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How To Sell A Car In Vermont – Understanding Seller Duties

how to sell a car in vermont

In order to sell a car in Vermont properly, there are certain guidelines that you must follow. Just like other states in our union, you have to complete paperwork.

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Read our guide with tips and steps that will take the mystery out of how to sell a car in Vermont!

How to Sell a Car in Vermont – Seller Duties

As a vehicle seller in Vermont, there are a few steps you need to take, to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

These steps include:

  • Signing the title over to the buyer.
  • Making sure that you fill out the Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement with the buyer.
  • Making sure that you give the buyer a lien release. Remember that you are not going to be able to sell the vehicle if it has a lien on it.

Vermont issues titles to vehicles that are 15 years old or newer. The state bases this on the calendar year.

For example: from January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020, Vermont will title vehicles with the model year 2006 or newer,” adds the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you own the vehicle free and clear and there is no loan on the car or lien on the title, you will get a new title in the mail.

For a vehicle with a loan on it, Vermont will mail the title to the entity holding the loan. Vermont will not mail the title to the owner. Vermont will mail the title within 3 weeks of the processing of the vehicle registration.

For the vehicle with multiple owners, “…you need to indicate the rights of survivorship,” according to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.  “If a vehicle is more than 25 years old, Vermont residents may apply for an exempt vehicle title,” adds the DMV. Click here to read more!

How to Sell a Car in Vermont – Getting a Title for A New Car

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.
  • Bill of Sale. This may be asked of you for both Purchase & Use Tax purposes.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement for a vehicle with a model year of 2011 or newer.
  • A New Vehicle Information Statement is necessary. This applies if the vehicle from vehicles that were made Canada.

how to sell a car in vermont

How to Sell a Car in Vermont – Getting a Title for A New Car

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement if the car is the model year 2011 or newer.
  • Original previous Certificate of Title assigned to you.
  • Click here to read additional documents that you must provide.

I Need A Replacement Car Title For My Used Car!

It’s important to note that Vermont issues replacement titles by mail or from the DMV office located in Montpelier. “ALL owners [must] sign for a replacement title,” adds the Vermont DMV. The Vermont has additional information for you, here!

The Vermont DMV offers round-the-clock assistance!

Odometer Statement and Bill of Sale

“To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle and state current mileage. Odometer Disclosure Statement is required for vehicles model year 2011 or newer”, as stated by the Vermont DMV.Click here to learn more and get forms!

Filling out the Transfer Of Title Form

The Transfer of Title form has two parts to transferring the title.

The first is the signing over the original title. The second is the completing of the application.

On the original title, all of the owners listed on the from have to print,  sign, and date in the title transfer area.

Those owners must also complete the odometer reading and list the purchase price.

All of the buyers on the new title have to sing, date and print the form. This includes the odometer reading.

On the application form, the buyer complete the form, but using the old registration. You need:

  • Size of engine.
  • Purchase price.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Make/model/VIN of the vehicle.
  • Address and name of the owner it was previously registered to.
  • Pertinent bank information if you have an auto loan on the car.

You can also ask for assistance from the clerk at the DMV!

Can I Transfer Ownership Without a Car Title?

Vermont makes it possible to sell a vehicle older than 15 years without a title. You have to complete a bill of sale. It has to include the following information:

  1. The VIN.
  2. Purchase price.
  3. Odometer reading.
  4. Year/Make/Model of the car.
  5. Your name, address, and the date.

For the purchase of a car that is newer than 15 years old and there is no title, you may want to rethink buying the car. Another option is to have the owner obtain a duplicate before any payment for the car.

Vermont DMV Hours And Contact Information

For more information or any questions specific to your title transfer circumstances, you can contact the VT DMV! Visit the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles website by clicking here.

Or, feel free to call the VT DMV by dialing 802-828-2000.

sell your car in vermont

Selling Your Car in Vermont Online

OK, so, now you have an idea of what paperwork you need.

Now it's time to sell that car! Check out our tips that offer some help and direction!

  1. Assess your vehicle. Get an inspection or an assessment of your car. Decide if you will sell your Vermont car as a car or its parts. Let your mechanic look your car over and tell you what is best for you.
  2. Decide what online marketplaces you will sell your car on. Do you want to sell your car on Facebook? How about Craigslist? Decide where you want to sell your car!
  3. Clean your car from the inside out! Make sure that you clean the exterior of your car. If you can afford to get it detailed, do so. Who wants to buy a dirty car?
  4. As a seller, you have to make your car a stellar piece of work! So, make sure you take pics of your car. A good number to have is 10-15.
  5. Write a great ad for your car. If you put new tires on your car, tell that to the perspective buyers! Even if your car has some damage or some issues, indicate that. Some people live to fix up a car!
  6. Be honest. You never want to lie to a car buyer. It could cost you money in a lawsuit. So be honest!
  7. Provide a vehicle history report. Let buyers know you are trustworthy. Click here to get  a vehicle history report!
  8. Provide an email or a phone number so that folks can get to you. You may also think about getting that email or phone connected to your mobile device. You want to provide quick responses!

How To Sell a Car in Vermont – Young Adults Buying a Car in Vermont 

Buying the first car you'll ever drive can be exciting! But thanks to our guide as well as links to the Vermont DMV, your car buying process can be an easy one. Check out some additional tips we are offering to young people buying their first car in Vermont!

You have to register a car with the first, then you can purchase your car insurance policy.

Vermont has a “lemon law” that is in place to protect car buyers from being ripped off. Most first cars that are bought are bought second-hand. They can be purchased from an individual or a small, private dealership. Click here to become educated about the state’s lemon law, before making that purchase.

Don’t forget that Vermont State Inspections need to be done annually. They also have to be completed by the last day of the month. Your inspection sticker will indicate such.

Once you register your car, you are given a temporary slip. This slip allows you only15 days to get your car inspected. The annual inspection costs depend on where you decide to have it done. Generally, you can expect to spend between $20-30 for the inspection.

Vermont is a state that is beautiful. But Vermont winters can take a toll on cars. So, if you can, test drive as many cars as you can. And look for signs of winter wear and tear. This means inspecting a car for salt, sand and pothole damage.

How to Sell Your Car – Protect Yourself!

As a car seller, you have to protect yourself at all costs, once you decide to sell your car. Check out some tips we offer for some protection during your car sale.

  1. Screen calls carefully. Watch for scam artists. Some folks can “sound” really weird via email or text messages. So, be careful. And if anyone asks you to wire them money for the sale of your car, block them!
  2. Serious buyers will have cash ready to go. So, avoid having to drive someone to a location, so they can get money to you. Just say no to a quick trip to the ATM or the bank. You are not a chauffeur. You are a car seller!
  3. Have a friend or a family member meet you at the location where you are to show your car. You never want to be alone with a potential buyer. And for that test drive, you can ask that friend or family member to accompany you on it, if you decide to honor your buyer's request for one.

With the right game plan, your Vermont car will sell fast ! So, visit your Vermont DMV and devise a great plan that works for you! We hope we helped out a bit!

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