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How to Safely Sell A Car? What Is the Safest Way to Sell A Car Privately? 

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If you're looking for how to safely sell a car? You need to screen all callers, plan for the test drive, prepare yourself for negotiation, choose the right location for the test drive, and get all paperwork signed and saved in a safe location. 

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Selling a car is not a simple task, and it might involve some risks of scams, robbery, fraud, if not physical attack. Although these extreme situations might happen, and selling a car can be a little dangerous, it's not always the case, and it should not deter you from selling your car through larger platforms like Craigslist or eBay motors.

According to Craigslist, there are billions of transactions for used cars selling with very limited violation incidences. This means that if you're wondering how to safely sell a car, you can do that by following simple tips and tricks and add a few safety precautions to stay on the safe side.

This article provides it with all what you need to know on how to Safely sell a car. These simple tips and tricks can help you get the most money out of your car while selling it safely. We also answer some relevant questions to help you eliminates any hassle in the car selling process. Finally, we provide you with a completely safe alternative for selling your car safely and for the most money. 

How to safely sell a car? 

 Our team has been in the market for decades now, and I can advise you with some recommendations to implement to sell your car safely. Let's take a closer look below: 

  • Consider screening the callers 

When you sell your used car, you must screen the callers carefully. You want to make sure that the buyer is serious about purchasing your vehicle, and the ads can't happen by only a text conversation. You need to have a call with the potential buyers so you can notice from the conversation whether he's serious about purchasing your vehicle or not.

You also need to consider selling your car to people within your local area as much as possible. It’s also recommended that you never accept checks out of state because it has the potential of scams.

Another tip you can implement when screening the callers is looking at their driver’s license. Many automotive experts recommend that you ask for the potential buyer's driver’s license before handing the keys because it helps you identify real buyers from scammers. 

  • Plan for the test drive

Usually, serious buyers will ask you to just regular people before purchasing this information by itself is very useful because a few months back, a buyer doesn't want to see the vehicle or test drive it's; it is a red flag that you should be aware of. 

Once you're ready for the test drive, it's important to select a public location where many people are around, and probably, we are videotaping is available. A bank or mall parking lot would be an ideal location.

Remember that many car sellers don't feel comfortable sitting by themselves with these strangers during the test drive. Therefore, it's also recommended that you have a family member, or a friend join you during the test drive.

Finally, never allow the buyer to just drive the vehicle by himself cause he can simply take the vehicle and run away. 

  • Get ready for price negotiation 

When the buyer is serious about purchasing your vehicle, they will most likely negotiate the price and ask for a lower offer. If you notice that the buyer accepts the price as is immediately or pays you, even more, this is a red flag that you should be careful about.

When negotiating the price, you need to select and ask for a fair price for both you and the buyer. For instance, you might need to refer to Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer to understand how much you can ask for your vehicle.

You need to also leave some room for negotiation and show the potential buyer that you're willing to drop the price slightly without underestimating your vehicle's value. 

  • Choose the right payment method 

One of the most famous scams about selling a car to private Buyers is the form of payment. It's very important to stick with nonpayment methods like cash or bank and credit union. You might also accept some online payment methods like PayPal or Zelle.

However, never accept a third-party payment method because it's most likely a scam. Many scammers would ask you to put the money in a third-party account that belongs to them, and once they take the vehicle, they run away without paying you. 

Most automotive experts suggest and encourage using cash payments as the best form of payment for selling any used cars, especially to private buyers.  

  • Get all your paperwork ready 

Depending on your state, there will be some people work required for any car selling transaction. Review your state’s requirements that should be available on your local DMV website.

Keep copies of every transaction and every paperwork in a safe place. Especially if you're selling a car in bad condition, this paperwork comes in handy if anything happens to the vehicle. 

How do I protect myself when selling a car? 

By implementing the techniques and tricks we mentioned in the previous section, you should be good and safe when selling your car. Here are some additional tips you can keep in mind as well:

  • Have a family member or friend close by when you negotiate the price and have the buyer test drive the vehicle
  • Never provide your personal information, and it should be the other way around because you will ask for the buyer’s information for ownership transfer
  • Meet with the buyer in a public location 
  • Make sure to take out any personal information from your vehicle before allowing the buyer to take the keys
  • Don't forget to cancel your insurance policy, so you don't hold liable for anything that happens to the vehicle 
  • Think of other alternatives that don't involve meeting strangers, like selling your car to a dealership or Cash Cars Buyer. 

