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How To Sell A Car in Oregon And Follow All State Guidelines

How To Sell A Car in Oregon And Follow All State Guidelines

Have you been looking for guidance on how to sell your car in Oregon? Do you feel lost and confused as to what to do or where to get documents? Do you have uncertainty with all that needs to be done?

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If you’ve been trying to find tips and steps on how to sell a car in Oregon privately, we are here to help now!  Take a look and read of our steps and tips that will help you stay organized with all you have to do, to sell your car in Oregon!

Also, be sure to visit your Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services for additional questions about how to sell your car privately!

Understanding Guidelines in Oregon for Selling a Car

When selling a car in Oregon, you as the car seller will need to provide certain documents to the buyer ensuring a successful transfer of the car to his/her name. For a worry and stress-free process, check out what documents you need to ensure a successful and worry-free transaction.

How to Sell Your Car in Oregon and What Documents are Needed

How to Sell Your Car in Oregon and What Documents are Needed

To complete the sale of your car you'll need to complete some paperwork, as well as notify the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV). As a seller, the following must be filled out:

  • Certificate of title: You will need to compete the vehicle's certificate of title and offer it to the buyer. If there are multiple or other owners listed on the front of the title, they must sign the document. The buyer must sign the certificate of title too.
  • Odometer disclosure: This form must be given the buyer. An exception, is that it is not required for certain vehicles, including cars manufactured without an odometer or vehicles that are 10 years old or older.
  • Bill of Sale You, as the seller, are required to notify the Oregon DMV of the sale within 10 days of the transfer of ownership. Additionally, you must offer the buyer a bill of sale that must include the following:   a) sale date, b) buyer’s details and c) make and model of the car.

Selling a Car in Oregon and Notice of Sale in Oregon

When you have sold your car, you must inform the Oregon DMV. This will not make you liable for any charges associated with the vehicle moving forward.  The buyer will be responsible for titling and registering the car in his/her own name.  You can notify the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division either online or by mail. by mail or online. For a mailed notification, you can send a completed  Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle (Form 735-6890) to:

DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem, OR 97314

For notification via online, you can use this online form  which can be found on the Oregon DMV website.

How to Obtain an Oregon Duplicate Certificate of Title

If your Oregon title certificate for the vehicle you're selling in Oregon is damaged, destroyed or lost, simply visit your local Oregon DMV. But before your visit, fill out and print the Application for Replacement Title (Form 735-515) and submit it to the Oregon DMV.

According to Oregon state law, each official owner of the vehicle has to sign the application. There is also a $98 to $187 fee for a replacement title.

Common Mistakes Made During the Sale of a Car in Oregon

Selling your car or truck in Oregon requires some time and focus. Each seller has to get the documents correct the first time, or risk having the sale null, voided and even stalled.

Check out some of the most common mistakes made during the sale of a car in Oregon:

  1. Forgetting to print the name in ink of the buyer of the vehicle on the back of the registration and then giving it to the Oregon DMV.
  2. Not signing the back of the car title as seller and date. Then, many car sellers forget to print the name and address of the buyer.
  3. Not extending auto insurance to the new buyer, with an opportunity to give them time to purchase their own.

Does Oregon Need a Bill of Sale?

Although the state of Oregon does not require a bill of sale in all cases, it does accept the document as proof of ownership once the car title transfer or registration of a vehicle are complete.

How Many Cars Can I Sell in Oregon, Before Having to Get a License?

Oregon law does not allow persons to buy and sell five vehicles per year without a current as well as valid dealer certificate. There are exceptions to this outlined in the ORS 822.005 and 822.015.

Selling Your Car Online

Selling Your Car Online

In today’s day and age, it is common to sell lots of things online and cars tops the list. From Facebook, to Craigslist, there are a plethora of car ads, with each seller hoping to make a quick sale and get quick cash!

So, how can you make your car ad online stand out from all others? It may take some work, but it can be done. First, you must have a great number of pictures. Ten to 15 is a good number to have. Make sure that you take photos of the rear, front, sides and under the hood of the car you want to sell.

Secondly, you must write a description that explains all about your car. You must include any issues you have with your car. On the flip side of this, if your used car has some new components or items on it, let buyers know that and let that new item be reflected in the price. For example, if you put a new engine in your used car, mention that!

Finally, you have to wait for your prized buyer. This could take days, weeks and even months. But, you as the seller have to answer questions from potential buyers and offer polite and courteous service and answers to everyone.

How To Sell Your Car in Oregon Privately – Getting A Great Buyer

Selling a car privately in Oregon can garner you some fast cash, but you as the seller, must set some ground rules for your buyers.

First, if your price is a firm one, stick to that. You should never be bullied, low-balled, cohered or cajoled into selling a car.

Secondly, you must provide a fair price for your car, making sure that you are fair, honest and straightforward to all buyers.

How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Once you have gotten all of the paperwork for the sale of your car, you can now prepare your car for sale! Check out some tips that you can utilize to ensure a great sale!

  1. Car Wash and Vacuum– The first thing you want to do, is wash the exterior of your car. You may even opt to get your car detailed. Make sure that you vacuum the interior of the car. And make sure that you wipe down the interior of the car as well.
  2. Fixes– If your car needs repairs, you need to either fix them or inform the buyer. Either way, you are staying honest and trustworthy during the sale of your car. For example, if your car needs some dents taken out of it, make sure you take care of such. Also, if you can spring for a new fender to replace the dented one, do so!
  3. Replacement Parts– If there are any parts on the car that need to be replaced, now is the time to so such. Belts and hoses need to be replaced with new ones.

Your used car should be “showroom ready” for that buyer. And for anything that you cannot fix, please indicate such in your vehicle description. You as a car seller want to establish trust with your potential car buyer.

Should I Offer Test Drives of My Used Car?

If you want to offer test drives of your used car, you can do so. But it helps to have some safeguards in place. First, you should accompany your potential car buyer on the test drive. You may also ask for a copy of the potential buyer’s driver’s license as well. It may be a good idea to ask a family member to drive with you and the potential buyer, during the test drive.

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