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How To Sell A Car in Kansas: Guide to Paperwork and Documents

How To Sell A Car in Kansas: Guide to Paperwork and Documents

Knowing how to sell a car in Kansas is vital to you selling it fast and correctly. You want to make sure to follow all rules and regulations.

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If you're selling your car in Kansas, we’re offering you some points and procedures that will keep you aware of any selling and all transactions.

The first and most important item on your “to do” list, is to make sure that you have all of the documents you need.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has important rules to follow for a car title and more.  Check out what we offer to you as you learn how to sell a car in Kansas quickly, effectively and efficiently!

Selling a Vehicle in Kansas – Understanding the Regulations

When a vehicle is sold to another person the seller must complete the section on the back of the vehicle title, before the purchaser can register it.

A new Kansas car title has to conform to federal odometer requirements.  For car titles that are non-conforming, an Affidavit of Purchase Price and Odometer Disclosure Statement are required.

For vehicles with a lien on the front of the title, a notarized lien release or lien holder consent to transfer is a must here in Kansas.

If the vehicle has more than one owners have to sign the title. If that’s not possible to have all the owners present to sign, a Power of Attorney from the other owner(s) listed is required. The owners also sign the back of title as the seller(s) of the vehicle.

For vehicles that are sold because the owner is deceased, a Decedents Affidavit or Transfer on Death Affidavit has to be filled out. For more than one heir, each heir has to sign an Affidavit of Purchase Price to the heir who will be selling the car. The heir selling the car is required to have the vehicle titled in his/her name BEFORE selling the vehicle to a third party.

If you are a car seller, you may be eligible for a refund on the unexpired portion of your tag. For monies you wish to have reimbursed to you, Kansas needs the license plate number, completed refund sheet which may be taken to any Tag Office location. You can also mail the request for your money to: The State of Kansas, P.O. Box 2909, Wichita, KS 67201. Motorized bikes and trailer tags are not eligible for refunds.

How to Sell a Car in Kansas- Understanding Electric Car Titles

Once the car buyer has the price for the car, both the seller as well as buyer have to fill out the electronic sales agreement. This form provides an opportunity for the buyer to purchase a 60-day tag for $8.00 or $10.00 at a Kansas substation.

Additionally, the seller has to attach a copy of the vehicle's current registration showing their name as owner and the lien holder's name, to the electronic sales agreement.

The seller agrees by his signature on the electronic sales agreement to give the properly assigned Kansas Certificate of Title (paper title) within 60 days.

Sell Your Car in Kansas- Required Documents

Sell Your Car in Kansas- Required Documents

Here in Kansas, as the car seller, you have to certify the sale of your car to the new owner by providing them with some documents.

First, you will need to sign off on the car title. This includes signing and printing your name on the title.

You will also need to include the purchase price of the car. On the title certificate there is a required log of the current mileage that is on there. You have to supply that mileage. For a title that doesn't have space for the odometer reading, you'll need to provide a separate odometer disclosure document. Cars that are 11 years old or older are exempt from this rule.

If the car title does not include the seller and buyer names and signatures, you will need:

  1. A Bill of Sale which his Form TR-312. This can be downloaded from the Kansas Department of Revenue website or from here! A Bill of Sale is proof of purchase as well as an overview of the transaction.
  2. Once the car is sold, you have to complete the Seller's Notification of Sale (Form TR-216). Then, you can send it to the address specified on the form, along with a $10 check or money order to cover the fee. With this form, won't face any liability attached to the vehicle following the date of sale of the car.

How to Sell a Car in Kansas, Duplicate Car Title

In order to sell a car in Kansas, you need a certificate of title. So, for a car title that is missing, destroyed, or lost, you need a duplicate one.

Here in Kansas, the  Kansas Division of Vehicles has the Application for Secured/Duplicate/Reissue Title (Form TR-720B) for this purpose. You also have to pay a $10 car title duplicate fee.

In the event there is a lien on the title, you'll need a lien release before you can successfully apply for a replacement title. Click here for additional information! You cannot sell a car here in Kansas without a car title.

Does A Vehicle Title Require Notarizing in Kansas?

Although most title transfers in the state of Kansas do not require notarization, there may be some that do.

The Kansas Division of Vehicles reserves the right to request additional information or notarized documentation if they deem it necessary.

A lien holder consent form is required for the release of any lien. You can fill out and get a notary agent for the Request and Consent for Kansas Title to be Issued with Lien form (TR-42).

What if I Have Additional Questions About Car Titles and More?

For answers to more frequently asked questions about how to transfer a car title in Kansas or to contact the Kansas DMV, you can visit the Kansas Department of Vehicles and Titling website by clicking here!

How to Sell a Car in Kansas on Craigslist

How to Sell a Car in Kansas on Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular website that allows residents here in Kansas to buy and sell online, even cars! Just one look at the Kansas Craigslist, you can see that there are a range of vehicles that are available for purchase. These sites have some common elements on common that you’ll want to note.

First, you will see that all ads on Craigslist for car sales, have lots of pictures. For your car ad, you want to have pics as well. There will have to be pics of the front, back and sides of your car.

Secondly, you’ll have to have a description of your car that shares the make, model and year of your car. You will also have to share the trim and even the location of your car. Buyers have to think about the towing expenses if applicable.

Finally, have a method of contact that you will answer. Is it an email? Do you have a phone number you don’t mind giving out? Be sure that folks can contact you about your car!

What Else Do I need to Know?

Now that you know what paperwork you need and where to get it, check out some additional tips for selling your car quickly and conveniently!

  1. Know your market. You want to stay competitive with your car price. What are similar cars going for? Know the market and price your used car accordingly.
  2. Be an honest seller. If your car doesn’t have a working transmission, starter or other element, you want to be honest about that. This will avoid lawsuits and issues in the future. You want to make sure that you provide an honest condition to the buyer. Just because something doesn’t work, or there is body damage, doesn’t mean your car won’t sell.
  3. Use word of mouth. Even though we live in an “online world”, word of mouth is still the best way to get the word out, that you’re selling a car. Perhaps a friend of a friend as a new graduate or a spouse looking for a car. You may even want to hit up your community centers, churches and local clubs to post an ad. You’d be surprised at the number of people who call you saying he or she saw your at posted on a cork board!
  4. Give your car appeal! You want to make sure that you wash your car, vacuum the inside and keep it clean. Even though your car is used, it can still look “showroom new”!

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