What is the safest form of payment when selling a car? 

According to older experts, the safest form of payment when selling a car is cash. With cash payments, you don't have to worry about checks bouncing back your bank account. You also don't have to worry about long waiting time Phone call payments. 

Cash payments save you a lot of time and effort dealing with many scams. 

How do you avoid getting scammed when selling a car? 

In general, the techniques we indicated in the previous sections should be implemented together to help you prevent getting scammed by any car buyer. There are also some additional tips to help you prevent getting scanned, including:

  • Raise red flags when someone offers you a higher value than what you're asking for
  • Don't accept any form of coupons or bonuses in exchange for your vehicle
  • Make sure to meet with the buyer in a public place because unseen buyers are not trusted most of the time 
  • Never accept international payment options, and you recommended sell your car locally. 

Is it difficult to sell a car privately? 

Selling a car privately is very challenging because it requires certain skill sets and patience to get the right buyer to purchase your vehicle and pay you the dollars you're looking for.

For example, if you decided to sell your car through Craigslist, you must learn how to create an ad and sometimes pay some money for your ad to show up on the first page. Learning how to create an ad is not an easy process, and it takes time and effort.

Once creating your ad, dealing with private Buyers is a huge hassle because you must respond to emails, messages, and sometimes phone calls from many non-serious buyers. Thus, finding the right buyer can be a long journey, and if you don't have enough time, you might give up on selling your vehicle after a couple of phone calls.

Even if you were lucky enough and found a potential buyer, you will most likely have to reduce the price significantly to encourage the buyer to purchase your vehicle. Often, buyers would promise you to come at a certain time and location and never show up.

However, it's not impossible to find a private buyer, but it will take you some time and effort. If you're willing to put this time and effort, you will most likely find someone interested in purchasing your vehicle, especially if it's in good condition. 

What is the safest way to sell a car privately? 

If you're really looking for one simple way to get your car removed fast and for the most money, you'd better reach out to Cash Cars Buyer.

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated companies that guarantee to buy your car despite its type or condition. We are willing to remove your vehicle within one to three days, if not the same day, if that works for you.

The nice thing about our company is that we never let you down, and we will definitely remove your vehicle even if you don't have a title for any reason. If you can prove that you're the real owner of this vehicle, we can still buy it.

With more than decades of experience in the car selling industry, we know exactly how much your car is worth. We utilized the most advanced technology that allows us to compare your vehicle to the most recent transactions around your region to generate an offer reflecting the real value of your vehicle. 

These offers are generated within only 30 seconds, which means that you don't have to worry about wasting any time trying to sell your vehicle. You don't have to have any previous skill sets to get the offer because you don't need to create any advertising or learn anything to get your vehicle removed. 

If you're concerned about meeting strangers in your private property, the good news is that all Cash Cars Buyer car removal specialists are background checked, which means that you know exactly who you are dealing with. 

Finally, Cash Cars Buyer prefers cash payments to reduce the hassle in the car selling process and to eliminate any concerns related to checks bouncing back from your bank account or any other frustration in payment methods. 

Here's how our process works: 

  • Provide a basic description of your vehicle's type and condition.
  • Receive our instant offer, which is usually generated in 30 seconds. Once you're happy with this offer, you can go ahead and accept it to move forward with our process. 
  • Get your vehicle removed and receive your cash payment immediately on the spot! If you don't have a title, we will ask you to show some paperwork proving your ownership. 


Selling a car privately should not be a complicated job. However, it might involve some risks of fraud or robbery is not a physical attack.

This article provided you with simple prevention precautions you cannot implement to prevent undesirable outcomes when selling your used car through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay motors.

If you're not comfortable dealing with any potential scams, we always advise you to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer who can buy your vehicle and hand you the cash payment within one to three days! 

Cash Cars Buyer is one of the top-rated car removal companies in the nation that guarantees to pay you the top dollars and will provide you with free towing despite your living location around the United States. 

Our process is very straightforward and doesn't take more than a couple of days to get your vehicle removed safely and for the most money. 

To learn more about our process and our team, you can reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer.

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