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How to Negotiate with Car Insurance Adjuster? Secret Tips to Follow! 

How to Negotiate with Car Insurance Adjuster

If you're looking for how to negotiate with a car insurance adjuster? You need to initiate the claim as fast as possible, keep records of details about the car accident, determine the total claim worth, prepare the demand letter, negotiate the first proposed offer by the insurance company, provide reasonings for increasing the offer, keep things in a written format, and hire an attorney if needed. 

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After a car accident, dealing with insurance companies can be a little challenging, especially if you were injured or your vehicle got significantly affected by accident. The good news is that you're here and reading this article and anything else after that should not be a problem.

As a driver, whether you got involved in an accident before or not, it is a must to understand how to negotiate with car insurance adjusters. The process can be overwhelming in some scenarios. If that's the case, you might need to hire a professional lawyer to deal with the insurance company, especially if you felt they refused to pay for your claim or provided very little help.

The one thing to keep in mind is that all insurance companies are trying to profit from your claim. Unsurprisingly, they will usually start with providing you with the minimum amount of money for your claim as fast as possible. Thus, with this in the back of your head, you need to be patient enough to negotiate with the insurance company using the right negotiation points.

This article provides you with some secret tips on how to negotiate with car insurance adjusters. Even if you didn't have any previous experience, these tips should be very handy and can get you out of the negotiation conversation comfortably while achieving successful results. 

How to negotiate with car insurance adjusters? 

Negotiation was your insurance adjuster, not very different from any negotiation conversation. Is a skill that you can develop over time, and it won't happen in one day. However, by implementing the following secret tips, you should go through the conversation and achieve successful results:

  • Start the claim immediately

One of the most important tips we like to give you here is the start the claim as soon as possible and immediately after the car accident. Initiating the claim immediately can help you provide the insurance company with the exact details and the most accurate information you might miss after a couple of weeks, if not months.

By initiating the claim early, you also allow the insurance company to set up all necessary paperwork and not delay processing purposes.

There are obviously situations where you can't initiate the claim early because you are either injured, or an important family member got injured. Whenever you can get in touch with the insurance company, do it to prevent delays in getting everything fixed under the insurance coverage. 

  • Save all paperwork in a safe place 

It's important to keep a record of every piece of paperwork that could go into the negotiation process. Whether you got a police report, repair bills, doctor visits, etc., you must put them together in a safe place.

In most liars, you might end up fixing your vehicle out of your pocket before getting a refund from the insurance company, especially if you will need to use the car immediately. Therefore, having all bills and other receipts in a safe place can come in handy when you talk to the insurance adjuster. 

  • Understand your claim worth 

Before having a conversation with the insurance adjuster, you need to calculate the total claim worth that you believe is right. Do not overestimate or underestimate the expenses, and calculations should be done properly.

There are several things to consider when you're calculating the total claim worth, including:

  • Calculate the total money is spent on medical care 
  • Put together I determination on how much income you lose while recovering from the car accident
  • Determine whether you got permanently disabled or you will need a long-term medical assistance
  • Document any pain or other sort of suffering you're experiencing after the accident
  • Calculate the total money you paid on repair costs or vehicle replacements 
  • Determine the total costs for fixing any property damages, if any 
  • Prepare the demand letter

Once you're done with calculating total expenses and losses, it's time now to put together a demand letter to the insurance company.

In your demand letter, you need to tell all the details about the accident story. You must explain how the accident happened, the document I need medical expenses and treatment, list who got injured, explain any long-term health issues, describe exactly your vehicle's damages, indicates any property damages as well.

After the story, you need to put the number you calculated in the previous step indicating the total claim worth you are asking for.

Most likely, the insurance company will never accept the number you asked for, and they will usually offer you a much lower number. That's when you must use old evident documents to push back on their offer and request at least 25% more than what they offered you. Some people might even request up to 100% more than the insurance offer once they are confident that the claim is worth it. 

  • Allow the insurance company to provide a second offer 

An important tactic about dealing with the insurance adjusters is never to accept the first offer. As we indicated before, their first offer will be much lower than what you asked for. Therefore, ask the insurance company to provide you with some evidence and explain why they are providing you with a much lower offer than what you asked for.

When they respond to you, explain why you're not happy with their explanation by using some evidence explaining why they should pay you more.

It's also recommended that you still drop your ask price slightly but not immediately. Allow the insurance company to respond first and see what they offer the next time. Again, you can't ask for a higher offer if you don't have certain documentation to back up the numbers. 

  • Focus on what's important 

When you get the chance to negotiate the claim worth with the insurance adjuster, make sure to focus on what really matters. For instance, don't waste your time on tiny things that won't make a big difference in your final claim. Instead, focus on items like the total losses you're dealing with after sitting from your job for an extended time. Another even stronger point would be focusing on any injuries that might affect you long term.

The more you iterate on these important items, the more the insurance adjuster is willing to negotiate the price with you and increase their offer. 

  • Document the conversation

Nothing can be settled if you relied only on a verbal conversation. In other words, whatever the insurance adjuster promised you should be documented in original format, and signed by the adjuster, and sometimes by you as well.

Ensure to take notes about everything you discuss with the insurance adjuster and ask the adjuster to send you a letter indicating and summarizing what you have discussed in detail. 

  • Be ready to hire a lawyer if things needed 

If you realize that the conversation with the insurance adjuster did not lead to any solution, and the settlement agreement is still not fair, it might be the right time now to hire A specific attorney.

There are plenty of larger companies you can reach out to, and some of them are not very expensive to hire who can help you negotiate the price with the insurance company. Keep in mind that you won't get to this point in most scenarios, but it's just a piece of information to keep in the back of your head if things are required. 

What should you not say to an insurance adjuster? 

One of the first recommendations you never want to say to the adjuster is that it's your fault. The insurance adjuster is looking for any little reasoning to reduce the offer as much as possible. When you say that you're very sorry about what happened and it was all your fault, the insurance adjuster will take it as an advantage to reduce the liability. 

You don't have to provide any explanation about how the accident happened to your insurance company for it. They need basic information about when the accident happened and what type of damages resulted from the accident.

You also don't want to say that you're feeling OK, which can be a very common response to how are you question. Sometimes you might say that you're OK, but you're hurt after the car accident, and saying you are OK indicates that the insurance company should not pay you for anything related to medical care. Thus, be careful about what exactly you're saying when talking to the insurance adjuster. 

Keep in mind that you need to avoid any recorded statements when talking to the insurance adjusters. Many trans companies will tell you that they are trying to help you by recording the conversation, especially when they're initial conversations. However, that's not recommended, and you can easily refuse to get your phone call recorded without any harm to your claim or policy. 

It's never recommended to provide any written explanation about what happened exactly in the accident because it's not part of the paperwork needed for your insurance company to finalize the claim. 

Finally, be aware that the insurance adjuster is looking for any details to help him reduce the liability as much as possible. Some of these details might be looking through your medical history in detail to find reasoning for not paying for any medical care expenses that you had to deal with when you got through the car accident. 


Learning how to negotiate with a car insurance adjuster is a must for any driver. Drivers likely get involved in car accidents at least once in their lives. Therefore, being proactive and preparing for such a situation while not under the stress of their car accidents can be very handy.

This article provided you with simple tips to go through the negotiation process and achieve very successful results. Some of these tips include initiating the claim as soon as possible, maintaining all detailed documentation about the accident in a safe place, determining the total fair settlement offer worth, preparing the demand letter, and sending it to the insurance company, negotiating the first proposed offer by the insurance company, determining reasons when you're not happy with the offer. You would like an increase, put everything in written format, and hire an attorney if needed. 

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