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How to Fix P2647 Code: “A” Rocker Arm Actuator System Stuck On

How to Fix P2017 Code

If you're searching for how to fix the P2647 code, start by checking your engine oil and topping it off if needed. If this didn't resolve the issue, you'd need to replace the VTEC system valve assembly completely.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Your check engine light is one of the most critical lights that you should watch to prevent dealing with sudden breakdowns that could cost you thousands of dollars. The check engine light might be triggered due to various problems that you won't know unless you dig deeper using a certain scanning tool.

If you confirm that you're dealing with a P2647 code, you'll drive either a Honda or Acura vehicle. When that happens, you must stop your vehicle immediately until you resolve the issue. This article provides you with all that you need to know about how to fix the P2647 code. It highlights the meaning of this code, the causes, the symptoms, and all potential repairs.

What is the P2647 code definition? And What does the P2647 code mean?

Before we dig into the details about “how to fix the P2647 code,” we must go back to the definition and understand its meaning when dealing with this code. If you look up the P2647 code, you'll get this formal definition:  “A” Rocker Arm Actuator System Stuck On.

The P2647 code is very common in Honda and Acura vehicles with a certain system called the Variable Valve Timing And Lift Electronic control or the VTEC system.

To better understand the meaning of the P2647 code, you must get a general idea about VTEC systems and how they work. Typically, these systems are installed to help your vehicle accelerate properly without wasting your engine's energy. In other words, these systems are equipped with certain variable timing systems, which allow them to switch the valve timing depending on how much you accelerate. To engage the system and switch the valve opening, a solenoid takes oil from the low lift area to the higher lift area.

Unfortunately, if there's a problem with the VTEC system where the solenoid does not get the right signal, you might deal with a condition where your vehicle is set to a limp mode. If that's the case, you won't be able to accelerate your vehicle beyond a certain round per minute. That is never a good situation because it impacts the way you function in your car, and if you're driving on the highways, it can be big trouble.

The VTEC system will usually throw two different types of codes, the P2647, and the P2646. They are both related to low or high pressure, and they're both have to do with the same system, and understanding one helps you resolve the other.

What are the primary causes for the P2647 code?

Whenever you deal with a P2647 code, you'll need to understand the different causes because once you detect the cause, it is part of the solution and helps you save yourself time and effort locating the faulty component.

Typically, the P2647 code is caused by one of the following problems

  • Problems with the oil pressure switch
  • Troubles with the actual VTEC solenoid
  • Issues with the oil screen
  • Problems with the oil level
  • Troubles with oil clogging
  • Issues with the wiring connections
  • And troubles with the engine oil level

How do I know if it’s the P2647 code? Symptoms of the P2647 code

Since the P2647 code is a necessary code that requires you to stop your vehicle and resolve the issue immediately, you must keep an eye for any symptoms indicating that your engine issue has to do with this code. Let's take a closer look at some of the common symptoms of the P2647 code:

1.    Check engine light illuminating

One of the first common symptoms indicating that you're dealing with this quote is a check engine light illuminating. However, you can't immediately assume that the check engine light is illuminating because of a P2647 code unless you confirm with a specific tool that helps scan the internal computer.

2.    Other warning lights might illuminate

Aside from the check engine warning light, whenever you're dealing with a P2647 code, you might deal with additional warning lights like the traction control light and the triangle light.

3.    Reduction in the engine's overall performance

When the VTEC system doesn't work properly, you'll immediately notice a significant reduction in the vehicle's overall performance.

4.    Significant reduction in the fuel economy

Along with the reduction in vehicles performance, you'll notice that your vehicle is consuming more fuel than it should, and that will be obvious when you visit the gas station more frequently than before.

5.    Vehicle running rough

Finally, a P2647 code will lead your vehicle to run roughly, and you'll notice that your car is not as smooth as before.

It is critical to note that you cannot immediately assume that it's an issue with the P2647 code whenever you deal with any of the mentioned symptoms. This is because those are just general symptoms that might be linked to various other issues, and the first step in resolving the issue is to confirm the root cause of these symptoms.

How to fix the P2647 code?

By now, you should have a good general understanding of the basics of the P2647 code. Let's take it also look at how to fix this code yourself without needing a mechanic:

1.    Use an OBDII scanner and confirm that there exists

As we indicated earlier, whenever you're dealing with a P2647 code, you'll notice general symptoms that might be linked to other problems. Therefore, the 1st and most important step in fixing the P2647 code is to confirm using an OBDII scanner.

