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How To Sell A Car In Hawaii – Seller Duties

how to sell a car in hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in your union. It is also one of the most expensive states in our union too. So, having the correct paperwork and documents for selling a car, will save you time, money and leg work.

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So allow us to share with you, tips on how to sell a car in Hawaii. You'll be glad you read our guidelines!

How to Sell a Car in Hawaii – What Must I do as a Seller?

As a car seller here in the “Aloha State”, you have requirements. They include:

  • Filling out and signing a bill of sale.
  • Signing the title in the appropriate boxes:
  • Submitting the vehicle registration card.
  • Offering the vehicle safety inspection certificate.
  • Filling out and mailing the Notice of Transfer from within 10 days of the sale. You can get these forms online from both Hawaii County as well as the City and County of Honolulu . For car sellers who are in Kauai or Maui or, you may go to a local registration office and pick one up. This is a mandatory requirement. Failure to do this will result in you facing a fine.

Selling a Car in Hawaii – Transference of Vehicle Ownership – County of Hawaii

You as the car seller must to do the following:

“If you possess the Oahu, Maui, or Kauai certificate of title, the registered owners must complete section A on the front of the title. Hawaii County will verify signatures of all sellers. We are unable to complete the transfer if the signature(s) do not match. If vehicle is jointly registered both signatures and date of release are require,” according to the state of Hawaii. Click here to read more!

The county of Hawaii also encourages a notary to witness Section A on the vehicle title You can also accompany the buyer to complete the title transfer.

For a car with a lien holder, that lien holder must complete Section B on the back or reverse side of the title.

You also have to fill out the odometer reading in the spaces provided on the certificate of title.

Next, provide the new owner “…the endorsed certificate of title, the current certificate of registration and certificate of safety inspection. Complete a notice of transfer form and mail it within 10 days to the county motor vehicle registration office where the vehicle was last registered.”

For a vehicle that has a registration in the name of a business, you must submit a letter of authorization. If the business is a partnership, each partner has to sign the letter of authorization. For a business that is a corporation, a corporate officer has to sign the letter of authorization. Click here to learn more from the County of Hawaii!

How to Sell a Car in Hawaii- Get a Duplicate Car Title

Did you lose your car title and you want to sell it? Is that title lost or damaged? Continue reading because we've got you covered on getting a duplicate car title!

Each county of Hawaii offers the opportunity to obtain a duplicate title. But each has requirements that vary when requesting a duplicate title. With the general process begin the same, you want to make sure that you have your identification, the VIN number of the car and the car’s license plates. Check out the requirements for each county:

Hawaii County

  1. Fill out an Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (Form).
  2. Pay the $10 (fee).
  3. Give the paperwork to your agent at your nearest DMV office.

Hawaii County

  1. Fill out the Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (Form)
  2. Offer payment for the $10 (fee).
  3. Submit the documentation at your nearest DMV office.


  1. Fill out an Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (Form DMVL580).
  2. Get a notary to witness the form.
  3. Submit payment for the $10 (fee).
  4. Submit your document to your local DMV.


  1. Fill out an Application for Duplicate Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (Form CS-L MVR10)
  2. There is a $5 (fee) you must pay.
  3. You can then give your paperwork and payment to your local DMV agent.

How To Sell A Car In Hawaii –Get Your Vehicle Registered in Hawaii

Hawaii does not have a statewide Department of Motor Vehicles. Each county government manages vehicle registration.

When you register your car in Hawaii, you must file and submit the correct forms There are also fee that you need to pay, depending on your registration needs.

In Hawaii, you must register your car, whether you’ve bought a new or used vehicle. If you are pulled over for not having your car registration, you could face fines and some stiff penalties. Those penalties could also take the form of a revoked of a suspended license!

If you move between counties, you must also keep your registration valid and current. You have to check with your county to see what rules are in place.

Here are the general tasks to complete or car registration:

  • A picture identification
  • Registration/Title application
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Payment for the taxes and fees
  • Proof of ownership

As stated earlier, Hawaii doesn't have a state-wide department of motor vehicle division. We are offering you all of the county and city links for easy access! Check them out below!

how to sell a car in hawaii

How to Sell a Car in Hawaii – Common Seller Mistakes

Now that you have an idea of what is required of you, to sell a vehicle in Hawaii, check out some common seller pitfalls and what to do to avoid them.

Not having all of the paperwork

When you don't have all of the paperwork needed, this slows the process down of your sale. Sure, it takes time, money and patience to get the correct documents in order, but it is well worth it at the end.

Making major repairs to the car

Are you getting ready to pour hundreds of dollars into a vehicle that you're selling? Don't! You can feel confident selling your car “as -is” . Why? well lots of folks buy cars for the sole purpose of fixing and repairing the vehicles, themselves!

Not having a price system

As a car seller, it's your job to create a price strategy. You want to sell your car fast. So, are you going to offer incentives to private buyers such as a free pair of windshield wipers? What are your plans if you still have the car, after two months of trying to sell it?

Failing to have a price strategy, results in stress, anxiety and frustration.

No good online selling strategy

If you have decided to sell your car online, then you have to take the time and energy to create a great ad. This includes:

  1. taking at least 10-15 great pictures and uploading them.
  2. writing a great and detailed ad. You have to think like a car buyer & answer all of the questions you think buyers will have.
  3. providing a method of contact that you will answer quickly.

Taking the first offer made to you, for your car

When you sell a car, you have to be a master negotiator. When you jump at a potential buyer’s first offer without making a counteroffer, you may be losing out on earning more money. You are the car seller and it's important to make a counteroffer.

Giving into pushy buyers

As a car seller, you are in charge of the sale of your car. This means, you control what happens. You should never have to deal with a pushy buyer. You are worthy of respect and dignity.

Not cleaning and preparing your car for sale

No one wants to buy a dirty car. So, you have to keep it clean in order to sell it. Don't forget to vacuum the insides, and remove all personal belongings.

how to sell a car in hawaii

How To Sell a car in Hawaii – Stay Safe!

When selling a car, your number one priority is to stay safe! Check out some tips we offer on ensuring your safety, during your car selling process!

1. Conversations are great. When selling your car, chances are that you use a multitude of channels to sell it, including online ads. While lots of people are honest, you have those persons that make a living out of scamming others. Insist on a conversation. You want to talk to, and eventually meet a live person. Scammers will email you for days, in an effort to set up a scam.

Be careful of anyone who offers to purchase your vehicle, sight unseen. If you can, try to someone in your area whom you can meet in person.

2. Be careful with that test drive. You want to make sure that you have an open and public area in which you meet the buyer, for a test drive. You may even opt to bring a friend or a family member to the test drive.

3. All transactions need to be safe. When meeting a buyer, you want to make sure you are in a safe place, always. For that transaction, decline any offer to transport a buyer to a bank, credit union or an ATM so that he or she can get funds for the payment.

You have a car to sell in Hawaii and we know you will sell it! With a solid process and game plan, you'll sell that car in no time! So, happy selling and Aloha!





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