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How To Get Cigar Smell Out Of A Car- How Long Does It Take For Cigar Smell To Go Away?

How To Get Cigar Smell Out Of A Car- How Long Does It Take For Cigar Smell To Go Away?

The smell of cigar in a car can infuriate you when you want to get rid of it. What can you use? How well will your cleaning supplies and items work? What will you do about the folks who smoke a cigar in your car? We have sound tips on how to get cigar smell out of a car- and we hope that you’ll find the information useful! 

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What gets rid of cigar smell?

Check out some of the best home remedies we have compiled, that others swear by- when it’s time to get rid of cigar smell out of a car. 

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a great agent in getting rid of the cigar smell out of a car. The baking soda will absorb the smell and create freshness for your car. Gather a box of baking soda. Sprinkle it on your car seats, car floor car mats and even in between the seats. Allow it to sit for a while. If you can allow it to sit overnight, that will be even better. After it has sat on the surfaces for a bit, then take a vacuum and be sure to vacuum where you placed the baking soda. You may have to apply the baking soda a few times, to eliminate the cigar smell. 

White Vinegar 

Another method of getting rid of cigar smell out of a car is using white vinegar. You can grab a spray bottle and spray the white vinegar on the car’s surfaces. You can also grab your bottle of white vinegar and pour some in a few bowls. Then, place the bowls in different areas of the car. You can set some bowls on the floor and even on the ground. Similar to the baking soda, the vinegar will absorb the stench of the cigar smell. 

Cat/Kitty Litter

Another agent effective in getting rid of that cigar smell is using cat litter. Just like the baking soda, the cat litter will absorb the lingering cigar smoke odor. Gather your litter and pour some in a bowl and leave that bowl for two days and allow the agents in the litter to absorb the cigar smell. If you can do this overnight, that would be ideal. 

With these methods, you may have to use them more than once, depending on how deep the smell of the cigar smell is. 

How long does cigar smell last in a car?

For many, the smell of cigar can last up to two days. For some car owners, the smell can last longer. The key in getting rid of the smell fast, is to apply agents that work and keep applying them till the smell dissolves. You may not get the results you want with just one application of anything. So, be patient and allow remedies to work,  and with several applications. 

How do you get smoke smell out of car vents?

We all know that cigar smoke may smell bad, but the chemicals that the smoke releases will stay long after they have put the cigar out. Another important tip to remember when looking to remove cigar smoke from your car, is to use eco-friendly products. Anything you place in your car vent has to come out and you will breathe in anything that you insert in the vent. You may need a few specialized products. So, take the time to read labels and be sure you’re using products that are not damaging. Another factor to consider is your allergies. Are you allergic to particular ingredients? This is another reason you want to read labels and be sure you are using items healthy for you and your surroundings. Check out our steps below! 


Park your car, make sure it is off, roll up the windows, and gather a spray bottle that has an agent in it that will absorb the smoke. Our favorites are white vinegar and baking soda mixed with spring water. You want to make sure you have your bottle set to “mist”. You want that fine mist to penetrate inside of the car vent. 


With your spray bottle and “mist” setting, be sure to spray directly into the vent. A good 10-20 sprays should be sufficient.  Be sure that your car vents are not entirely wet-thus the “mist” setting. You also must your spray to spray the car floors, seats in between the seats and other flat surfaces.  And be sure to get underneath the car seats. Remember that the cigar smoke smell is under there. Spray under the passenger seat and your driver seat. 


As you turn on your car, you can turn on the vents. Give the vents at least 10-15 minutes to run after you have sprayed. Then close the door. And wait.  After time is up, there should be less cigar smell. If you still smell an odor, wait a few and then repeat. You may have to do this a few times. 


After spraying, gather a bowl and some white vinegar. Be sure you have a sturdy bowl. Pour the vinegar into the bowl. Then, sit the bowl on the seat or a strong surface inside of the car and leave in the car overnight. Make sure that your car’s windows are up. Depending on the smell of the cigar smell, you may need a few bowls and place them in various areas in the car.  For example, you may leave two blows on the floor of the front area of the car and two bowls in the back of the car, on opposite sides of the car.  By morning, smell less cigar. 

