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How to Lower Teenage Car Insurance? 10 Simple Tricks

How to Lower Teenage Car Insurance? 10 Simple Tricks

If you're wondering how to lower teenage car insurance? You need to consider improving your teen’s grade, have your teen take safety classes, get a safer car, purchase an older car, add electronic monitoring systems, shop for multiple offers, and look for multi-policy discounts. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

According to experts, insurance bills become double immediately after your team starts driving. You are a teen who has been waiting for a long time to get his driver’s license, and once he got it, you got surprised with the insurance bills.

One of the very common questions that we receive all the time from parents of no teenagers is “how to lower teenage car insurance?”

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to help you save on you are teens in trends, and we will cover ten simple tricks in this article. Keep in mind that you need to refer to your insurance policy and check whether they provide the discounts we will mention in this article. 

Why is teenage car insurance expensive? 

The general, teenage insurance is significantly more expensive than parents’ insurance, And that's not surprising.

Most insurance companies build their rates based on the driver’s potential of getting involved in car accidents. For example, if you are not a teenager and don't have the best driving records, you will still get a very expensive entrance rate.

In the same fashion, since teenagers might not be ready and don't have the required experience to be safe, insurance companies assume that they have a much higher risk of getting involved in car accidents than their parents.

How is the teenage car insurance increase differ nationally? 

According to recent studies, you will see a significant increase in your premium immediately after adding your teen in most states. Some of these increases or higher in some states versus the others; some states even might have further increases depending on your team's gender.

The average increase in insurance policies when adding teams is about 79.73%. However, this number might vary from state to state. For example, New Hampshire is considered the most expensive state when it comes to insurance rates. New Hampshire increases the insurance policy by 115% when adding your routine. 

On the other hand, Hawaii only increases your policy by 16.83% when adding your 10 to your premium. Similarly, New York does not increase family premiums when adding teens and only increases it by 53.03%. 

Interestingly, some states might even have a different increase when you're adding a female versus a male to your premium. For instance, you might see an increase in your premium by about 92% when adding a male teen witch much higher than the 67% increase when you're adding a female tour premium policy.

Many states do not differ in the increase of their insurance policies when you're adding a male versus a female. Some of the biggest states that don't have a difference in be increased my gender R Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Massachusetts. 

How to lower teenage car insurance?

Many parents find it challenging to hear about the increase in an insurance policy when adding their teenagers. Luckily, many insurance policies offer some discounts and programs to help lower your final insurance bill; some of these discounts are covered in the list below 

Our team conducted an in-depth review of all available tips that you can follow to lower the insurance bill as much as you can when adding your team; Let's take a closer look below

  • Better grades

If you don't know already, multiple insurance companies provide discounts for students achieving an average B grade or higher; Thus, by just having your teenager focusing on his or her grades, you can easily get a much lower insurance policy. 

Keep in mind that these offers are not always available in all companies, which means that you might need to review your current insurance company and check whether they have these offers or not. If they don't, you might need to shop for another insurance package from a different company that you've been using all the time,

That can be a challenge, especially if you are currently happy with your insurance policy. Achieving both good insurance coverage and grade discounts can be challenging and will take some time and effort. 

  • Safety classes

Some insurance companies provide discounts for teens who take certain safety classes. Check with your insurance company if they have such offers and request the same safety class they are looking for.

You can't easily get up to a 15% discount on your premium by just having your team take the safety class. 

  • College bounds

In some situations, and when your teens are moving away from you, you might not need to add them to your premium policy, which means that they can have their policy in their town. Your insurance company might provide you with some discounts temporarily before your team leaves your area.

Some insurance companies provide good discounts to encourage teams to stay or return to their hometown after finishing their education; thus, you might need to consider that as well. 

  • Safer vehicles

Whether it's for you or your team, it's known that insurance companies provide good discounts for vehicles with good safety features. 

Therefore, when you're shopping for a new vehicle or your team, it is important to consider reviewing the vehicle safety ratings.

