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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Changing Seasons? 

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If you're wondering how to prepare your vehicle for changing seasons, preparation can differ depending on the season. For example, most seasons require inspecting the tires, the battery, the different fluid levels, etc. However, some seasons might require inspecting certain components like checking the heating system before winter whereas checking the AC system before summer.  

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It's important for you as a driver to maintain a good running vehicle all year around. When seasons change, your vehicle is not expected to act the same, and you will notice a big difference, especially when the road condition changed significantly. 

Understanding how to prepare for each season is an important skill set that can help you prevent undesirable situations. Therefore, if you think that treating winter the same as summer, don't be surprised when you see that your car is acting up at any of these seasons.

This article provides you with automotive expert advice about how to prepare for winter, spring, summer, and full driving. It highlights the main items and components to check before each season, along with other considerations to keep in mind when planning for your rides. 

How do I prepare my car for winter driving? 

Winter is almost one of the most critical seasons that you must prepare for, especially if you drive in areas where it snows heavily or rains heavily. Therefore, here is a quick checklist to keep in mind when planning for your winter:

  • Inspect the tires 

Before winter approaches, you need to inspect the tires and make sure they have enough tread to prevent slipping. It is also recommended that you perform tire rotation every time you change your vehicle's oil. 

A quick test called the “penny test” can help you determine what your tires are ready for winter or not. This test can be done at home without needing any toolsets. All you need is just a penny. Once you're ready, insert the penny inside the tire treads and check if you can't see Lincoln’s head. If you still see the head, it indicates that your tires are due for rotation or replacement. 

Another thing to check in your tires is the tire pressure. Many of us might miss this important step, leading to difficult situations when riding in snow or slippery roads. Therefore, use the proper tool to check your vehicle's pressure and see if it changes over time of use. Sometimes there might be an issue with the tire that makes it lose pressure quickly, indicating that these stars need to replace or need checkups. 

Finally, if you know that your winter is very harsh and there's a lot of snow, it might be worth investing in snow tires to help prevent difficult situations, including major car accidents. There are also some options for all seasons tires that might be a little pricey, but it is something to keep in mind when planning your winter. 

  • Check the fluids levels 

When winter approaches, it might be a great time for you now to confirm that you have enough anti-freeze and you have the proper oil level. Many of the vehicle’s fluids might freeze during winter, which means that you might even need to add some additives to prevent frozen fuel or oil. 

You need to confirm that there are no leaks in the cooling system or any other fluids within your vehicle because it can be a little hard to detect these leaks, especially if the fluids freeze out in the pipes. 

  • Inspect your battery 

A dead battery is a very common situation in most vehicles around wintertime. Therefore, the last thing you want to deal with is getting stuck in nowhere without any help just because you're better; it doesn't work properly.

It could be that the battery is approaching its end of a lifetime, which means that you'd better check the battery before winter approaches and confirm that it still has enough time to cover the entire winter season. If the battery is in bad condition, it is recommended that you replace it immediately to prevent dealing with stressful situations in the winter. 

  • Confirm that the heater works properly 

Finally, the heater will be a very handy and most useful component in the winter season. Therefore, don't leave it till the last minute and make sure that the heating system works properly.

If your vehicle is also equipped with some heating tools like those linked to the steering wheel or the heated seats, it might be the right time to inspect them and make sure that they work properly. Although some of these items might not be essential, it can be frustrating to deal with these components when it's freezing outside. 

How do I prepare my car for spring driving? 

While spring might sound like a very nice season, it also has its challenges when driving. Depending on where you live, spring can be very wet, and it might be involved with many heavy rain events that require some preparation.

Here are some of the items to check for before starting this spring season:

  • Inspect the wipers and the fluid reservoir 

Since wipers are expected to be used a lot during the spring season when it rains, you need to check that you have the right wipers and work properly. If you notice that the wipers are broken, it's recommended that you replace them immediately because it can be extremely hard to see when it's raining a lot.

  • Check the tires pressure and treads 

Like preparing for winter, you will still need to check the tires and make sure they once cause you and measure accidents just because they slipped on heavy rain. Thus, perform the penny tests and check that you have enough threads in your tires. Also, consider checking the tire pressure that's only when preparing for the winter or spring season and on a weekly if not a daily basis.