The scanner is a very simple tool that you can connect to your computer, and it will go ahead and read the different codes your engine is complaining from. So sometimes you might deal with only one problem, and in other situations, you might deal with a combination of problems.

Depending on the complexity of your OBDII scanner, you might get some details about the error code, or you can only get the main definition of this code. In other words, if you have an expensive, more complicated OBDII scanner, you might get an idea about the potential causes and the suggested repairs, along with information about expected repair costs.

2.    Check the engine's oil level

A very simple thing that you can do when dealing with a P2647 code checks your engine oil level. Unfortunately, many people jump to conclusions and immediately check the valves or deal with the VTEC system without noticing that the problem is coming from a low engine oil level.

3.    Locate the valve assembly

Once you confirm that you have the right oil level, you can go ahead and locate the valve assembly because, depending on the severity of the situation, you might need to replace it completely.

Talk at the assembly; you must follow the information in your vehicle's owner’s manual for detailed guidance.

4.    Take out the assembly

You'll need to disconnect the pressure switch and remove the three screws to take out the assembly. You also need to remove any cables connected to the assembly before taking it out completely.

Some mechanics might advise you only to replace the pressure switch, although many automotive experts do not recommend that. Instead, most experts indicate that you should replace the entire assembly whenever you deal with a P2647 code to prevent dealing with additional problems soon. However, if you decide to go with only replacing the pressure switch, you'll need to take a closer look at the screen because it might be clogged with dirt or contaminant and might trigger the code one more time.

5.    Install the new valve assembly

Once you remove the old assembly, we advise that you compare the new assembly to the old one to confirm that you purchased the right part. Also, you should have detailed information about what part to purchase before starting the work.

After comparing the two parts, you can go ahead and install a new assembly by following the same steps in reverse order, which involves reconnecting the pressure switch and the other cables along with the three screws.

6.    Give your vehicle a test drive

After replacing the belt assembly, you can now start the vehicle and give it a test drive. Typically, the wording lights should not be there anymore, and you shouldn't deal with the other symptoms you had to deal with when the code was triggered.

If replacing assembly did not resolve your issue, something wrong might happen as you're replacing at, or there could be another thing that you have to explore and replace. In that situation, we advise that you reach out to your professional mechanic and have him perform the other repairs for you to resolve the issue completely.

Can I drive my car with a P2647 code?

When your check engine light is related to a P2647 code, you will still be able to continue driving your vehicle. However, it's not recommended because it might lead to significant issues, and your vehicle might be put in a limp mode, which means that you can't accelerate to a certain point.

Therefore, you must check with your mechanic and perform all that's needed to be fixed to continue driving your vehicle just fine whenever you deal with this code.

How much does it cost to resolve the P2647 code?

As we indicated before, getting rid of the P2A647 code requires either topping off the engine oil or replacing the variable valve timing control assembly.

Topping your engine oil is something that you can do by yourself without needing a mechanic, which means that costs will not exceed the cost of the oil itself.

On the other hand, replacing the variable valve timing control solenoid will cost somewhere between $198 and $253.

The price depends heavily on your vehicle's type and the location where you get the job done. That's why many people prefer to do the job themselves to save on labor costs. However, if you don't have the right level of mechanical experience, you might introduce some other problems that could cost you thousands of dollars, if not more. Therefore, do not attempt to replace the variable valve timing control unless you know how to.

Other people prefer to go to small independent shops where labor cost is much cheaper than dealerships. However, people who are driving luxury vehicles still prefer to go to dealerships even though labor cost it's much higher because they confirmed that they are dealing with experienced mechanics who have the right level of mechanical skill sets. They won't cause any issues to the vehicles that might require further repair costs.

How to Fix P2647 Code: Final Thoughts

You must take the check engine light seriously every time it illuminates. This is because it might be linked to a minor or major issue, and to stay on the safe side, you should check it out and resolve it immediately.

The P2647 code is a very common error code that you might deal with when driving a Honda or an Acura vehicle. However, when that code is triggered, you can get rid of it by either topping off your engine oil if that's the issue or replacing the variable valve timing control assembly.

If your vehicle has other major mechanical problems, it might not be worth your time replacing the valve, and instead, it might be worth selling your vehicle and using its money to buy a better car that doesn't have any problem.

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