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How To Get A Car Out Of Your Name – How Do I Take My Name Off Of A Car Title? 

How To Get A Car Out Of Your Name – How Do I Take My Name Off Of A Car Title? 

There may be a variety of reasons that you wish to remove your name from a car. So, what are the steps you need to take? Where do you begin? We have the information you need to successfully remove your name from a car. 

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Reasons You May Want to Remove Your Name From A Car Title 

You want to remove your name from a car or a car title and you want it removed rather quickly. But what is a car title? A car title- also referred to as a certificate of title- is a document that shows proof of legal ownership of the vehicle. Every vehicle driven on the road has a title. So, if there is ever a change in ownership for any reason, you will have to take the steps to remove or change a name from the title. Some of the most common reasons for a desire to remove a name from a title include: 

  • A death, in which the deceased’s name has to be removed from the title, once the title is transferred. 
  • The vehicle is being given as a gift, in which the previous owner’s name must be removed from the title.
  • A vehicle sale is another instance in which a name has to be removed. The previous owner’s name has to be removed from the title during the sale. 
  • A divorce, in which one party has to be removed from the car’s title.

There are several procedures for removing a name from the title of a car. With some states, you can simply obtain the authorization of the person whose name is to be removed from the title. In other states, there may be a more involved process. 

Getting A Car Out of Your Name- Taking Care Of Preliminary Tasks 

Regardless of what state you live in, there are a few steps you can take that will help make the process of name removal from a car, easy. Check out the preliminary steps! 

Step One: Determining the Right Steps to Take 

Get Consent First

Before the act of name removal from a car, you want to make sure that you receive the consent of the person whose name is up for removal from the title. If it’s your name which is the one that has to be removed from the title, then the process may be a bit easier. But if the name that needs to be removed is someone else’s name, then that person has to consent to the name removal. For a title with more than one name, be sure to look at the verbiage to determine what needs to be done. If the title says “and/or” or “or” you may be able to remove one name from the title with just that person’s consent. But if the title states only the word “and”, then both parties have to be agreement for one or both of the names to be removed from the vehicle title.

Check with your local DMV

Every state in our union has a DMV website or one related to title transfers and name removals. So, you can visit your state’s website to see how to remove the name. In some states, a name can just be removed. But in other states, the process of name removal may be the same as selling a vehicle to a third party. So, you may have to fill out and turn in an affidavit regarding the purpose of the name removal from the vehicle title.


Step Two: Complete All Required Paperwork 

When you have the consent you need, you can get that consent in writing from the party whose name is up for removal. You may want to check your local car title office, or DMV office to see if there is a consent form. You may also be able to download it online for free.  Be sure to download it and fill it out completely. One of the advantages of downloading it from home is- should you make a mistake- you can download the form again and complete the affidavit completely and accurately. 


If the party is deceased, you need to show proof 

Next, if the owner of the vehicle is deceased, you will need to have an official death certificate to present to the local DMV or vehicle title office. Be sure to ask if a photocopy of a death certificate is permitted. Some offices do not accept copies of death certificates. They would like an official one.  Your death certificate may also need to accompany the affidavit or maybe a certified letter from the trustee of the estate. If that is you, then your work may be a bit easier. 


Provide any other documentation that may be needed 

In addition to an affidavit and other papers, you want to make sure that you present your local DMV or title office with additional documents. For instance, you may need to show the driver’s licenses of each party involved in the name removal. You may also need to show the mileage of car, as well as car insurance. 

Part Three: Visiting the DMV or Successful Online Interaction

Depending on where you live, you may have to visit your local DMV or car title office to complete the name removal. These days, lots of states are moving to online interaction. Some states even have chats where you can upload documents, submit them and chat with a local state title office agent or DMV agent. It pays to know what your particular state requires. You may also need to turn in the license plates of the car for a name removal.  


Any time that you take care of business with your local DMV or car title office, there are fees that are associated with that business. So, keep in mind, that name removal from a car will cost money. These days, the states have fees displayed on the proper state website. 

Name removal from a car or a car title can be easy, if you know what has to be done beforehand. You may have a relative that is “tech-savvy” that can help you with online procedures. You may also have someone who can help you navigate through your local DMV. So, reach out for help if you need it! You’ll be glad you did in the long run! 