If you notice that the tires are not in good condition, you must perform either tire rotation or replacement if necessary. 

  • Check the battery 

When spring approaches, you bet it might be tired of all the stress it's been through during wintertime. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform a quick inspection of your battery and make sure that there are no signs of corrosion or battery leaks, or any trouble impacting your driving experience. 

Sometimes, if the battery gets exposed to moisture, a lot of corrosion can build up on the battery terminals, impacting your vehicle's overall performance. 

  • Perform oil change 

It could be the right time already for your vehicle's next oil change bought; it doesn't hurt to take a second look at the oil and see if it's worth changing it in preparation for spring or not. 

There are plenty of repair shops that provide certain discounts during certain seasons, which means that you're recommended to shop for any available discounts and take advantage of them. 

How do I prepare my car for summer driving? 

Summer is typically associated with higher temperatures that could impact your vehicle's performance. Therefore, there are certain items you need to prepare for to get ready for your summer trips:

  • Inspect the tire and the tire pressure 

Since summer comes with its high temperature, it's important to confirm that your vehicle's tire pressure is not exceeding the right amount. Sometimes you might even need to inflate the tires slightly to prevent trouble. 

  • Check the brakes and the braking system 

If you plan for road trips, inspecting the braking system is a must, even for shorter commuting. With a higher temperature and with your vehicle tired of previous seasons, it might be the right time now to replace the tire pads and check the rotors. Also, keep an eye and listen for any weird noises coming from the braking system that could indicate an issue with the internal items. 

  • Inspect the battery 

Before you start any trips during your summer, it is also good to confirm that you have the right battery and will not throw orange on your summer road trip. You might also want to tighten the connections and inspect the terminals for any signs of corrosion. 

  • Confirm that you have the right fluid levels 

Aside from confirming that you have the right fluid levels, coolant is one of the most critical ones to keep in mind. With the extreme temperatures in certain locations, coolant might evaporate or white dropped due to various reasons. Therefore, engine overheating is one of the most stressful situations that men drivers might experience.

The worst thing about engine overheating is that it can lead to complete engine destruction in no time. Thus, to prevent such a situation, take a closer look at your cooling system and make sure it hasn't had any problem. 

Sometimes coolant leaks might not be obvious because coolant could have been evaporating continuously, making the process a little more challenging to detect for problems within your cooling system. Thus, it might be worth having your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic in preparation for your summer. 

How do I prepare my car for fall driving? 

Finally, fall comes with its challenges, and driving with all leaves falling and night coming earlier; we might not be fully prepared for this season. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through the following checklist to get the best out of your fall driving experience: 

  • Inspect the tires 

Like the previous season’s preparations, you want to make sure that you have the right tires in tire pressure and trends. 

  • Check the wipers 

Fall might also have some discrete rain events or probably snow events in certain areas. Therefore, you will need to have properly working wipers. Therefore, inspect them and, in short, replace them if necessary. 

Also, with old leaves falling and other contaminants around the roads, you might need to use the wipers frequently to clean the windows and make sure that you have the right visibility. 

  • Confirm that you have a working heating system 

Although it's not winter, fall can be a little chilly. Therefore, we want to ensure that your heating system works properly before getting surprised in colder full mornings.

The heating system can be more important if you drive kids in the morning where they're not used to the lower temperatures approaching winter. 

  • Check your vehicle's headlights 

When fall approaches, you notice that you're not ready for nights coming earlier than summer. Therefore, having a working headlight can be very handy to prevent dealing with safety situations. 


Changing seasons impacts your driving experience in many ways. It's important for you as a driver to prepare your vehicle differently for each season to get the most out of your driving experience.

Preparing for most seasons involves confirming that you have the right tires treads and pressure, ensuring that you have the right fluids levels, inspecting the car's battery, etc. However, some systems might require checking for certain items. For example, before winter, you want to make sure that you have a perfectly running heating system, whereas, before summer, you want to make sure that you have the right AC system.

Despite any preparation for seasons, if you don't have the minimum working vehicle, your driving experience can be very challenging. Therefore, before you approach a season that involves challenges in driving, like winter, it might be the right time for you to sell your car and purchase a better vehicle that can handle your harsh winter. Therefore, you're recommended to reach out to Cash Cars Buyer, who can only remove your card within one to three days!

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