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How To Sell A Car in Texas – Understanding the Procedures

How To Sell A Car in Texas – Understanding the Procedures

Are you looking for a guide on how to sell a car in Texas? Are you uncertain of what documents and certificates need to be filled out? Do you feel swamped with all that needs to be done?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

If you’ve been searching for how to sell a car in Texas privately, we can help! Check out our detailed guide that will help you stay organized with all papers, fees and details for a successful sale of your Texas car!

It has been said that all things are “bigger in Texas”; such may be true for how to sell a car privately, but we break it down for you, so you can have the “big cash” after your sell your car!

And if you have questions about your particular car title, or how to sell your car privately here in Texas, you have the TxDMV as your aid!

Specific Regulations and Selling your Car in Texas

To sell your car in Texas, there are specific regulations that must be followed. Once you have a full grasp of the required procedure to sell and transfer your car to the new owner, the process of selling your car will be easier.

The first thing to remember is that all of the applicable documents must pass through Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. So, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the steps prior to the selling your car in Texas.

Obtain a Suitable Vehicle Buyer

Begin with a visit to the Texas DMV with the buyer. Both of you will have all of the necessary forms correctly and completely filled out. You can locate the nearest Texas DMV office online.

Transfer the Texas Vehicle Title

Texas law states that a vehicle title certificate must be transferred officially. This includes you as the seller completing all necessary fields on the form.

Additionally, you are required to submit an odometer disclosure and a valid car title. It’s important that you keep good records and copies of all of these documents. You may be called on to submit them in the future during a legal proceeding or some other instance.

Preparing and Submitting a Bill of Sale

Preparing and Submitting a Bill of Sale

The bill of sale has several components in it and should begin with your complete address and phone number on it.

Additional details on the bill of sale include the sale price.  You can create a bill of sale by downloading the Texas bill of sale. With this sample bill of sale from Jefferson County you can see how it should be crafted.

It may help to contact your local county officials to see what is required on the bill of sale, as well as how it should be structured. Regardless of where you live in the “Lone Star State”, a bill of sale must be neat, readable and have your information on it, as the seller of the vehicle.

A bill of sale is not required when buying and selling a car in Texas. But, you may find that it is beneficial to have one. So, our best advice to you, is to include a bill of sale!

Getting a Duplicate Car Title

If your title certificate is damaged, unverifiable or even missing, you must replace it. In order to get a duplicate car title here in Texas, you must complete the Application of a Certified of Title form. Additionally, you must also provide a copy of your ID and pay the application fee. Click here to get a duplicate car title form.

What About a Vehicle History Report?

Providing your buyer a vehicle history report, is a great idea. Not only does it help them, but it helps you.

The vehicle history report will help you with your used car selling process, because your buyer will be more comfortable and confident during the transaction. Your vehicle history report says to the buyer that you are straightforward, truthful and you have nothing to hide about the vehicle you are looking to sell. Click here to learn more and obtain a vehicle history report.

The Transfer and Removal of License Plates

Be sure that you take the time to remove the license plate before surrendering the vehicle to the new owner. For a license plate transfer you will have to visit your county tax assessor collector’s office.

How to Sell a Car in Texas Online

Although selling a car in Texas online isn’t difficult, it requires some patience as well as a bit of savvy. Since everything is “bigger in Texas”, you have to have a “Texas sized” ad to attract potential car buyers.

So, you want t begin with at least 10-15 pictures of your car. Be sure that you have taken pics of all sides of your car. Make sure you get under the hood of your car too.

The second component of a successful car ad is the description. Let buyers know as much as you, about your car. Disclose the year, make and model of the car. But also disclose any new elements or items on the car. For example, if your used car has an audio system that is top-of-the-line, you want to mention that.

Also, if you went and purchased new tires for this used vehicle, that’s a huge selling point and one that needs to be in your ad.

As we stated, you want to disclose everything about your car. So, if you have had a few issues starting the car, you may want to include that in the car. If the mats are a bit dirty, let your potential buyers know. Even if there are some dents from a hail storm, let that buyer know that. Just because your car has some blemishes, doesn’t mean that you won’t sell it. Some car buyers don’t mind certain issues with a car.

Rebuilding a car or fixing a car up may be a hobby of a potential buyer, so just because something on the car bothers you, that doesn’t mean that it will bother your buyer.

Once you have great pics and a great description of your car, you want to make sure that you have the correct contact information on the ad. Be sure to leave your cell or email on the ad so that buyers can get in touch with you, about the car.

Getting Your Car Ready- Tips That Make Your Car Great

Getting Your Car Ready For Selling

Now that you have all of the paperwork out of the way for the sale of the car, it’s time to make the car presentable. Check out a few common sense tips that help you get your car ready for buyers.

  • A Good Car Wash and Detail. You are selling your car and you want to sell it fast for cash. So, head on down to the car wash and detail shop. Texas is known for rains, so be sure that you wipe your car down after a good downpour. You may even want to get your car detailed for potential buyers and even include that in the asking price.
  • Repairs and Fixes. If you have a broken mirror on the car, you may want to spend the cash to get it fixed. Do you need to replace any filters or hoses? Now is a good time to do this. Potential buyers are going to want to see the hood of that car. So, make sure that all is well.
  • Note any issues you can’t fix. If the starter is bad, or the transmission hesitates, let the potential buyer know. Again, letting buyers know what’s wrong with your car is not necessarily a deal-breaker. You will find that some folks love fixing up cars!

Dealing with Potential Buyers

Just like cars, people come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. So, it’s best to be polite, courteous and a little patient with potential buyers. Check out some tips that we know you know, but are worth another mention when selling a car in Texas.

  1. You’ve been selling your car for a few weeks now, and you are beginning to sound like a “broken record”. You keep telling people the exact things. You may want to make a crafty flyer or “cheat sheet” for buyers, to keep you from having to say the same things. It can be a bit frustrating saying the same things so, try to be polite with all potential buyers.
  2. If you are firm on the price, then say that. Never allow someone to bully you  low-ball you, or threaten you. Your sanity is not worth that!
  3. Dealing with people requires people skills. You will always meet someone who wants your car, but “has to wait to get the rest of the money.” Well, if you are in the market for waiting on “Don” to get the rest of the money, then go ahead and wait. But, if you get tired of waiting on “Don” and his deadline has passed for him to get the money, then it’s time to move on from “Don.” Try not to let other people’s issues become yours.

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