What about dryer sheets? 

Dryer sheets can help get rid of cigar smell, but they just may mask the smell. They smell great, but they may not devour the smell. 

How To Get Cigar Smell Out Of A Car- Tackling Leather Seats   

Instead of cloth seats, you have leather seats and you have cigar smoke trapped in there. It’s important to note that you want to do a patch test on your leather to ensure that it can handle the agents we mention for cigar smoke removal. Assuming that your leather seats can handle the agents below, keep reading! 

Rubbing Alcohol 

Rubbing Alcohol is a great agent effective in removing cigar smoke from leather. Grab an empty and clean spray bottle. Fill it with the alcohol. Gather a micro-fiber cloth, or any soft cloth. Spray your alcohol onto the cloth and wipe. You will smell less cigar smell and more freshness. You may have to apply your alcohol a few times for effective treatment. 


Similar to the rubbing alcohol, you want to take a spray bottle filled with your vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the cloth and begin wiping. 

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is great for removing smells out of leather seats. The key is to let it sit on the leather. The longer it sits, the better it is at absorbing the smell out of the seats. So, get your box of baking soda. Next, sprinkle it on your seats. Allow it to sit overnight if you can. If not, try a few hours. After the baking soda has sat on top of the leather for a time, vacuum all the baking soda up. You may have to apply the baking soda to your leather a few times in order for this treatment to be effective. 

Will an ozone machine remove smoke smell?

Using an ozone machine is one of the most popular methods of removing smoke. We recommend that you seek professional help for this method. While ozone is a powerful oxidizer effective in neutralizing odorous molecules, it does so by releasing additional oxygen into the atmosphere.  It’s important to note that ozone is an odor remover, but not an “air purifier.” Since people should not be present when an ozone generator operating, therefore we recommend you consulting a professional. Ozone is most effective in a controlled environment. 

How To Get Cigar Smell Out Of A Car- A Thorough Cleaning! 

When you have that dreaded cigar smoke smell in your car, it is no fun to keep entering your vehicle, with that ugly smell! So, not only do you want to get rid of the smoke smell in the car, but you have to give your car a thorough cleaning! 

The doors and handles 

Don’t forget that your door handles and interior doors need a thorough cleaning too. Whether they are carpet or leather lined, you need to wipe or vacuum them down. So, gather your cloth and get wiping! Or gather your vacuum and begin vacuuming. Performing this action only once, may not be effective. You may have to perform this task a few times 

Steering wheel 

Yes, your steering wheel is trapping some of that cigar smell. So don’t forget to wipe it down. 

Front panel and console of your car 

As you’re trying to eliminate the cigar smell, don’t forget to wipe down your console and front panel. So, take a cloth of vinegar and wipe.  

Vacuum is important 

Don’t forget to vacuum your car’s mats. You may also have to do this a time or two. 

The key in removing cigar smoke is consistency. Once is not enough. Depending on the cigar smell, you may have to perform these tasks a few times. 

What sprays a good for removing cigar smoke? 

We looked around the Internet, read some reviews and gathered some great sprays effective in removing the cigar smell out of a car. Look at your list and see if any of these products are at a retailer near you!  Check out our list and see if you can find a retailer near you! 


Ozium is a popular choice for removing smoke out of a car, including cigar smoke. Known for its anti-bacterial properties, Ozium reportedly has clinical evidence that backs up the fact that it can remove and sanitize air and leave it smoke smell-free. It’s a trusted brand and has many folks who find it effective. Click here to learn more! 

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Air Freshener Spray

We also found that Zep makes a great odor eliminator spray. Known for odor control, many reviewers have found success with it. It comes in professional strength and is reportedly effective in neutralizing cigar and other smoke odors. Click here to learn more! 

Will Febreze remove cigar smoke? 

While Febreze is a great product for odors, it may not stand up to cigar smoke. Febreze uses a chemical compound called cyclodextrin. While the chemical helps as an absorbent of odors, it may not stand up to the strength of your cigar smoke smell. 

Can you use bleach on car seats?

Bleach is a powerful agent. But bleach should not be used for cleaning car seats. You certainly do not want to spray bleach into your car vents either. This could hinder your breathing once you turn the vents on. 

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