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How To Sell A Car In North Carolina: Following Regulations From NC DMV

How To Sell A Car In North Carolina

Selling a car in North Carolina is not a difficult task with the right game plan.  NC DMV offers car sellers a systematic approach to selling a car!

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Like any other state in our union, North Carolina needs particular documents.

Check out our guide that is sure to help you with how to sell a car in the “Tarheel State”!

Understanding NC Title Transfers

For the North Carolina individual buying, selling, gifting or donating a vehicle, that person must transfer ownership of it via a title transfer.

To transfer a vehicle’s title, you must pay a visit to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles license plate agency.

For your NC title transfer, you can look at the information on the back of the original title.

Additionally, the original owner and the recipient must fill out the information.

A notary must witness the signatures of car titles in North Carolina.

For out-of-state titles, the NCDMV will recognize that state's requirements. This information includes the:

  • Buyer and recipient's name as well as address
  • The date of sale o
  • Seller's signature and hand-printed name
  • Odometer reading (if required)
  • Damage disclosure statement
  • Click here for more!

Transferring a Car to a Family Member

For persons who are transferring a vehicle between a parent, child, cousin, niece, nephew, spouses a child or even a stepchild, the recipient is exempt from the highway-use tax.

This exemption applies upon completion of the Highway-Use Tax Exemption Certificate (MVR-613).

Additionally, the exemption is applicable to North Carolina residents transferring a North Carolina title to another North Carolina resident. Need more information? Click here!

how to sell a car in north carolina

How to Sell a Car in North Carolina – The Vehicle Title Requirements

Check out the title requirements as well as special requirements that North Carolina has in place!

  • The person who is titling the vehicle that person must have a valid North Carolina driver license or ID.
  • For the brand new North Carolina resident, that new resident must present a valid out-of-state driver license and their North Carolina Temporary Driving Certificate.
  • For  any vehicle owned by more than one individual, all signatures of the owners must be on the required documents.
  • All of the car owners have to visit  a notary for validation of the signatures too!
  • Additionally, all of the owners must present the documents with a black-and-white copy of the alternate owner's valid driver license or ID.
  • Alternatively, a Power of Attorney can sign for the co-owner(s).
  • For paperwork signed by a Power of Attorney, a black-and-white copy of the owner’s valid driver license must accompany the paperwork.
  • If you decide to mail the paperwork, the individual titling the vehicle must provide their title information as well as a black-and-white copy of their valid North Carolina driver license.
  • Property taxes for the vehicle being registered must be paid in full too! Click here to learn more!

Special Circumstances Regarding A North Carolina Car Title

The state of North Carolina recognizes certain circumstance surrounding a car title. So, additional requirements may apply to other types of vehicles as well as special cases such as salvaged, leased and abandoned vehicles. Click here to read more!

How To Sell a Car in North Carolina – Instructions for Non and New NC Residents

New North Carolina residents or non-residents who have recently obtained a vehicle, have to get the vehicle titled in North Carolina before registering it.

In addition to a driver license, the non-North Carolina resident has to provide one of the following:

  • A court-ordered sale of the car or the vehicle.
  • Registration for a motor home that is documented and active.
  • A military ID (for active-duty military personnel who are stationed in North Carolina)
  • A student ID (The ID must show current enrollment in a North Carolina college or university)
  • A Form MVR-614 documenting that the vehicle is garaged in North Carolina for at least six months each year

Proof of Liability Insurance

According to North Carolina law, vehicle owners must show continuous liability insurance which must be provided by a North Carolina-licensed provider.

That insurance must be on all vehicles titled and registered in North Carolina. This insurance requirement must be taken care of, before  titling a vehicle.

Selling a Car in North Carolina – Duplicate Car Title

Corrections & Replacements

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles will issue a replacement title if there is:

  • A name change because of divorce, marriage or court order or naturalization
  • An error or mistake made on the original title
  • A significant change to the titled vehicle

To request a replacement title, you must submit all required documents and pay the required fee.

You must also present your identification for all services processed in person. Click here for additional information!

Duplicate Car Title

If you need a duplicate title you can get one!  If you never got your car title, NC will waive the title fee if the original title is issued within 60 days of requesting a duplicate.

All requests for duplicate titles must age 15 days.  To get a duplicate title, you have to submit all required paperwork as well as pay the required fee. Identification is required for all services that are completed in person.

how to sell a car in north carolina

Vehicle Inspection

Here in North Carolina, all motor vehicles pass an annual safety inspection before registration in North Carolina.

The car must pass inspection for the registration renewal. NC law also stats that the inspection must take place within 90 days of renewing the vehicle.

During a safety inspection, a licensed mechanic will inspect the a vehicle's headlights, tires, steering, windows and more.

Motor vehicles registered in 22 North Carolina counties must also pass an emissions inspection, This can be completed during the safety inspection. Click here to learn more!

How to Sell A Car in North Carolina – Selling a Car Privately

North Carolina is home to some great cities. Charlotte, Winston- Salem and Raleigh are all in North Carolina! You will find lots of great folks ready to buy a car! So how do you prepare your car for sale? Check out some tips we offer below!

  1. Wash that car! Be sure that you keep your car clean as much as possible! Be sure to detail your car if you can! Vacuum the interior for that “showroom finish” too!
  2. Remove personal belongings! Don't forget to take out your money, books and any other items that you have in the car. You don't want anyone riding away with your collection of short stories, do you?
  3. Get your car inspected. Let's say you have a great car, but you also have some great parts. So, you think it would be great to sell your car parts or your car. You can do both. But you need a trusted mechanic to look over your car. Then the two of you can decide if you should sell your car as a car or its parts.
  4. Fix what you can. if you can “bump out” a dent or two, take the time to do it! If not, don't sweat it.
  5. Vehicle history reports are important. To be  a trusted seller, you have to have a vehicle history report. Click here to get one! once you have it, your buyer will see you as a straightforward and honest seller. Click here to obtain a history report!
  6. Spread the word! Did you know that North Carolina has lots of colleges there!? Be sure to spread the word about your car being for sale at community centers and local colleges. You are bound to find a college student who needs as car!

Online Car Selling  –  How to Sell a Car in North Carolina

Ready to delve into online car selling? Check out our tips!

  1. Pictures Please! Be sure to take some great pics of your car. About 10-15 great and sharp pics should do it. Your car is going out to the world! Don't forget to get all angles and share all of your car!
  2. The ad is where it's at! As a car seller, you have to write an ad, that “ends all ads”! This means, that you have to tell that buyer that he or she cannot live without your car. So, put in all of the good and even the “bad”. You will be surprised at the number of folks who appreciate your honesty! Additionally, you will find that lots of folks love to fix up a car. Hey… NC weather is nice and mild for the most part. There are really no harsh winters there. So, fixing up a car brings lots of folks joy, year round!
  3. Don't forget your contact information. After you have those awesome pics and that awesome description, don't forget to leave an email or phone number for potential buyers to call you! And make sure that your phone is connected to your email.
  4. Firm or Negotiable, you are in charge! Finally, as the car seller, you are in charge of your car sale. So, if the price of your ride is firm, or negotiable, let buyers know. You will be able to gauge your response for your car;s price on what do to about selling it. Best Wishes selling your vehicle in The “Tarheel State”!


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