take a look and read of our rules and regulations that will help you stay organized with all you have to do, to sell your car in Wyoming!

And for additional information about how to sell your car privately as well as issues with your title, make sure you visit and call your Wyoming Department of Transportation!

How to Sell A Car in Wyoming – Following all Procedures

Here in Wyoming, state officials track vehicle ownership by the name on the title to the car. So, if that ownership is not accurate or changes, authorities will want to know why and ask that it be changed.

Ownership of a vehicle must have the title transferred to the new owner’s name. This guideline applies to all types of ownership changes, from selling and buying of a car to inheriting one or gifting one. Wyoming asks all vehicle owners to have accurate and precise records. Check out what is required here in Wyoming for selling a car privately.

Sell a Car in Wyoming and the Importance of a Notary

Sell a Car in Wyoming and the Importance of a Notary

Here in Wyoming, it is important to note that all entries and signatures on the title must be witnessed and signed off by a notary agent.  The seller of a vehicle in Wyoming, you just create entries located in the middle portion on the back of the vehicle title.

Steps to Completing The Car Title Transfer

For any liens shown on the front of the title, the release section located on the right of the lien holder filled out. If not, there must be an original release document from the lien holder obtained.

Next, proceed with printing the name and address of the buyer(s) in the spaces provided, on the back of the title beginning at the top.

Now you can move on to the section called the “ODOMETER DISCLOSURE STATEMENT”. On the first line you can write in your full name as it appears on the front of the title.

Regarding the line that states: “now reads” write in the mileage precisely as it appears on the car’s odometer.

Please do not include “tenths.”  If the car’s odometer reflects the actual mileage, check the box below that reads “the actual mileage of the vehicle”.

In the next section you must print the seller’s name (s) located on the third and fourth lines. It is important to make sure that you print the names exactly as they appear on the front of the title below. You cannot use shortened names or nick names. You can now proceed with signing the first as well as the second lines. Next, proceed with entering the date of sale.

How to Sell a Car in Wyoming and the Bill of Sale

Here in Wyoming, your Bill of Sale has to be notarized. Your Bill of Sale is highly important because it serves as your only record of you the seller, no longer responsible for the vehicle. Although it can vary in style, it must show the dollar amount the vehicle was sole for as well as the buyer’s complete address.

The Bill of Sale must also have the year, make and model of the car. The VIN must be on the Bill of Sale as well as a small statement that indicates the title is free and clear of both encumbrances and liens.  Even though many counties here in Wyoming have a form they follow for the Bill of Sale, you may not find much of an issue, as long as the previous information mentioned, is within the Bill of Sale.

In Wyoming, your Bill of Sale must be notarized. If not, it is considered null and void.

How To Sell A Car in Wyoming and Obtaining a Duplicate Car Title

Getting a Duplicate Car Title in Person

The following procedures must be followed for obtaining a duplicate car title in person:

  • Go to your local WY DOT office and visit the titling department.
  • Once there you will be asked to complete the Duplicate Certificate of Title Application & Affidavit (Form 202-022). This document will need to be signed by all the owners of the vehicle as well as notarized.
  • Make sure you have your vehicle model, make, year, and VIN as well as your registration certificate with you. Agents will also need a photo ID from you too.
  • At the time of this post, a duplicate car title costs $15.

Requesting a Duplicate Car Title by Mail

  • Feel free to follow the same steps from above by completing the form. It must be signed and witnessed by a notary.
  • Make sure you put in a check or money order for the $15.
  • Then, mail your information to your local WY county clerk.
  • Here in Wyoming obtaining a duplicate title is done on a county-by-county basis rather throughout the state.

Need more information? Click here for the Wyoming Department of Transportation

Should I Offer a Vehicle History Report?

While a vehicle history report offers detailed and accurate information about the condition of your vehicle, it is not a requirement. But it is good for the potential buyer to have it, since it will show you as a detailed car seller. For the buyer, it can help him or her determine if they want the car. For you as the seller, it can help you set appropriate pricing for your car as well as what channels to advertise your car.

Many times, buyers like to be informed as much as possible about a car. So, they may request a request a vehicle history report before they buy a car.

So, it may be in your best interest to have one on hand. It may even speed up the sale of your car! Sellers who have one will be able to show potential buyers a high level of transparency, honesty and straightforwardness. So, having a vehicle history report benefits both the seller as well as the buyer!

How to Sell A Car in Wyoming Privately – Making Selling a Car Easy on You!

How to Sell A Car in Wyoming Privately – Making Selling a Car Easy on You!

Once you decide to sell your car privately here in Wyoming, you must pay attention to local and county ordinances.

The first thing you may wish to do, is get some “for sale” signs from your local home improvement store. Next, write your number in the box provided on the signs and make it visible, large and clear.

Then, you will need to position the signs in the car so that they are visible to a large number of people. You may even opt to place your car in an approved private location, that garners lots of traffic. The more people who see you have a car for sale, the better!

Next, have some guidelines in mind as you get buyers. If you are firm on the price of your car, state such. If there is room for negotiations, then negotiate!

You as the seller are in charge as to how your car will be sold. You want to make the process a quick, efficient, safe and secure experience for both you and the buyer!

Simple Steps to Prepare Your Car

Check out how you can prepare your car for sale:

  1. Wash Your Car. You want to have a clean car to sell, so make sure that your car is clean both on the inside as well as the exterior. You may even spring to have it detailed. Make sure you vacuum the carpet mats inside of the car and wipe down the interior with a nice cloth. Any coins and papers located in between the seats? Remove them. Is there anything in the trunk or glove compartment? Make sure you remove those items.
  2. Car Repairs. If you can afford any fixes or repairs to the car, make sure you get your local body shop to fix and repair them. For example, if you need a new fender and you can afford it, be sure to get that taken car of and even mention it in your car ad or to the potential buyer. You may have a used car to sell, but it still should look as “showroom ready” as possible.
  3. Replacement of Elements and Items. If your used car could stand some new filters and hoses, then, spring to get those replaced. Such is true if the starter, transmission or even engine needs to be replaced. If you can afford to have them fixed or replaced, do so. If not, you want to let the car buyer know. Being honest and transparent with your potential buyer makes for a great sale of your car.

If you are a car seller who hides facts about your car, you could very well find yourself in some legal trouble. So, be honest! Just because something is not in working order on your car, doesn’t mean it won’t be sold. Lots of folks make repairing a car, their life’s work or hobby!

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