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How To Sell A Car In Nebraska – How To Transfer Ownership And More


“How to sell a car in Nebraska” is a phrase that doesn't have to bring you anxiety or fear. To sell a car in Nebraska is quite easy, once you know what to do, and where to go.

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We are here to help with a detailed guide as well as some great tips on getting that car ready for a sale!

So, continue reading and learn how to sell your car in Nebraska!

Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title

According to Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, a Certificate of Title must accompany… “all types of vehicles driven or moved on the highways and roads of the State of Nebraska unless the vehicle falls under the specific category of Vehicles Exempt From Titling.”

Nebraska deems the certificate of title as proof of ownership of a vehicle. The state issues titles on the county level in the county where the vehicle has tax situs.

You must obtain a Certificate of Title within 30 days of the date of purchase.

“To determine the title issuing site for your county, refer to the Motor Vehicle Offices,” adds the Nebraska DMV. 

To get a Certificate of Title, you have to complete an Application for Certificate of Title .

Additionally, all parties, whose names are to appear on the title, have to sign it.

“The only exception to this are titles to be held by married couples, in which case either, acting as an agent for the other, may sign the application,”adds the Nebraska DMV.

There is a fee of $10.00. Click here to read more!

How To Sell a Car in Nebraska – Seller Duties

Title Certificate

You have to fill out the seller portion as well as the odometer disclosure section of the title certificate.

Additionally, you must complete a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement, if there is no odometer disclosure available on the title.

The next document you need to complete, is the bill of sale or a  Nebraska Sales/Use Tax and Tire Fee Statement for Motor Vehicle and Trailer Sales.

You can visit any Nebraska county treasurer's office for this form.

For any incorrect information you write on the title certificate, you have to order a duplicate title certificate and complete the title assignment on the duplicate replacement.

how to sell a car in nebraska

Transfer Ownership

In order to successfully transfer ownership of a vehicle in Nebraska, you must ensure that all names appear on the Certificate of Title.

Additionally, you must sign off in the Seller's section of the title.

For any open liens, you must ensure that the lien holder releases them. And you must  and County Official on the face of the title prior to reassignment of the title to the new owner.

The County Official must also release the lien and indicate such, on the face of the title before reassignment of the title to the new owner can take shape.

You as the seller must also…

As the seller, you also have to fill out the Odometer Certification section of the title as stated above. Click here to obtain a Nebraska bill of sale! Click here to read more!

It may be to your benefit to ensure that the buyer's name, address and signature appear in the purchaser's section of the title.

The buyer must complete this at the time of purchase.

“If the seller has signed off on a title and the purchaser's information is not completed the title is considered open,” states the Nebraska DMV.

Nebraska considers an open title as a violation of the law. As a result, the County Official,  the Nebraska DMV or law enforcement can confiscate the title.

“With most Nebraska Certificates of Title, the Seller, Purchaser and Odometer sections will appear in the lower half on the face of the title.

On some older Certificates of Title, these sections will appear on the back,” adds the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

Additional information for a successful title transfer…

Nebraska asks that you make sure that you  that you read the title carefully before marking it.

For any signature that is in the wrong place , you must obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title before you can proceed with the sale.

Click here for additional information!

How to Sell a Car in Nebraska – How to get a Duplicate Car Title

The state of Nebraska issues a duplicate car title for a title that is lost or damaged.

If you need a duplicate car title, you must complete a Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title .

Once done, you can submit it to any County Treasurer's office.

All of the person(s) whose names appear(s) on the title, must sign the application.

In Nebraska, a lien holder can also obtain a duplicate car title.

The signatures on the title have to be in the presence of a notary.

There is a fee of $14.00 for a duplicate car title. And you can contact the County Treasurer for information.

You can also call (402) 471-3918 for any questions or issues you have regarding a duplicate car title.

how to sell a car in nebraska

Nebraska Odometer Certifications

When you transfer ownership on any motor vehicle or motorcycle with an odometer that is less than ten (10) years old,  the seller must furnish a statement certifying the odometer reading.

“To determine if a vehicle is exempt from odometer certification under the ten (10) year old or older clause of the Federal Truth in Mileage Act of 1986, subtract 10 from the current calendar year and the answer is the first year of exemption. (2002 – 10 = 1992),” adds the Nebraska DMV. Click here to read more!

How to Sell a Car in Nebraska- Vehicle Inspections

The Nebraska DMV states: ”

“Vehicle inspections are required for:

  • all vehicles, ATVs, minibikes and trailers brought into Nebraska from Out-of-State
  • all Assembled Vehicles and assembled ATVs and minibikes
  • a vehicle, ATV or minibike with a Salvage Certificate of Title when making application for a regular Certificate of Title (title will be branded “Previously Salvaged” and brand will be carried forward on all title issued thereafter)
  • all Applications for Assigned ID Number, [Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for a motor vehicle], including applications submitted for apportioned vehicles. Assigned ID Number Applications for a Hull Identification Number(HIN) for motorboats do not require a Sheriff's Inspection Form
  • all ATVs and minibikes when no title document is surrendered
  • any time the Department of Motor Vehicles or County Treasurer requests an inspection to determine if the vehicle meets the definition of motor vehicle.”

Additionally, the county sheriff will conduct all vehicle inspections. For any additional information you need about Inspection Station locations and hours of operation, click here!

Cancellation of Certificate of Title

In Nebraska, the cancellation of a certificate of title can proceed, only if an agent issues an incorrect one. “In instances where title cancellation becomes necessary, only the Department of Motor Vehicles has this authority to perform the cancellation,” states the Nebraska DMV.

Once your request for a cancellation of certificate of title has been approved, the DMV will notify the appropriate county treasurer and the other appropriate state agents. Got questions about cancelling a certificate of title? You can call (402) 471-3918 or you can click here!

how to sell a car in nebraska

How To Sell Your Car in Nebraska – Common Seller Mistakes

OK- now you are ready to sell your car, and you have every intention to sell it and sell it fast!

But there are some common mistakes that sellers make. So, let's examine some of them.

Not getting a value for the car.

You can't sell something you don't know anything about, right? So, make sure that you visit Kelley Blue Book to get a value for your car.

Of course, your car will vary. You have to consider the condition of your car.

Failure to get the car inspected. Once you prepare your car, you have to know what works great on the car, and what doesn't.

So, as a trusted mechanic to examine your car thoroughly. This way,

you sound like a sound and knowledgeable car seller!

Thinking your car is better than others similar to yours.

OK- you've got a great car. But you can't act as if your car is better than other cars that are similar to yours. It takes a bit of humility to sell a car.

Sure you have to be a confident seller, but you don't want to come across as arrogant to perspective car buyers.

Not being fully honest.

As a car seller, you want to make sure that you are honest about your car at ALL times.

You don't want to “inflate” things about your car, or even not disclose all information about your car.

In fact, to be a more straightforward seller, you may want to offer your perspective car buyer a vehicle history report.

Click here to obtain one!

Failing to clean the car and remove all personal items.

Before you sell your awesome used car, don't forget to clean the car! No one wants to buy a dirty vehicle.

Your perspective car will appreciate the extra effort you took to present an awesome car!

And remember to remove all of your personal items out of the car before selling it!

You don't want to leave that gym equipment you toss in the truck, after every workout, do you!

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