For example, you might need to consider adding a blind spot detection system, daytime running lights, electronic stability control, etc.

Before adding any of these features, you need to check with the insurance company to consider these additional safety features and provide them with an extra discount. 

  • Older cars

In general, they are driving an older car costume less than driving your luxury family car. Therefore, many parents find it easier for them to have their teens drive older cars, so they don't have to worry about high insurance rates or expensive repair costs.

  • Driving monitors 

Did you know that there are some driving monitors you can install on your teen’s vehicle? These monitors keep an eye for the driver’s speed and hours,

Some insurance companies might provide you with certain discounts just by adding these driving monitors to your teen’s car.

  • Multiple offers 

By now, you know that teams in terms of rates are expensive here. Therefore, before making a final decision about choosing a certain insurance company, you need to shop around and get multiple offers.

Many parents find it easier to put their teams on their existing insurance policy. However, it might take them some time and effort to shop for a different company, but this will save them a ton down the road.

Therefore have, consider at least getting three different offers from multiple companies and make a comparison. Don't forget to check the insurance coverage and ensure that it does what you're looking for. 

  • Higher comprehensive 

Another thing you can try is increasing the comprehensive enough to reach $1000. Some companies might offer you a discount just by increasing the comprehensive.

On the other hand, some parents might even drop the deductibles completely, especially if their vehicles are not modern and are not worth any repairs. The only one to keep in mind is that it will be your responsibility to deal with all the extra amount whenever you make any claim

  • Multi-policy discounts 

Do you have home insurance? Do you know that you can get a good discount if you combine your home and car insurance under the same carrier?

Check with your insurance company and see if they can offer you a multi-policy discount that will help lower your teenage car insurance. 

  • Good training 

The last thing we need to cover here is giving your teams the best training, your teams will copy your driving style, and it's the first step for you to teach them how to drive and prevent paying high costs on insurance companies.

You need to clarify to your teens that companies can be extremely expensive if they did not obey the regulations, and things get worse every time they get a violation. 

What is the cheapest way to insure a teenage driver? 

Unfortunately, teenagers in terms are always expensive. No matter what, there will be at least double what you're paying for her graph; however, if you're looking for the cheapest way to insure your teenagers, you'd better add them to your premium. Purchasing separate insurance for your teen can be extremely expensive, and none of the automotive experts advise for it.

Remember that no matter how much you shop for the lowest insurance policy, it will still be within a certain expensive rate, and you will never get it to where your insurance rate is at. 

Should I make my teenager pay for car insurance? 

Answering this question depends heavily on your own circumstances. However, what we can do here is to give you the advice to help you are teen improve their driving style and become more responsible.

Most automotive experts recommend that you allow your team to pay for their insurance. This way, they learned that any mistake would cost them a lot, and the more they violate the regulations, the more their insurance policy cost will increase. 

According to experts, if you assisted your team and paid for their driving expenses, you're not helping them much. When the team works hard to collect money for the gasoline, the insurance, and repairs, they will learn to be more responsible and pay attention to every action they make around the road. This way, you help your team become more responsible and help save people's lives around the road. 

How much does your chance go up after adding a teenager? 

As we indicated before it, the increase you'll see in your premium depends heavily on the location where you live and depending on the state itself. For example, you might need to pay as high as 140% of your current premium. This translates to about $2000 on average per year. 

Is it cheaper to be on parent’s car insurance? 

If you are younger than 25 years old, it's much cheaper to stay on your parent’s insurance policy. However, after reaching the age of 25, you can get your own insurance policy because rates will not be much different. 


Most parents find it a little challenging to deal with expensive insurance policies when adding their teams to their premium package. However, they are plenty of things you can implement to help lower teenage car insurance,

This article provided you with a list of multiple methods that you can implement to get the best deal for your teenage entrance policy.

If you are a teenager is driving a car that had a lot of problems, the insurance policy might be a little pricey for you. That being said, it might be the right time now to evaluate whether you would like to sell his car and buy a better one. It has more safety features so that it can save you a ton on insurance policies.

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