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How To Sell A Car in Idaho With Success and Ease!

How To Sell A Car in Idaho Successfully

Do you have a car to sell here in Idaho but you don’t know what to do?  Are you trying to find what forms you need to fill out and submit?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

If you’ve been trying to figure out what state rules and guidelines you need to follow, We can assist!

As you attempt to find out how to sell a car in Idaho privately, we’re are here to give you a checklist of what to do, now!

Read our tips and steps that will help you know what papers to fill out and what to provide your buyer!

Don't forget to visit your Idaho Department of Transportation for additional tips, questions about your car and more!

What Steps Must I Take to Sell My Car in Idaho?

What Steps Must I Take to Sell My Car in Idaho?

Selling a vehicle here in Idaho can be done easily, as long as you follow the proper channels. Check out the following to ensure you sell your vehicle correctly!

You must submit the title that is issued in your name to the new buyer. As the seller, you are required to title the vehicle in your name before you hand it over to a new owner.

To do this, you just sign the line that reads “seller's signature”. Then, be sure to write in the date where it reads “date sold.”

The only way you are not required to give the buyer this title is if you possess a dealer's license issued to you, by the Idaho Transportation Department.

Next, you must complete the odometer reading (the precise number shown on the odometer) if the vehicle is less than ten years old, unless the vehicle you’re selling is a boat.

If the numbers displayed on the odometer are not an accurate reflection of the correct number of miles, then you must indicate such by checking the “not actual” box.

Provide a Bill of Sale to the Buyer. A bill of sale is a document that must include a statement of sale. You can begin the bill of sale with the following phrase: “I hereby sell … “.

Then you can continue to include the vehicle's year, make, model, and VIN or the vehicle identification number.

The bill of sale must also include the selling price, the buyer's name, the seller's signature, and the date.

It might be wise to keep a signed copy of the bill of sale for your own records.

You may also wish to write down the time as well as the date of the transaction, as this can serve as evidence of when you handed over ownership and control of the vehicle to the buyer.

File a Release of Liability Statement. In accordance with Section 49-526, Idaho Code, you must file this document and pay a filing fee within five days of delivery of the vehicle you are selling or transferring.

Once this document is completed, it removes you from being liable should the new owner damage a property or a person, by way of negligent function of the vehicle, after you’ve handed over the vehicle.

Additionally, filing a release of liability also lifts any obligations  for any and all motor vehicle infractions that take place after the purchase was made. Under this, you are not responsible for any tickets or abandoned vehicle citations or infractions.

So, think of filing this release as protection for you as the vehicle seller.

What Documents Do I Need to Sell My Vehicle in Idaho?

Read through what paperwork is required in order to sell a vehicle here in Idaho!

Here in Idaho, the only document the Idaho Transportation Department requires from you is the car's certificate of title. You as the car seller must to provide this document to the buyer with the following on the document:

  1. Your name as well as your signature.
  2. The buyer’s contact information/address and signature.
  3. The vehicle mileage (the odometer reading at the time of the sale).

If the vehicle is older than ten years old, it is exempt from this obligation.

Although not a legal requirement from the state of Idaho, a bill of sale is a great piece of paperwork to have for the sale of a car.

This is a document that can be quickly referred to, if the buyer or the seller have an issue after the sale of the car. A good bill of sale should have:

  1. The date of the sale of the vehicle.
  2. The buyer’s complete name and address.
  3. The seller’s name and complete address.
  4. A detailed description of the vehicle.
  5. The sales price of the vehicle  agreed upon by both buyer and seller.
  6. Your signature.

Click here to view an Idaho bill of sale.

Is a Bill of Sale Required?

It sure is! Here in Idaho, you have to have a bill of sale.  In addition to other important elements, the bill of sale lists the amount that the buyer pays for the vehicle. With that listed  amount, the State of Idaho will use to calculate the tax that is due. Although required, you don't have to take your bill of sale to a notary. Click here for a generic bill of sale form from the Idaho Transportation Department.

What About a Release of Liability?

It is a great idea to have a release of liability. Although this is another step to take in the sale of your vehicle, it is one that provides another layer of protection.

First, notify the ID Transportation Department of the sale which will then release your liability from the vehicle.

A release of liability protects you as the seller of the vehicle, if  the new vehicle owner get into an accident, or propels any kind of damage of and in the vehicle, before the vehicle is registered and titled in their name.

An Idaho Vehicle History Report

Another good document to have as you sell your car here in Idaho, is a vehicle history report. As a vehicle seller, you having a vehicle history report shows that you are honest, straightforward and transparent about your vehicle.

A buyer will be grateful for such and will consider buying your car very carefully. A vehicle report separates you from other car sellers.

Requesting a Duplicate Car Title

Requesting a duplicate title is quite easy. And to get a duplicate car title costs the same as getting an original title.

So, for the damaged, missing, lost or destroyed original title you need to replace, click here to gain access to the form!

How to Sell a Car in Idaho – Helpful Tips!

We’ve gathered some helpful tips that will help you with the sale of your car!

  1. Know your car market. You may have to do some research about what cars are in demand these days. While there is worth in every car, it helps to know what is currently “selling like hotcakes”!
  2. Be Competitive. When you sell your car, you want to offer a competitive price to the seller, this goes hand in hand with knowing the market.
  3. Describe your car & discuss what separates it from the rest. Does your Honda Accord have new rims and tires? Then you want to let buyers know that. Does it have a state-of-the-art sound system? Let buyers know that! You have no ideas who is ready to purchase your car!
  4. Know where to advertise. If you feel you have car that is most beneficial to college kids, then visit local colleges as well as community colleges and post your car on community boards! If you have a car that may appeal to an elderly crowd, then you may wish to hit up churches or community centers and find out how much it would cost to post an ad in their community newspapers.

Getting Your Car Ready to Sell!

Getting Your Car Ready to Sell!

You’ve got a good handle on what paperwork is required. Now, it’s time to go for the sale!

  1. Wash that car. The first thing you want to do, to sell your car is wash it! Who wants to look at a dirty car? In addition to washing it, you want to make sure that the interior is clean as well. You may even spring to have it detailed!
  2. Minor repairs. If your car needs a new side mirror, get one! If your car has some fender damage that can be bumped out and painted, get that done!
  3. Replacement parts. Could your car use a new oil or air filter? Then replace them! Are the hoses and belts in good working order? Be sure to replace them and make sure all is in working order.

For whatever you are not able to fix or replace, you want to make mention of those blemishes and imperfections to your potential buyer. Just because your back bumper is not pristine, doesn’t mean you won’t sell the car. Lots of folks buy cars and work on them as their profession or as a hobby.

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