How To Get A Car Out Of Your Name After Selling It

After the sale of a vehicle, the title record for the vehicle will remain in the seller's name till the new vehicle buyer submits the seller's assigned title- then applies for title in their own name. You want to make sure that this happens. And the best way to facilitate this, is for the seller as well as the new buyer meet up at the local DMV or car title office to facilitate the process. These days, lots can be done online. So, the seller and the buyer may want to coordinate an online partnership in which they can successfully transfer the title into the new car owner’s name. 

As a seller, you run the risk of fines and lots of stress if you do not ensure that the buyer does not apply for a new title. Many states (if any) will not change the name on a title record until a new title application from the buyer is processed. If you as the seller are not able to accompany your purchaser to a local DMV office- to ensure the title is transferred- you may be able to make a copy of the front and back of the title after assigning it to your vehicle buyer. This will give you protection against negligent use of the vehicle after delivering it to the new vehicle buyer. 

How To Get Name Off Car Title After Divorce

A divorce can be time-consuming but it can also be amicable. When it comes to the matter of how to get a car out of your name after a divorce, you want to ensure that you have the documents ready to show your local DMV or title office for a smooth name removal and an overall process. The steps to remove a name from a title after a divorce are similar to a general name removal. Check out the general tasks that need to be taken: 

Locate your title and take it to the local title office or DMV 

First, you want to check your vehicle title to determine whether or not, you need to make changes based on your divorce. If the title is in your name alone and your divorce judge awarded the vehicle to you, then there’s nothing you need to do. But if the title lists you as well as your ex-spouse as co-owners of the vehicle, then you and your ex will have to visit the local DMV or vehicle title office in your state. For many states, the process of name removal from a car title after divorce is similar to selling a vehicle. Typically, you and your spouse have to sign the current title. In many states, there are affidavits and certificates that need to be signed. You can visit your local DMV/ title office online and find out what needs to be done, before physically visiting the offices.  

Complete all necessary paperwork 

Maybe you and your ex are at a place in which the two of you all can divide up the work of downloading and completing paperwork. You want to make sure that you fill out all forms. Be sure to visit your state’s DMV/title office for the forms. It may be to your benefit to download at least two copies of the forms, just to ensure that both you and your ex complete the boxes and lines on the forms correctly. 

Pay all fees 

With any car, name removal and DMV business, you have to pay fees. So, you and your ex can divide up the costs of the fees during the title name removal process. 

How Do You Refinance A Car Into Someone Else's Name- Can You Refinance a Car Loan to Another Person?

While there is no such thing as transferring an auto loan- and there is no technical task of someone “taking over” a loan- you can switch ownership if someone else finances the vehicle. While refinancing a vehicle loan can remove a co-borrower or a cosigner or co-borrower, you will not be able to refinance the car in someone else’s name and remove your name from the title. You can only do this if you sell the vehicle.  In order to accomplish this task, the new owners have to find a lender. Then they have to:

  1. Find a lender 
  2. Get the loan approved 
  3. Sign any appropriate documents 
  4. Obtain a release of lien letter 
  5. And have the title transferred at their local DMV/car title office. 

Keep in mind that approval for the new structure of the loan has to be approved. 

How To Remove Your Name From A Car Title- Additional Tips 

Check out additional tips that help make your name removal from a car a smoother process. 

  • In many instances and states, in order for you to take your name off of a car title, you just need to sign the back of the title over to the person or organization you wish to transfer your car.
  • It may help to think of your name removal as a car sale- you being the seller and the person or organization being the vehicle buyer.
  • A lienholder is listed on the title if the vehicle has been financed.
  • If the lienholder decides not to transfer, you’ll have to fully pay off a financed car in order to sign that car over to a new owner.
  • Lots of states require that a title signature be notarized- even for a name removal. You may want to check with your state to see if a notary has to sign any document during the name removal process of a car title. 
  • Make sure that your signatures and your print is neat and clear. Sure, you can mean a specific number or letter to be written on a document. But if an agent or a computer cannot read what you intended, you may have to begin the name removal process over again. 

Removing a name from a car can be a simple task, as long as you are aware of the rules and regulations in your state. Take the time to visit your particular state’s website and see what needs to be done. Then, sit down with the other party if necessary and work as a team. Whether that other party is an ex-spouse or a buyer, it pays off to work as a team in the beginning of the process. 

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