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How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak? 7 Signs and Repairs

Symptoms of A Blown Transmission

If you're searching for ‘how to know if your car has a transmission fluid leak,' below are the seven common signs:

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  • Red fluid puddles
  • Burning smell
  • Transmission slipping
  • Weird transmission noises
  • Warning lights
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Difficulty shifting gears

The transmission is a core component in any vehicle, and if it's not functioning properly, the vehicle will not operate. You might deal with further complications that require costly repairs.

It's important to keep up with every component within your transmission and, most importantly, the transmission fluid. This fluid must always be maintained within the right quantity and quality.

Transmission fluid leaks are very common, and when they happen, they'll lead to many complications that might cost you the entire transmission if not caught early. You need to understand the main symptoms indicating transmission fluid leaks.

This article highlights the seven most common transmission fluid leak symptoms that could help you detect the problem as early as possible so you can fix it before it impacts the entire transmission.

How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak?

As you might already know, the transmission fluid is a significant component in your transmission. If it's not maintained at the right quantity and quality, your transmission will not function. If you're driving a manual transmission, the fluid becomes even more critical in the transmission functionality.

The following list summarizes the seven most common symptoms indicating that your vehicle suffers from transmission fluid leaks:

What to do with a vehicle that has transmission fluid leaks?

If you confirm that your vehicle has problems with transmission fluid leaks, you must take the right action. The following list summarizes what options are available for you to address the problem before it gets out of hand:

1-   Inspect the fluid levels

Before you even proceed with any potential repairs, you cannot check at the beginning to see if your transmission fluid is at the optimum level. Sometimes, you might have enough transmission fluid to drive your car to the nearest shop, even with a minor fluid leak.

However, if you confirm that the fluid is below the minimum point, you must consult your mechanic before driving this vehicle a single inch. Otherwise, there might be a risk of getting the transmission damaged completely.

2-   Check for puddles

If you're not confident there is a transmission fluid leak, you can perform a visual inspection underneath the vehicle. If you confront that there are reddish puddles of fluids, you'll most likely be dealing with a transmission fluid leak.

Remember that regardless of where this float is coming from, address the problem because, typically, the equipment and the component associated with this fluid will go bad in no time if you ignore the issue.

For instance, if what's dripping underneath the car is engine oil, then it's even worse. The motor oil leak indicates that your engine might go out quickly. It does; you must take fluid leaks seriously.

Fluid Leaking From Car

3-   Address the leak

If you confirm that your transmission has a fluid leak, you must address the problem immediately. This might involve using certain repair kits that you might find commercially at any auto shop, but in some instances, you might need to consult your mechanic, who has the better equipment and tools.

4-   Keep up with regular maintenance

Whenever automotive experts discuss the topic of fluid leaks, regardless of which leak it's about, they always like to remind you of regular maintenance because, typically, you won't suffer from fluid leaks without missing important, regular maintenance.

For example, suppose you've been taking care of the transmission fluid and flushing it whenever needed. In that case, it's unlikely that you'll deal with transmission fluid leaks unless something is happening to the vehicle part itself.

How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak

5-   Keep an eye on overheating

Usually, when the transmission doesn't have enough fluids, you might experience transmission overheating. This can be a serious issue; if not immediately, it might damage the entire transmission.

That's why automotive experts also remind you to keep up with any potential symptoms indicating early signs of transmission overheating. The Earlier you detect the problem, the easier it is for you to fix it without installing major components.

6-   Consult a mechanic

As we indicated earlier, sometimes your transmission problems might be beyond your ability to fix. For example, if the leak is very severe and shows some major cracks in the pathways where the fluid is running, it is a professional job, and you should leave it to them.

How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak

How much does it cost to fix transmission fluid leaks?

It can be a little bit hard to tell how much to expect for fixing your transmission leaks. This is because things differ depending on the damage's severity, your vehicle type, and the location where you get the job done.

However, if you're looking for rough estimates about how much to expect, below is a simple general breakdown:

1-   Fixed transmission fluid leaks yourself

The easiest thing about repairing minor problems in your transmission is to rely on DIYs or commercial hits that provide you with some help. Typically, those should cost you somewhere between $50 and 2500.

2-   Fix transmission fluid leaks at an independent shop

However, suppose your problem is more complicated and requires professional help, like fixing the transmission pan or performing transmission flush and other items. In that case, you might expect slightly higher repair costs that could climb between $150.00 and $600.

3-   A complete transmission replacement

Finally, if your transmission fluid leak has to do with a complete transmission failure, repair costs will definitely be much higher than what you're anticipating. According to experts, replacing a transmission might cost you close to $4000, if not more, depending on your vehicle type and condition.

Not that the breakdown provider did not include any information about the labor cost because it could be a significant component, especially if you decided to go to a dealership to get the vehicle repaired. However, it's not recommended that you save on labor costs by going to a mechanic who doesn't know what he's doing in your vehicle because this might introduce some major problems to the car.

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Should I fix my car with transmission fluids or sell it instead?

It all depends. Automotive experts do not provide you with a general final recommendation about whether you should sell or fix your car if it has transmission fluid leaks because it all depends on the severity of the problem and the expected repair costs.

As are all thumb, if repair costs are costing you somewhere close to 75% or more of your vehicle value, that's when you might want to sell the car instead because that's not worth it. After all, it won't add any value to your vehicle.

For example, suppose your car is worth $3000, and your mechanic mentioned that you need to replace the transmission for $2000. In that case, it is more than what is worth for this vehicle, and you should consider selling it instead of wasting your money.

Note that it's important to evaluate your vehicle's repairs completely. In other words, you shouldn't only focus on the repair cost for addressing the transmission leak. Instead, it would be best if you didn't consider all your vehicle needs additional repairs, including any potential oil changes.

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How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak

How to Know If Your Car Has a Transmission Fluid Leak? Final Thoughts

Transmission fluid leaks are major problems and can easily damage the entire transmission in no time. Therefore, it is important for you as a core owner to understand what symptoms look for when this transmission has some fluid leaks.

The article summarized the seven most common symptoms indicating that your transmission has a problem related to transmission fluid leaks. If you confirm these symptoms, you must consult your mechanic and have him fix the issue before it gets complicated.

Remember that fixing a transmission with fluid leaks can be costly. If that's the case, it might be worth selling your vehicle rather than wasting your money trying to get this work vehicle to work, especially if it has other problems.

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